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Chapter 91 - Come Often To Talk


The cave was crude and the Spirit Power in this place was lacking? Hearing Yang Chen say such a blunt evaluation, Gao Yue could not help but open her eyes widely. She was looking at Yang Chen as if looking at someone whom she had never met before. As a matter of fact, today was just the first day of Yang Chen and Gao Yu properly meeting each other, so this was not normal.

“Master, don’t worry too much, this disciple knows a suitable location for an immortal cave on Meiqing Mountain. Constructing a few Immortal Caves is nothing much, everything will be provided by this disciple!”

Yang Chen was very delighted and patted his chest, as if completely taking charge, without paying the slightest attention to the strange looks Gao Yue gave him.

“You know about a lot of things, right?”

Gao Yue was very smart, or how would she be Yang Chen’s master in his previous life? Looking at Yang Chen, she directly asked:

“Even the Palace Master and the others have said that you do not need much guidance from me in your cultivation, is that so?”

“This disciple has already learned everything in the Hidden Pavilion of the Nine Earth Manor. Disciple naturally knows some things which other people don’t know.”

Yang Chen smilingly continued:

“But as for problems regarding cultivation, disciple will naturally ask master for guidance. Previously this disciple couldn’t do anything about that matter, but naturally it will not be the same now.”

Yang Chen’s words made Gao Yue increasingly curious about him, she suddenly could not help but hold the cup towards Yang Chen for another helping and, leaning towards him, she asked:

“You say this, but if I were to read the entire Hidden Pavilion once through… Then what?”

The recent subconscious actions were so smooth, these two people were fitting together, as if they practiced many times.

“Master, if you want to become a pill refining master or a tool refining master, then you should often look at books which have a lot of different skills, in order to increase your knowledge.”

Yang Chen shook his head and answered with a smile.

“But if master just wants to dedicate herself to cultivation, then looking at these things isn’t of much use, it will just consume time in vain and waste energy, that’s all. The gains will not make up for the losses!”

“En, that is reasonable!”

Sitting on her chair, Gao Yue subconsciously nodded. Her temperament was very straightforward, she was really not fond of those complicated things like pill concocting. If it were not that her strength was related with the magic weapon she had, then maybe she wouldn’t even bother refining them, as she had no interest in doing these kinds of things. Yang Chen’s words dispelled all of her thoughts regarding going to the Hidden Pavilion to read.

As for this one question and answer, if someone who did not know about their relation had heard this conversation, maybe they would have believed that Gao Yue was the disciple and Yang Chen her master. Both of them were talking naturally like this and it did not feel inappropriate at all. In his previous life, Yang Chen frequently discussed these kinds of questions with his master and Gao Yue was also very fond of this kind of ambience. Such a mutual understanding between a master and a disciple who met recently was nevertheless very rare.

So Gao Yue could not help herself from tasting the tea offered to her by Yang Chen, while authenticating his cultivation. After all she was his master, so in any case she had to point out the path of cultivation for Yang Chen. Although she could not guide him in pill concocting, in terms of cultivation, she was a JieDan stage expert, so how could she bear losing to Yang Chen’s ‘vast’ knowledge?

For the first day of being a disciple, Yang Chen interacted delightedly with his master. His master also hadn’t adopted the airs of being a master. As her disciple he was nevertheless aware that this was all in accordance with his master’s wishes and served her with matchless consideration. Gao Yue felt as if both of them were not master and disciple, but rather two friends who had been in contact for many years.

This was also the feeling that Yang Chen had yearned for day and night, which he had missed for ten thousand years. That scene which he had looked forward to for more than ten years after rebirth was finally happening before his eyes. Even if Yang Chen had the mental state of a Great Principal Golden Immortal, he still couldn’t help but feel intoxicated by it.

Perhaps since the intense desire within his heart had been satisfied, his thoughts had become more clear, so at the time of his training in the evening, Yang Chen was even able to sense that the Spirit Power within his meridians was flowing more freely. Especially the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, felt as if boiling over.

In the early morning of the next day, Gongsun Ling, Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan hurried over to the Immortal Cave of Gao Yue. They had already made an appointment with Yang Chen for going together to look for his Immortal Cave.

Gao Yue was also coming, but nobody was even the slightest bit surprised at this. Finding an immortal cave for her disciple was something she had to do as a master. But Yang Chen was relatively special, he had done everything by himself. Although it was like this, Yang Chen had already said that she must abandon her current Immortal Cave, so how could Gao Yue not come to take a look.

Gongsun Ling was also unusual: although she had already reached the foundation stage a few years ago, she still hadn’t set up her own Immortal Cave. Before going to the Immortal Falling Cave, Yang Chen had talked with Gongsun Ling that she was not to worry about picking an Immortal Cave and wait for him to return. For some reason Gongsun Ling had listened and obeyed Yang Chen’s suggestion, and had waited until today. Although to almost all other people it appeared that Yang Chen had come to look for the location of an immortal cave for himself, in reality he had to find three immortal caves: for Gongsun Ling, Gao Yue and himself.

