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Chapter 85 - Who Incited You All?

“Why is he talking so much? Let’s kill him quickly and run away, there are no people here!”

While he was talking, someone impatiently said this in a loud voice, soon after that, that person quickly moved.

This one move of his initiated movements from everyone else, the flying swords of everyone pounced towards Yang Chen like flying locusts.

Yang Chen stood at the same place as before, waving his extremely vulgar executioner’s blade. As if one slash could chop a mountain, he chopped down in front of him. As the same time as the chop, a smile appeared on Yang Chen’s face, as if his cherished desires had come true, making the expressions of the people attacking him turn ugly.

The first person who had moved to attack him was directly moving towards Yang Chen, his figure exactly following the path of the flying sword. Disdain was spread across his entire face, as if he could behead Yang Chen with just one blow, if only he wanted to.

Seeing the executioner’s blade chopping down, he neither dodged nor did he tried to escape it, he merely raised his flying sword. In his thoughts, Yang Chen was just a youngster who had just reached the foundation stage, even if Elder Wu had bestowed him with a flying sword, he wouldn’t be able to use it proficiently. Moreover, the executioner’s blade within Yang Chen’s hands did not look like a magic weapon, so he would be able to break the blade in two with just one slash.

Imagination was really beautiful, but it could easily confuse people. But the reality was that, once Yang Chen’s slash, containing a thousand jin of power, chopped down, the enemy, together with his flying sword were turned into four. 1

At that time, the people who were rushing towards him were all startled: the sight of their own companion being cut into two parts with one slash stunned them, involuntarily stopping their movements.

How was this possible? Although that friend was not a peak foundation stage expert, he was still at upper foundation stage already and it had already been ten years since he had entered the foundation stage. When compared with a rookie like Yang Chen, who had entered the foundation stage just recently, his cultivation was only higher, not lower. His magic weapon was also stronger. How could this be the outcome?

In the end, what was that executioner’s blade in Yang Chen’s hand? Could it be a magic weapon which Yang Chen had refined? Even if it was, how could it be comparable with the flying sword of that Fellow Daoist, who had been refining it for ten years?

But the situation in front of them overturned all of their knowledge. What kind of situation was this? The first person who had taken the lead was also alarmed, how was this possible? Just a few years ago he had chased Yang Chen alone within the magma lake and at that time Yang Chen did not even dare to appear in front of him, but after just these few years, Yang Chen could get rid of a Fellow Daoist who was not a lot weaker than him, when fighting him face to face?

“Damn it, you!”

After the short period of silence, a loud voice suddenly echoed and another person charged towards Yang Chen like a madman. His flying sword was even faster, rushing to pierce Yang Chen’s stomach.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of clear sounds echoed through the place, but the executioner’s blade in Yang Chen’s hand was horizontal nevertheless, defending the front of his body. The wide face of the blade was obstructing the continuous onslaught of the flying sword. Despite the flying sword stabbing with a lot of pressure, it was not even able to leave a trace on the blade.

But this series of successive attacks made everyone’s eyes shine. This executioner blade was also a magic weapon and moreover a pretty good quality magic weapon, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to break the flying sword of their friend in two and would furthermore not be able to resist these strikes. Immediately everyone’s eyes became even brighter.

The person leading them only wanted the pill recipes and medical scriptures which Yang Chen had, he had not demanded anything else, this flying sword would naturally be suitable for the other people assisting him. Although there would be casualties and injuries, this matter was similar to stealing food from tiger’s den, so who would care about it? After the initial shock passed away, everyone became extremely careful.

The master of the flying sword, Yi Jing, followed after the flying sword and closed in on Yang Chen. Extending both of his hands, he ruthlessly attacked Yang Chen with his fists, because his flying sword was still tangled with Yang Chen’s flying sword. This forced Yang Chen to use his hands to deal with it.


Yang Chen snorted and, raising his free left hand as a fist, he firmly attacked the fist of Yi Jing.


The two fists collided with each other, producing a loud echo. The Five Phases of Yin and Yang secret’s Spirit Power passed on from Yang Chen’s fist to Yi Jing’s fist. Immediately this fusion of the Five Phases of Yin and Yang Spirit Power, drilled into the body of Yi Jing. Not only that, when the two fists intersected, Yang Chen’s fist directly broke all of the Yi Jing’s fingers, like a metal hammer.


Yi Jing issued a bloodcurdling scream. Not only that, what made him most frightened was that this aggressive Spirit Power of Yang Chen directly got into his fist with an unstoppable loftiness and, following along the arm, started moving upwards. The sound of breaking of bones had already come from his fist. Because of the damage this Spirit Power caused, not only were the fingers in his hand fractured, instead all of the bones in his fist had been pulverized.

