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Chapter 90 - This Immortal Cave Is No Good


As for sealing the six senses; strictly speaking Yang Chen had had only sealed five senses of this guy: ear, nose, eyes, tongue and body. All of these five senses had been sealed by Yang Chen, just leaving behind his consciousness. There was nobody in the mortal world who learned this technique, only Yang Chen, who was once a great principal golden immortal, knew this technique.

Leaving behind the consciousness meant that he could still think and hadn’t sunk into a coma. If he still had hope to escape, being conscious was the best thing for him, but in this situation, where five of his senses had been sealed, it was more of a nightmare than luck.

He could not hear, could not see, could not smell, could not taste and even did not have any sensation of touch. Strictly speaking, after the sense of touch had been sealed, he would simply not have sense any kind of pain or comfort, this was just like his mind had been sent to a space without anything around him, where he could not even sense the passing of time clearly.

In this kind of condition he was still completely conscious. What sort of torture is this? He had gone mad due to being sealed; every day he would desperately hope to sense something that he was familiar with, even if he was allowed to die immediately, he was willing.

“I will answer anything you ask, I just request that you end my suffering quickly!”

When Yang Chen released that guy, he fell down to the ground and immediately broke into tears. He just wanted to die quickly, regardless of where he was. He did not want to experience that sort of despair he had felt when he was sealed, not even for one more second. Rather than being imprisoned like that, he would prefer a quick death.

The Palace Master and the Law Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master glanced at each other. This was somewhat unexpected. When Liang Shao Ming looked at that person, he was also gobsmacked and after hearing his words, his complexion went through a large change. If this person gave them evidence, he would certainly not be able to defend Chu Heng forever.

When everyone heard his testimony, everything had become clear and everyone was already filled with anger. The people of Greatest Heaven Sect were surprisingly aiming at Pure Yang Palace like this. At the time when Yang Chen had entered the sect and when he had ascended to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, it was always like this, and now they were surprisingly still sending people to kill him? Wasn’t this just a tight slap in the face of Pure Yang Palace?

It was only the testimony of one witness, so Liang Shao Ming still wanted to fight for his disciple. But just before he could open his mouth to argue, Yang Chen made another person appear. Not long after his narrative had finished, there was another person. Four people in total appeared in succession. When he saw this, Liang Shao Ming knew that Chu Heng was finished.

“Hall Master Xu, you go talk to the Greatest Heaven Sect and demand an explanation for this!”

It could not be seen from the Palace Master’s expression whether he was glad or angry, but his voice contained intense anger.

“The disciples of my Pure Yang Palace do not allow others to make them bow, neither do they allow others to tarnish them! Even adding on the matter of the Heavenly Stairs from last time, the Greatest Heaven Sect must give us an explanation!”

“Palace Master, at the time of the Heavenly Stairs Assembly, the Greatest Heaven Sect lost three JieDan experts, if we raise that matter again…”

Xu Cheng Xin was the Hall Master of the Foreign Affairs Hall, he had to handle these affairs smoothly, so he had to consider many things. If the Palace Master made him talk about all of this, wouldn’t it infuriate the Greatest Heaven Sect?

“Even if they lose a hundred JieDan experts, it was still the Greatest Heaven Sect who was in wrong first, the explanation that they owe must still be provided!”

The Palace Master had to consider even more things than Xu Cheng Xin, but seeing the seriousness of the problem, he said with even more emphasis:

“You just go and negotiate with them, no need to pay attention to other things!”

Hearing the words of the Palace Master, each and every one of the younger generation of the Law Enforcement Hall felt their blood boiling. The Palace Master had stuck out so much for a disciple of his sect that he didn’t even hesitate to confront the number one sect in the mortal world, the Greatest Heaven Sect. At this moment those several Law Enforcement Hall disciples were ready to lay down their lives for the sect.

Even though he clearly knew that this matter would not lead to any irreconcilable hatred between Pure Yang Palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen still felt very good. The reason why had he joined the Pure Yang Palace again, along with his primary objective, was not unrelated with the fact that the Pure Yang Palace safeguarded its disciples. As long as he did not allow Luminous Moon Hall’s Liang Shao Ming to hold this post at that time, everything would be alright.

“Hall Master Liang!”

After he finished speaking about these foreign affairs, he turned to Liang Shao Meng and said to him:

“Chu Heng has colluded with outsiders to attack disciples of his own sect, we also have witness testimony about that, which is an irrefutable evidence, do you still have anything to say?”

“Disciple does not dare!”

The position as the Hall Master of the Luminous Moon Hall was not something special in front of the Palace Master. Under the intent gaze of the Palace Master, Liang Shao Ming lowered his head, not daring to say anything more.

“So you don’t have any objections?”

The Palace Master asked again.

“No, master!”

