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Chapter 89 - Show The Evidence

05 Jun 2016

Du Qian subconsciously took the qiankun pouch and compasses, not knowing what had happened. Looking at Yang Chen, he asked him with some suspicion:

“This is?”

“This is my qiankun pouch.”

Yang Chen pointed towards that qiankun pouch and then he pointed to the compass:

“This is a compass which can find the location of my qiankun pouch. There are a few more of these compasses!”

Saying this, he also took out those other compasses within the qiankun pouch. A series of exactly identical compasses were neatly placed on the ground. This made everyone feel as if a major affair was about to happen.

“When I was in the Immortal Falling Well, many people have chased me.”

Yang Chen narrated the events he had to go through, as if he was talking about something that had no relation to him.

“All of them had this kind of compass in their hands.”

Hearing Yang Chen give the description in such a way, Du Qian’s complexion turned ashen; Zhu Chen Tao also became solemn, something which was rarely seen. Gao Yue had never before experienced this kind of matter before, so she also puckered her brows and looking at this she angrily said:

“Who dared to touch my first disciple?”

When Yang Chen looked at the slim figure of Gao Yue which was still in front of him, he could not help but feel warm again. If she did not have this kind of temperament in his previous life, then her death wouldn’t have been that much of a tragedy. Looking at Gao Yue spitting anger, Yang Chen once again vowed secretly:

“In this life I will support you in rising to the heavens!”

“Master, this kind of trifling matter, let disciple deal with it!”

Yang Chen calmly took a small step forward, stopping at Gao Yue’s side. Although he was still half a step behind her, he had already made his intentions clear.


Gao Yue glanced at Yang Chen but didn’t say much: just one word, showing the dignity of a master.

“Yang Chen, come with me, follow me to the Law Enforcement Hall!”

Du Qian took all of those compasses and the qiankun pouch and stood up after inviting Yang Chen.

The qiankun pouch and those seven compasses were neatly lined in a row on a table in the lobby of the Law Enforcement Hall. Sitting in front of them was Law Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master, the YuanYing stage elder, Meng Xian. At this moment Meng Xian also had a grim look on his face, silently observing these things. This scene could make anyone anxious.

Du Qian was standing at the side, his head was lowered so that his expressions couldn’t be seen, but it was obvious that he was not very happy. Yang Chen was a disciple of the sect he felt good about, it would be a miracle if seeing Yang Chen being plotted against by others would make him happy. Those friends of Yang Chen were also not happy.

Gao Yue, Zhu Chen Tao and Xu Cheng Xin were of the same opinion. They were angrily sitting on chairs at the side. If the Law Enforcement hall did not give an explanation to them today, they would certainly not leave this matter.

The affair was very clear, the clear purpose was a plot aimed against Yang Chen. Meng Xian had already tested these compasses and they were only effective on Yang Chen’s qiankun pouch, it didn’t work for other people, which clearly showed that it was a plot to kill Yang Chen.

On top of the qiankun pouch, there was a hidden mark of being refined. In that region, there was also a position indicating mark. These compasses were using this to trace the position of Yang Chen. That one refining method was clearly tied to the Pure Yang Palace.

In the past thousand years, such a matter of brazenly aiming at a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace has never happened, Meng Xian could not help but be furious.

Aiming at a disciple of the same sect, most of all such a talented disciple, that would simply break Pure Yang Palace’s hopes of rising through the ranks. Strictly speaking, this was betraying the sect and cheating the master!

This kind of matter had never been heard of before, so naturally the Palace Master had to be notified to make the decision. The flying sword sent by Meng Xian to transmit his message had returned and the Palace Master was following it, directly entering the Law Enforcement Hall. After entering, he directly went to the table where all of these items were kept and without saying anything, he picked up the qiankun pouch and began to use his Spiritual Awareness to examine it.

The enemy’s modifications were completely hidden with just a slight irregularity in the area of the belt which was used to bind the mouth of the qiankun pouch, if it were not for these compasses, basically nobody would mind that area. Even Yang Chen only noticed this after he had guessed that an enemy had made these kinds of arrangements.

“This is the style of a JieDan stage expert!”

The Palace Master determined this quickly and wrinkled his brows, as if not daring to believe this.

“A water attributed technique, my Pure Yang Palace’s technique!”

With this judgement, the Palace Master had already limited the range of suspects to a few people. The Palace Master could not help but knit his brows tightly; a JieDan stage expert, was considered a sect’s backup strength at any sect, if, because of this matter, Pure Yang Palace had to lose a JieDan stage expert, then the Palace Master would also have to take this into consideration before taking care of him.