The Meiqing mountain range extended very far, it had a perimeter of more than a thousand miles. The Pure Yang Palace was located on the highest peak of the Meiqing mountain range. That was the region with the richest spiritual influence, and also the region with the highest concentration of Immortal Caves at the Pure Yang Palace.

Naturally Yang Chen would not choose a region crowded with that many people, even if the Spirit Power there was strong. After being divided among so many people, it was almost completely thinned out. Therefore, Yang Chen lead everyone to follow him to a small mountain ridge of the meiqing mountain, acting as if sensing Spirit Power, but in reality he had already determined the location.


Seeing the region Yang Chen had landed in, Gao Yue creased her brows. The others were also at a loss, but nobody said anything, they merely followed Yang Chen and afterwards began to carefully sense the Spirit Power in the surroundings.

The region where they had landed was a valley which could neither be considered very big or very small. The scenery here was very good, surrounded by mountains from all sides, which, although they were not very big, were able to obstruct the wind from all directions. The distance from the main Hall of the Pure Yang Palace was around two hours in flight, so not too far but also not very close.

“Younger disciple Yang, is the spiritual influence here suitable?”

It was pointless for other people to ask him, Gongsun Ling was the most suitable candidate to ask anything. Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan had only come to help and Gao Yue was Yang Chen’s master, none among them was appropriate to ask him. Only Gongsun Ling, who had come to look for an Immortal Cave for herself, was suitable for asking this question.

“It only looks like this from the outside.”

Yang Chen smiled but didn’t hide anything from the others.

“In the past I found a very interesting jade slip on the body of an assassin. Recorded on the jade strip was the location of a spirit vein, which he had incidentally discovered.”

Within the Meiqing mountain range there were many loose cultivators, the Pure Yang Palace was allowing their existence. Every once in a while, these people strolled around and perhaps discovered some things which the people from the Pure Yang Palace couldn’t discover. Since the assassin had already died, there was no proof whether the spirit vein had already been discovered prior to this or not, everything had been secretly buried with his body.


Yang Chen’s words had piqued everyone’s interest. A secret underground spirit vein was something that all cultivators would yearn for in their dreams.

Yang Chen extended his finger and pointed to the area below his foot, while smiling without saying anything. This region had an exceedingly powerful Di Mai1and would only be discovered two hundred years later. Although it couldn’t compare to the Di Mai of the Pure Yang Palace’s main hall, for the use of only these few people, this location was extremely good.

Along with his movement, everyone’s gaze turned towards the ground below Yang Chen. Only, no matter how they looked, used their Spirit Power to interact with it, or examined it with their Spiritual Awareness, they couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. This was an ordinary, small mountain valley, it had absolutely no relation with any underground spirit vein.

“There is no hurry, shall we first build a seal around this spirit vein?”

Yang Chen was aware of everyone’s suspicion but he didn’t immediately make the spirit vein appear and instead raised this kind of proposal.

“Otherwise, as soon as we make the spirit vein appear, other people will want to have a share. You have to know that, I don’t like people from the Luminous Moon Hall.”

Everyone agreed with Yang Chen’s proposal; even within the sect, the competition for natural resources was very fierce. The strength of the Luminous Moon Hall was currently very strong compared to others, so it naturally snatched away many of the natural resources. Of the courtyards near the center of the Pure Yang Palace, where Spirit Power was most abundant, at least half were occupied by Luminous Moon Hall.

For some reason, Gao Yue unexpectedly appeared to have complete trust in Yang Chen. She completely believed Yang Chen’s words about there being a spirit vein at this place. Without saying anything more, she immediately stepped onto her flying sword and flew into the sky, where she turned into ray of light, directly going to the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace, while leaving this sentence behind:

“I’m going to inform the Palace Master, and move my things from my old cave.”

Gao Yue’s cave was near the core of the Pure Yang Palace and countless people have lusted after it. Once it became public that Gao Yue would move out, it would certainly make someone very happy. She believed that the Palace Master would give his consent without much thought, as people like Yang Chen, who thought about the prosperity of their sect were simply unique.

“Senior apprentice sister, what kind of immortal cave do you plan to build?”

Yang Chen was not too rushed. He made stone chairs for everyone and passed the time while chatting. While speaking, he extended both hands and a ball of fire appeared in his hands and began to change to different shapes. All sorts of buildings appeared within Yang Chen’s hands.