This portion of Spirit Power did not stop at that and directly moved upwards, following along Yi Jing’s arm. Regardless of how much he resisted, he was simply unable to influence the Spirit Power of the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets. Yang Chen’s Spirit Power was highly condensed and extremely purified, compared to these people, who had been at the foundation stage for a long time, it was at least a few grades higher. Adding on to that the amplification by the spell formation, Yi Jing’s resistance was completely meaningless.

Kacha! Kacha!

The sound of bones disintegrating came from his arms and spread up to his shoulder. Yi Jing’s bloodcurdling scream didn’t stop and in his distraction, he didn’t even notice that his own flying sword had already been stored in Yang Chen’s sword box at some point. But his Spiritual Awareness had suddenly been cut off during this time and because he had been controlling the magic weapon at that time, his Spiritual Awareness had taken serious damage, which he was not able to hide.

In his panic, Yi Jing could only think that his flying sword had already been destroyed by Yang Chen. He was deeply regretting it, but the pain in his body became more and more intense. The Spirit Power didn’t stop, even after passing through his shoulder, the sound of breaking bones was echoing from his shoulder, as if it was going to disintegrate at any moment.

The leader directly reached out his hand and put it on the back of Yi Jing. Pure Spirit Power of the peak foundation stage directly rushed into the body through his hand and began to resist Yang Chen’s Spirit Power.

“The five phases are rousing each other in his Spirit Power, making it unending!”

After he been injured by it for a while, that unlucky person had already gained a little bit of understanding on Yang Chen’s Spirit Power and hastily yelled, fearing that the leader would waste his time using an inappropriate method and would be injured instead.

The five phases rousing each other? The leader was startled, how could Yang Chen have accomplished this? But he also began to aim his counterattack. As long as some of the Spirit Power of Yang Chen was used up, he could break the cycle of the five phases rousing each other.

He was trying to think of a proper way, but when his Spirit Power came in contact with Yang Chen’s Spirit Power, he suddenly discovered, that Yang Chen’s spirit power had an unfathomable strength that directly crushed his own spirit power defense and continued forward with a bang sound.

Ka Cha!

The shoulder of Yi Jing turned into pieces, creating a breaking sound which made people palpitate. The Spirit Power didn’t stop and forcibly rushed to his heart through his veins.

The leader suddenly shouted loudly and was just about to move away, when all of a sudden a piece of manifested killing intent entered his body through the hands he pressed against his companion’s body and directly entered his spirit sea.


In a flash, a formidable killing intent submerged the consciousness of the leader, within his mind, apart from that killing intent which could make people tremble, there were no other thoughts.

“Who asked you to come?”

A voice like that of a master of hell, echoed in the ears of the leader, hearing this voice the leader couldn’t help but shudder involuntarily.

“It was Fellow Daoist Li from the Greatest Heaven Sect!”

The leader did not know that he had already spoken this sentence, he only knew that he had to reveal everything under the suppression of that frightening killing intent.


After knowing who it was, Yang Chen had no interest in letting him live, so with a loud shout, these two conjoined people immediately burst into fragments.

Everyone in the surroundings was astonished, just a moment ago Yang Chen’s fist had attacked the fist of their fellow comrade and immediately all bones in his shoulder broke, but even with the leader’s assistance, the bones still exploded in quick succession and soon after that, both of them simultaneously turned into pieces, how could this not terrify everyone?

“What kind of magic did you use?”

On one side a person who had previously chased Yang Chen shouted loudly:

“He is a magician of the demon path, everyone must execute him!”

It seemed to him that a person who had just recently entered the foundation stage and was evenly matched against people on his own level and could even resist the joint attacks of everyone, could only be using techniques of the devil path, there was no other explanation.


Yang Chen groaned and turned around to face that person. With blood colored light in his eyes, he seemed like a devil god to people who looked at him.

The people at a distance, when looking at the leader, who had the highest cultivation but had also exploded, immediately started escaping after seeing that the conditions were far from encouraging. They did not even try to regain their flying sword.

“Thinking of running? It isn’t that easy!”

Yang Chen had waited with great difficulty for this meeting, how could he now allow them to escape? With just one thought of his, the medicine garden’s great protecting spell was immediately awakened.

Originally, at the Immortal Falling Well, when he was being chased, Yang Chen had to worry about Elder Wu, he was afraid that Elder Wu would discover it inside of the Immortal Falling Well, therefore he didn’t dare to use it, but currently he didn’t have such a worry.