According to reason, this kind of matter should not have happened. A JieDan stage expert, what need did he have to plot against a qi layer outer disciple? It had to be known that Yang Chen’s qiankun pouch had been given to him at the Ye Xiu Manor not too long ago. Especially for defeating Sun Hai Jing, so he had been given the treatment of a third qi layer disciple and received official equipment.

At that time, which JieDan stage expert would have such a hatred with a countryside youngster, that he had to use such techniques to plot against Yang Chen? This was really the most mysterious.

“This was taken by the Merit Transferring Disciple Chu Heng at that time and afterwards it was delivered to the manager of the Ye Xiu Manor, Wang Yuan and from Wang Yuan it had reached Yang Chen.”

Every item from the sect had been recorded. Meng Xian who had checked just a moment ago after the Palace Master had asked him, immediately replied. Wang Yuan had come to the Law Enforcement Hall after Meng Xian had asked for him.

“Chu Heng?”

Hearing his name, the Palace Master knitted his brows again. Who did not know about the conflict between Yang Chen and Chu Heng? If anyone there was asked who the biggest suspect in this case was, none would reply anything but Chu Heng. But Chu Heng was only a foundation stage disciple. He was simply not capable of making this level of modification to the qiankun pouch, which meant that there was someone behind him.

Luminous Moon Hall’s Hall Master Liang Meng Shao had thus become another suspect in this matter. He was Chu Heng’s master and at the same time also a peak JieDan stage expert, completely capable of modifying the qiankun pouch. The biggest evidence was that he was also water attributed, which was completely in accordance with the Palace Master’s judgement.

“Ask Liang Shao Ming to come over!”

After a moment, the Palace Master resolved something and, sitting in the position of the Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall, he instructed Meng Xian.

Soon, Liang Shao Ming appeared in front of everyone with confusion all over his face, as he did not know why he had been called to the Law Enforcement Hall.

“Liang Shao Ming, have you refined this afterwards?”

The Palace Master did not speak any nonsense and directly came to the point.

Once his words came out, Gao Yue on the side immediately stood up to argue, but Yang Chen on the side swiftly pulled her with his hand. Only then did she remember that the Palace Master was present and restrained herself. Other people looked at Liang Shao Ming attentively and with anger all over their faces, but within the Law Enforcement Hall, nobody dared to flare up.

“Whom did you refine it for?”

The Palace Master asked with an emotionless face and an ordinary tone, as if they were talking at some other place. He didn’t have any trace of seriousness because of being within the Law Enforcement Hall.

“Yes, my disciple Chu Heng had asked me to refine it, saying it was for a disciple he thought highly of, and was worried for, so if the disciple had some sort of accident when he went outside, then this would allow him to trace this disciple.”

Liang Shao Ming was slightly surprised, actually from the time he had been called here, he had been thinking what he did wrong, after answering, he started to feel that something was odd, so he asked with suspicion:

“Is there any problem regarding the qiankun pouch?”

“You take a look at those compasses!”

Palace Master didn’t say much, only raised his head indicating that he should examine those compasses next to the qiankun pouch.

Liang Shao Ming turned around and picked up one of those and his Spiritual Awareness started examining it while his spiritual influence entered it and he immediately noticed the use of those compasses. After discovering their use, Liang Ming Shao’s brows wrinkled, but he didn’t stop and started examining all of them one by one. By the end, anger could already be seen on his face.

“How can he be so muddleheaded?”

Liang Shao Ming was not an idiot, he naturally clearly understood what this many pursuing compasses implied and he almost roared on the spot.

“Whose qiankun pouch is this?”

“It is this disciple’s, Uncle Master Liang!”

Yang Chen, who was standing on the side replied immediately.

Liang Shao Ming raised his head to look at Yang Chen, this was completely within his expectation. After watching Yang Chen attentively for a good moment, he asked:

“Why must Chu Heng kill you?”

“How could this disciple know this?”

Yang Chen adopted an innocent attitude.

“From the time this disciple had entered the sect, Uncle Master Chu has never looked at me favourably!”

This was a fact which everyone knew, even without Yang Chen telling them.

“Can there be any misunderstanding in this?”

After all was said and done, Liang Ming Shao was still Chu Heng’s master, so at that moment, he had to speak in favour of Chu Heng.

“Perhaps Chu Heng was not careful and lost the tracking spell formation which was then picked up by other people. I also know that at the Heavenly Stairs Assembly, you have made many people envious. Although Chu Heng does not like you, has the situation degraded so much that he must kill you?”