Liang Shao Ming’s gaze was fixed at the ground below the feet of the Palace Master. He was faintly shaking his head with a regretful expression on his face, feeling resentful towards Chu Heng for not meeting his expectations.

“Meng Xian, Chu Heng, as a disciple of Pure Yang Palace, has colluded with outsiders and had attacked a fellow disciple, he is guilty of many terrible crimes. Fortunately Yang Chen is fine, so the cultivation of Chu Heng must be abolished and he must be evicted from the sect!”

After Liang Shao Ming didn’t have have any objections, the Palace Master turned to Meng Xian, the hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall and said:

“Call back Chu Heng and execute the sentence of the Law Enforcement Hal!”

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Meng Xian bowed and agreed. Chu Heng’s guilt had already been determined, even Liang Shao Ming could not help him now.

“Yang Chen!”

After announcing the punishment for Chu Heng, the Palace Master turned over to Yang Chen. Yang Chen hastily replied while standing next to Liang Shao Ming.

“Abolishing his cultivation and eviction from sect, this is the punishment of my Pure Yang Palace. As for the personal grudges between you and him, you must settle them yourself!”

The Palace Master’s words were very calm, but everyone could sense the killing intent in them. A person with a wasted cultivation, facing Yang Chen who wanted to settle private grudges, the result was obvious.

“I am grateful to Palace Master for upholding justice!”

Yang Chen saluted him. The Palace Master was simply a parasite within his stomach, if he had wanted, he could have killed Chu Heng with his own hands, but he had still given him this kind of instruction. Apart from expressing his thanks, what else could Yang Chen have said?

“Hall Master Liang!”

The affair still hadn’t been settled, when the Palace Master turned to Liang Meng Shao again.

“You have failed to understand and provide your disciple with proper guidance, so you are also responsible, as punishment, you must go into meditation for ten years and ponder over your mistakes. In addition, Yang Chen must be rewarded with ingredients for a flying sword, coming from you.”

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Liang Shao Ming didn’t refute in the least, when looked at from an outside perspective, this time Liang Shao Ming had played the role of an accomplice. As for modifying the qiankun pouch, although he had said that he was duped by Chu Heng, who knew the true story? But the Palace Master had already decided not to investigate further, Liang Shao Ming had said something ludicrous and still got off lightly.

“Yang Chen! This was a reward for you when you had ascended to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, but at that time you hadn’t reached the foundation stage and therefore the reward has been delayed.”

The Palace Master was encouraging Yang Chen again.

“Right now you have already become an inner disciple, so the original reward of a foundation stage pill is already irrelevant, but it will be converted to ten thousand contribution points of the sect. In addition, your master will refine for you a flying sword, suitable to your attribute, with the hope that you will cultivate diligently and gain even higher enlightenment! As for the place of your cultivation, you are allowed to choose any immortal cave within the Meiqing mountain!”

“Thank you, Palace Master!”

Yang Chen bowed again and expressed his gratitude. Since he was already an inner disciple, those rewards which had been promised to him long ago would now be provided to him.

But Yang Chen was neither pleased with the rewards, nor with the punishment. He did not lack any of these natural resources and as for the punishments just a moment ago, it was merely the Palace Master asking for an explanation from the Greatest Heaven Sect, in order to reflect their backing for Yang Chen.

But returning to the main topic: asking for an explanation regarding the matter of the Heavenly Stairs; seven to eight years had already passed since then, why hadn’t he asked for a reason previously?

Yang Chen was very clear on this. Even if he was a talent, he was merely a qi layer talent. Even after the Heavenly Stairs Assembly was concluded, he was still not worth for the Pure Yang Palace to become hostile with the Greatest Heaven Sect, let alone worthy to personally go and ask for some sort of explanation. They had already lost several JieDan experts, what kind of explanation did he still need?

But now was completely different from the past. From the time when the news of Yang Chen successfully refining a Heaven Seizing Pill had spread, Yang Chen was no longer just a simple foundation stage disciple. Instead he was the one who could assist several YuanYing and Da Cheng stage experts in ascending.

An ordinary talent could only raise his cultivation and increase the prestige of his sect somewhat, that’s all. But an exceedingly strong pill concocting master was not like this. A high level pill concocting master was able to bring innumerable benefits for the sect, even obtaining the support of several high level experts was not a problem.

The attitude was also different from earlier: previously the Pure Yang Palace had merely supported him energetically, but this time they were exerting all of their power to support Yang Chen.

Previously Yang Chen had received grievances so he wanted to return them now; previously Yang Chen had been plotted against, so now the enemy had to provide a reasonable explanation. Previously, Yang Chen had to suffer injuries, but now he wanted to return them twice over. In any case, currently Yang Chen had become the representative of the Pure Yang Palace, anyone daring to plot against Yang Chen were all immediately and ruthlessly crushed, ensuring that Yang Chen did not suffer any problems.