Yang Chen had already reached the foundation stage, so regardless of whether he used Spirit Power or Spiritual Awareness, they both far exceeded their earlier strength. Moreover, the bottle of the medicine garden was already filled with Spirit Power, so he basically did not need to worry about the backlash caused by the great protection spell of the medicine garden, but at most he could use it, he was not yet able to command it according to his thoughts.

The great spell of the medicine garden enshrouded several hundreds of meters in a flash. The group of the people who had been attacking Yang Chen, suddenly found themselves within a huge dome. While they were confused, those of them who had escaped, suddenly issued bloodcurdling screams. Before they could clearly see what was happening to them, their companions had already turned into a hideous mess.

This one attack scared all of them stiff and they hurriedly summoned their most powerful body protecting magic treasures and spell formations. One of the remaining people had just started running towards the other direction, but when he had walked just two steps, he sensed a pain over his whole body. His entire body had become devoid of strength. He quickly turned around, only to see his own scattered and smashed corpse.

The remaining people did not dare to act blindly without thinking and stayed at the same place, not even daring to move. With frightened eyes they looked at Yang Chen’s figure slowly walking towards them.

That fist earlier had already verified that his strength had become even more powerful under the amplification of the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets and great spells like the Heavenly Stars and Earth Fiend, so these people did not have any more value to him. Yang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time on these dead men walking, so that he wouldn’t have to delay his return to the Pure Yang Palace to pick a master, A blitzkrieg strategy would deal with this wonderfully.

“Anyone who moves will die!”

Threatening them, Yang Chen slowly walked in front of these people and extended his hand.

“What about you all? You all have a compass which can trace the location of my qiankun pouch, who asked you to do this?”

These people hesitated at first but the clever ones immediately took out the compass from their qiankun pouches and gave them to Yang Chen. Many people among them did not have the compass, as they were only invited to assist in killing Yang Chen.

“We were also invited by Fellow Daoist Li of the Greatest Heaven Sect, only these compasses were provided to us by Fellow Daoist Chu Heng of your sect!”

They all knew that at this time, they were the sheep and he was the wolf, stubbornly resisting him after being defeated made no sense, the only other outcome was that they would be killed instead.

People weren’t fools like Chu Heng, who would rather die than submit. Everyone only wanted to obtain benefits for themselves that’s all, so who would show a spirit of loyalty and self sacrifice? Moreover, Chu Heng had told them that Yang Chen was only a qi layer youngster, but since he could not attack Yang Chen, he was only borrowing their hand. Who would have known that this youngster could unexpectedly kill so many experts? How was this borrowing their hand to kill Yang Chen, this was clearly borrowing Yang Chen’s hand to kill them!

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The four people who had put forward their compasses had lost consciousness from a single strike of Yang Chen, afterwards he put a series of restrictions on their bodies and sealing their consciousnesses, he directly threw them into the medicine garden. As for the rest of the people who had come to assist, he did not pay any attention and moved to leave. His flying sword flew down and directly chopped everyone into pieces, leaving behind only their qiankun pouches.

The people he had left alive would help Yang Chen in testifying against Chu Heng so they would die later. As for these people who had come to assist, since they wanted to kill Yang Chen, Yang Chen would also not allow them to live.

After settling this affair, Yang Chen’s heart apparently relaxed. With this relaxation, he also was expectant. He was already at the foundation stage, after returning to the Pure Yang Palace he could become an inner disciple and could see his master, which he hadn’t met after his rebirth, again. Thinking of this, he couldn’t remain calm, wishing that he could reach the Pure Yang Palace immediately.

The flying speed of the bamboo falcon was really very slow. Compared to Yang Chen’s evading techniques, it was already lacking. On the whole journey, Yang Chen had used his evading technique and he basically did not see any person appearing, while he was flying towards Pure Yang Palace with all of his strength.

This path passed by through a region Yang Chen was familiar with. The first person Yang Chen had beheaded, that mountain god, his temple was in this direction. Back then, the mountain god had said that he had left some Spirit Stones there, which he did not want Yang Xi and them to get, so Yang Chen wanted to pass by it on the way.

At that time, the mountain god had said in front of his altar, that he had left behind a few catties of Spirit Stones, so he knew that the mountain god was very poor. Yang Chen didn’t expect to get rich from this. But since it was set aside for his own matters and that mountain god had made a deal with Yang Chen before dying, Yang Chen would naturally not do it for free, so having these Spirit Stones will keep his conscience clean.

However, when Yang Chen really stopped at that mountain temple and dug at the spot in front of the god stage and exposed that chest, containing Spirit Stones, he couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

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