This was very clearly absolving Chu Heng, but he was the Hall Master of Pure Yang Palace’s Luminous Moon Hall, he had the power to protect Chu Heng in some minor cases. Most of all, saying that he must have been careless and lost the tracking spell formation, this kind of explanation was surprisingly rational. In any case, Chu Heng had left the mountain to train after the sect’s martial competition, so losing something was apparently not that alarming of a matter. At most Chu Heng would get the reputation of a careless person, but he would not be accused of a criminal charge.

“This disciple has already been attacked two times outside of the Nine Earth Manor. The first time when coming to enter the Nine Earth Manor and the second when going to the Heavenly Stairs Assembly!”

Yang Chen did not agree with Liang Shao Ming’s argument and narrated the incidents when there had been an attempt on his life:

“Before the Heavenly Stairs Assembly, not many people were jealous of disciple!”

Everyone clearly understood the meaning behind Yang Chen’s words, moreover during these two matters at that time, the entire Law Enforcement had come out in full force to search for the killers. The situation at that time had been very serious, so it was still fresh in Du Qian’s memory until this day. This argument seemed as if Yang Chen was trying to prove that the attacks on himself had no relation to the jealousy of people he had gained after ascending to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, but everyone’s thoughts were steered towards the previous two incidents again and this increased Chu Heng’s suspiciousness even more.

“Naturally, they were the doings of outer disciple Sun Hai Jing, at that time he already admitted to them with his own mouth!”

Liang Shao Ming did not panic, but his own disciple was supposed to get the reputation of attacking a disciple of his own sect. How could he take things lying down?

“Then this disciple wants to know, Sun Hai Jing was a fourth qi layer disciple, he was neither a pill concocting master nor a tool refining master, he was also not any rich person, so how could he pay the rewards for four seventh qi layer and one eighth qi layer cultivator? How could he even have any relation with them?”

In Yang Chen’s previous life, Liang Shao Ming was the mastermind behind selling out Gao Yue, so how could Yang Chen let him slip by? Even though Liang Shao Ming had not made his move yet, he still had to oppose him with equal harshness. Additionally, Chu Heng should have already died long ago, so how could Yang Chen allow Liang Shao Ming to have his own way again?

Each of these words were like a hammer hitting nails on the head, none of them could just be sidelined with an excuse, even if there was one. If Liang Shao Ming said a single wrong or mistaken word, it might imply that Chu Heng’s criminal accusation was justified.

“Perhaps Sun Hai Jing used flowery speech to gain Chu Heng’s trust!”

Liang Shao Ming said these words without any shame.

“After all, Sun Hai Jing was the disciple he was most proud of. After associating with him all the time, getting deceived by him would also be a normal matter.”

After all was said and done, Chu Heng would at most get accused of failing in supervising his disciples but would not have any relation with being the mastermind.

“Or maybe we cannot know whether he really had lost it due to carelessness!”

All of a sudden Yang Chen changed the current question with another already discussed matter:

“How about Uncle Master Liang call senior disciple Chu to return and ask him about it? If Senior Disciple Chu does not dare to return, that will immediately prove that he had fled for the fear of being punished.”

“Yes, confronting him in front of everyone is also a method.”

Liang Shao Ming nodded his head.

“I will immediately send out a letter circulating paper crane for Chu Heng! But I must ask for at least half a year, to one year of time, as I also don’t know where he currently is! Master nephew Yang, have these compasses been obtained from those who tried to attack you? Unfortunately, master nephew Yang has killed them, if you have let some among them live, then wouldn’t it be easy to just ask them?”


Yang Chen slapped his own forehead with exaggeration, and said with an annoyed appearance:

“If only some of them were alive, the truth would immediately come to light!”

“To capture the thief you must catch the stolen goods!”

Liang Shao Ming indifferently said.

“Since you accuse Chu Heng of these things, you must have proof. Just these things won’t do!”

Saying this, he shook his head while looking at these compasses and that qiankun pouch. Then he turned towards the Palace Master with an attitude implying that he had to defend his disciple no matter what.

“How can you discriminate in favour of your disciple so much?”

Gao Yue loudly blamed him as she swatted the table and stood up.

“As you want to protect your disciple, I must also protect mine, if you want to deal with Chu Heng, you must have evidence first!”

By no means would Liang Shao Ming put the current Gao Yue in his eyes, so he grimly snorted and immediately refuted.

“You all want to get rid of my disciple without giving him a chance? No way!”

The grim faced Liang Shao Ming still hadn’t turned around his head, when he was suddenly stunned, seeing that Yang Chen had taken out a weak and restricted body from somewhere and threw it on the ground.

“Luckily I didn’t kill all of them that time!”

Yang Chen said with a rejoicing expression.

“This is one of the people who chased me, Palace Master and Hall Master Ming, please pass judgement!”

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