While choosing the immortal cave, Yang Chen was properly calculating: Gongsun Ling was a talent who would only appear once in a thousand years and his master Gao Yue also had a full water spirit root, together Yang Chen himself, these three people were enough to take the whole cultivation world by storm in the coming years. The sooner these three people would join forces, the more their superiority would complement each other, clearing the way for their future development.

The fortunate thing was that Gongsun Ling had listened to Yang Chen’s suggestion and hadn’t built her immortal cave waited for Yang Chen to return. This meant that the seeds he had previously sown had begun to bear fruits. Gongsun Ling would support Yang Chen, this already established that, in the future, his words would have absolute authority within the Pure Yang Palace.

Although the spirit vein below his feet had strong Spirit Power, even enough for use by YuanYing stage experts, he had only prepared Immortal Caves to cultivate before reaching YuanYing stage for the three of them. As for cultivation after the YuanYing stage, Yang Chen had an even better choice, only he didn’t have the ability to go and accept it at this time.

Gongsun Ling was attracted by the buildings on Yang Chen’s hand and began to admire them, even Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan joined in. Thinking about what Wang Yuan had said about following him blindly, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something. Apparently he should also unite a huge force in the Pure Yang Palace and then when the time came, with the help of his fellow disciples, it would be sufficient to dominate the whole Pure Yang Palace.

“Senior disciple Shangguan and senior disciple Wang, if you want to, then you should also move here.”

Yang Chen smiled towards the two people and said:

“Many people will make the place more lively and every one will also get close to each other.”

Yang Chen’s proposal increased everyone’s heart rate. Even the JieDan stage expert Gao Yue had renounced her Immortal Cave near the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace without the slightest hesitation, which clearly showed that there was not much of a difference between here and there. But both of them had their respective masters, so it was not proper to think for themselves and act accordingly. Shangguan Feng thought for a good moment and spoke without assurance:

“As soon as we return, we will consult our masters, and then if we can, we will move here.”

“That’s good, when the time comes, we will also pull senior disciple Du Qian over here, and maybe we will not need to construct Immortal Caves for each of us and can instead directly build a huge villa, where anyone can choose a room for himself to live and cultivate.”

Yang Chen immediately stopped the projections of those pavilions and kiosks and asked Gongsun Ling:

“What does senior apprentice sister think?”

“It’s good!”

After a small moment, Gongsun Ling immediately nodded her head in agreement.

“Then I will have to trouble senior apprentice sister to arrange a few spell formations to lock the surroundings.”

Yang Chen said casually and then encouraged Gongsun Ling to exert herself.

“As soon as we have built a good villa, I can lead senior apprentice sister to take a look at an exceedingly powerful illusion spell, maybe we can do something to move that illusion spell to our place.”

Yang Chen was talking about the illusion spell in the place where he had taken the sword box. After Gongsun Ling mastered it, it could be used as a weapon for self protection. He had no use for it anyway, so to keep the fertile water from flowing into the fields of others, letting Gongsun Ling have it was just perfect.

Gao Yue had went very quickly and also returned very quickly. Covered in sword light, she soon landed and said to Yang Chen:

“I have already talked with the Palace Master and he also agreed. You should allow me to take a examine it. I wonder how powerful this spirit vein really is!”

While speaking, the sword light also dispersed and suddenly many people appeared in the vacant land, among them were Yang Chen’s servants, Shen Da, Ho Lin, Ting Yuan and Gu Qin, as well as Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling’s servants. When the time came they could also be used for work.

Having the consent of Palace Master, everything would be easier. But Yang Chen still had to prepare many things in advance. Gongsun Ling’s spell formation also had to be arranged, apart from defense, a spirit gathering spell and a spirit sealing spell also had to be specially arranged. The spiritual influence which was gathered underground had to be sealed off, so that it wouldn’t flow outside. Only after everything was properly prepared, did Yang Chen start to do it.

Taking out sixty four catties of middle grade spirit stones of exactly the same size, Yang Chen placed them on the ground in a regular pattern, adding in the other kind of spell formation ingredients and soon arranged them in a spell formation that no one had seen ever before.

Everyone was confused when looking at it, even a spell formation expert like Gongsun Ling, also hadn’t seen this kind of spell formation before. She started feeling that this younger disciple was getting more and more mysterious.

After arranging the spell formation, Yang Chen retreated several steps and began to control the spell formation and started operating it. Within a short moment, a dazzling white light appeared on the ground within range of the spell formation. The white light was very bright, but it was concentrated and not scattered, it had the appearance of giant creature which showed up in the sky and began to dig into the ground. But after looking carefully, nothing appeared to be dug out.

But very quickly everyone sensed a majestic Spirit Power coming closer and closer, rushing out frantically from below the ground. Soon the Spirit Power was erupting from the underground like a fountain and the spirit gathering spell turned incomparably bright in a flash. Everyone was shrouded in this frantically spouting spirit power.

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