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Chapter 86 - He Was Modest About Being Poor

The temple was ruined, the images of its god had already fallen down, the walls were broken and destroyed and only an outline was left over. Every kind of vine was breaking out from everywhere, spiders could be found in all corners, it was very difficult to make people believe that this kind of place would have any relation with jewels and riches.

Perhaps because of this reason, Yang Xi’s grandfather had hidden them here; the capital he kept for emergencies; it would give rise to the suspicions of very few people.

The locust tree from below which Yang Chen had excavated the riches had already grown back. Ten year’s time was already sufficient for it to grow and become verdant and lush.

The frustration of the mountain god who had been at death’s door, let everyone believe without a doubt that he really only had a few catties of Spirit Stones. Yang Chen was absolutely certain about this.

But arranging a spirit spell for a few catties of Spirit Stones was really making a big fuss over a minor issue. But naturally, Yang Chen also understood it. This was in order to prevent the Spirit Power from leaking to maintain the grade of Spirit Stones as well as to prevent others from finding it, this was very normal.

If it were not for Yang Chen firmly believing that the mountain god would not lie or if Yang Chen hadn’t discovered this locking spirit spell, he basically would be unable to split the smoke screen and discover the box buried underneath.

It was a tattered wooden box, similar to a normal mahogany box. After opening it, inside was a small metal box, although it was heavy, it was corroded to its limit, almost making it soft because of it. After opening it, twinkling inside were those few catties of Spirit Stones.

It was right that there were only a few catties of Spirit Stones, but these few catties of Spirit Stones were at least two to three million times worth more than several catties of low grade Spirit Stones. These nine catty of Spirit Stones, wrapped inside of this box, were top grade Spirit Stones, which could overshadow even the best quality Spirit Stones easily. Every piece had the same size, same shape and was neatly stacked within the lattices of the metal chest, taking the breath of everyone who saw it.

These are the few catties of spirit stones left behind by that destitute and frustrated mountain god? Yang Chen almost bawled out loudly. Initially, after the words of the mountain god, he hadn’t taken it seriously. It was only a few catties of Spirit Stone after all. Yang Chen normally wouldn’t have even looked at them, if this location wasn’t on his way.

One catty of top grade Spirit Stones was equivalent to one hundred catty of high grade Spirit Stones, one catty of high grade Spirit Stones was equivalent to one hundred catty of middle grade Spirit Stones, one catty of middle grade Spirit Stones was equivalent to one hundred catties of low grade Spirit Stones so inside of the box there were nine catties of top grade spirit stones, which were equivalent to nine million catties of low grade spirit stones.

Nine million catties of low grade spirit stones could purchase the majority of middle class sects. This was how poor the so called ‘poor mountain god’ was? This was being poverty stricken? In his previous life, Yang Chen’s entire net worth added together would not be equal to this amount, what then would he be? A beggar?

Picking up the Spirit Stones he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He was just about to place them into the Achievement Ring, when Yang Chen suddenly thought of something and picked up the metal box and began to ponder over it.

The chest was buried very deeply and it was far heavier than the Spirit Stones it contained. Previously Yang Chen hadn’t paid much attention to it, only after holding it in his hand did Yang Chen discover the marvelousness of the chest. Beneath those corrosion marks, there were clear traces of radiance.

After sizing it up, Yang Chen really wanted to severely reprimand the mountain god. Even this metal box which contained the Spirit Stones was made up of profound cyan crystal gold! This kind of top quality tool refining material, which can only be found by luck and not by seeking, was surprisingly found by him in such a broken appearance. If he had not been careful and only preoccupied with those spirit stones, he would absolutely have misjudged it.

This profound cyan crystal gold could be exchanged for ten times more top grade Spirit Stones than were in the box. Just this number of Spirit Stones was enough for Yang Chen to upgrade his Profound Spirit Furnace, sword box and all of the other flying swords he had by at least two grades.