How could Yang Chen have imagined the thoughts of the Palace Master? To the few friends of Yang Chen it probably just looked like the Pure Yang Palace supported Yang Chen, but they had not considered this.

Yang Chen’s favourable opinion towards the Pure Yang Palace was completely due to the support of his master and the Fierce Yang Hall. But now it also included the Medicine Hall, Foreign Affairs Hall and the Law Enforcement Hall. But as for the Palace Master and the Luminous Moon Hall, Yang Chen’s opinion wasn’t favourable in the slightest.

Strictly speaking, although the Palace Master was pretty good to him at the moment, he had still somewhat sided with the Luminous Moon Hall, otherwise he would not have allowed Liang Shao Ming, who had afterwards betrayed and sold out Gao Yue, to hold the position of Hall Master. Just because of this one point, Yang Chen did not feel much gratitude towards the Palace Master.

The Palace Master was, strictly speaking, completely shielding Liang Shao Ming. Even in this matter: Liang Shao Ming had barely used any words and some flimsy proof had allowed him to escape from being pronounced guilty. Even if they continued the investigation into whether Liang Shao Ming participated in the conspiracy against Yang Chen or not: Just because he said that Chu Heng had duped him, he would have gotten off lightly and at most he would have received some light punishment, but he still would have been able to keep the position of the Luminous Moon Hall’s Hall Master and that little bit of closed door training wouldn’t have even tickled him.

In the end, Yang Chen did not believe in the Palace Master very much. It seemed like he was still not worthy enough for the Luminous Moon Hall’s Master to be renounced for him. Yang Chen wanted to change this equilibrium, perhaps there was only one way and that was precisely to increase his own strength until nobody would dare to ignore him.

But Yang Chen still did not need to think about these things a lot for the time being, even if he kept on thinking about it, he couldn’t do anything. Therefore Yang Chen delightedly accepted the rewards by the Palace Master and obediently stood behind his master.

After the punishments were declared, the Law Enforcement Hall began to frantically search for Chu Heng. Thus Du Qian was very apologetic that he could not accompany Yang Chen in choosing an Immortal Cave. The others, on the other hand, all made an appointment with Yang Chen to go look for an Immortal Cave some time, but first all of them returned to their own Immortal Cave to cultivate. As for Yang Chen, he followed Gao Yue and returned to her Immortal Cave.

“My Immortal Cave is very simple, you can sit anywhere you want!”

Gao Yue’s cave was simple and crude, but when returning to her own territory, she was very relaxed and did not have that displeased look in her eyes anymore. She allowed Yang Chen to do as he wished in a laid back manner.

Yang Chen remembered that this was master’s routine on normal days, though there didn’t seem to be any rules between master and disciple, it had an atmosphere like in a house. Yang Chen was very fond of it.

“So what is your current cultivation, what are you good at and what kind of flying sword do you want me to refine for you?”

Without saying much, Gao Yue first asked Yang Chen regarding his request for the flying sword. This was the Palace Master’s reward for Yang Chen, someone had already brought the materials, so Gao Yue immediately began setting out to work, afraid that her disciple would feel neglected.

“There is no hurry, master! Take a rest and let this disciple offer some tea to you!”

How could Yang Chen bear to see Gao Yue exhausted like this. Soon he took the tea sets and tea leaves that he had already prepared earlier out of his Achievement Ring. Then he retrieved the Profound Spirit Furnace and the spring water which he had searched for all throughout the journey to the Heavenly Stairs Assembly and began to boil it.

Gao Yue was very fond of drinking tea and Yang Chen naturally knew about it. He had already searched for everything properly and had only waited for this moment.

Currently, seeing Yang Chen bustling like this, Gao Yue was astonished and also very happy. Smelling the flavour of the tea plants within Yang Chen’s hands, she became even happier. Yang Chen was preparing the tea with utmost care, just according to Gao Yue’s preferences and his method of boiling was moreover completely new and original. He was also proficient in rinsing the tea plant, raising Gao Yue’s expectations to the fullest.

After being heated by the Profound Spirit Furnace and rinsing the tea plants, the spring water was filled into the teapot, after doing another series of procedures, Yang Chen filled the cups and held that cups in front of Gao Yue.

“Master, I invite you to tea!”

As soon as Gao Yue slowly smelled the sweet fragrance, Yang Chen continued:

“The maturity of this tea is insufficient, after ten more years, master can enjoy the best quality of tea!”

“Good, I will wait!”

Gao Yue was not courteous with Yang Chen and directly nodded, drinking the tea in her hand in one gulp, she loudly said:

“Good tea!”

“Master, this Immortal Cave of yours is really simple, and moreover the Spirit Power on this place is lacking!”

Yang Chen knew of Gao Yue’s habit of drinking tea, he was very delighted when watching her drinking the tea he personally made and, without thinking much, he said:

“Once this disciple picks an Immortal Cave tomorrow, master should also pick a better cave!”

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