He still dared to call himself poverty stricken throughout his life? Yang Chen was already thoroughly speechless. In the beginning he wanted to take it just because he already owned it and he didn’t want to pass it on to other people, but after looking at the top grade spirit stones, he thought it was fortunate that he had rushed over. Then his thoughts changed to disbelief, all of a sudden Yang Chen felt like he was an idiot in his previous life.

Receiving such a huge profound cyan crystal gold chest, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something: if he would retain this chest and made some person who knew what it was, take a look at it, what sort of facial expression would they make? Reprimand him severely to not waste natural resources recklessly or would they have pulled out a sword to get rid of him? That surely would have been interesting.

After receiving the chest, he was just about to leave, when Yang Chen once again thought of something and returned and bowed his head to look at the huge excavated hole. The Spirit Stones were wrapped up in a chest of profound cyan crystal gold, so what was this tattered wooden box which contained the profound cyan crystal chest? Was it really just a wooden chest?

Reaching his hand out to pick up that wooden chest, he slowly began to analyze it. The worn out wooden chest was made up of rotten wood, which was not unusual in the slightest, but Yang Chen was not willing to give up. His Spiritual Awareness wrapped up the entire wooden chest and began to examine it bit by bit in every nook and cranny corner.

At last his peak JieDan stage Spiritual Awareness sensed something unusual about the flow of Spirit Power in one corner. Yang Chen keenly caught this anomaly and began to analyze it.

The tatterdness of the wooden chest was a diversion and not an easily broken one. Yang Chen started going through all of his memories, one by one, and only after one whole day and night, did he find the method to break it. After nearly another two days had passed, Yang Chen used the Reverse Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets at the core of the spell to wear it down cleanly little by little, exposing the true features of the wooden chest.

It was fresh and green like it had just been chopped down from a tree. The branches were perfectly straight and well proportioned; they had been superimposed to make a normal wooden chest, but suddenly they gave a hint of lush growth, as if, as long as they were buried in the ground, they would be able to grow very high.

Penglai Divine Wood, that mountain god had surprisingly used Penglai Divine Wood to make a wooden chest! Initially Yang Chen already thought that using the profound cyan crystal gold was already wasting the resources, but now he discovered that, compared to this chest made of Penglai Divine Wood, that profound cyan crystal chest was only a miser’s work.

What’s a wastrel? This mountain god was as a genuine wastrel! When Yang Chen was using thousand year profound yang fruits as food, compared with that person he was simply like a beggar in ragged clothing asking for food!

In the future, if someone of the heavenly court told him that he had been poverty stricken and dejected half his life, Yang Chen would not believe it, even if he was beaten to death. Only now did Yang Chen realize that the words of someone from the heavenly court, saying he was poverty stricken, was merely modesty. If someone took it to be true, he really was an idiot.

Suffering from intense psychological shock, Yang Chen had already lost the strength to joke around anymore and could only collect this wealth, which could even make Elder Wu feel inferior, in his Achievement Ring in stupefaction. Soon afterwards he filled the hole and then identified his orientation and the went straight towards the Pure Yang Palace.

Only after two days, did Yang Chen manage to become clear headed from his shock. He could not do anything about it. Although Yang Chen had been a great principal golden immortal in his past life, he had already seen the tricks of countless number of high level experts, but despite seeing them, this was still his first time when such wealth had belonged to himself.

Ah the Penglai Divine Wood, as long as there was even a one finger thick root of it, an extremely strong wooden attribute flying sword could be made from it, even without engraving any spell formation, just by refining it naturally, it could become a high grade flying sword. If it was refined properly and the cultivation method was suitable, then it could easily become top grade, peerless grade or even monarch grade, emperor grade, or the Immortal grade were not a problem.

The Profound Spirit Furnace of his previous life was of the highest grade, the immortal grade spirit tool. The preciousness of Penglai Divine Wood could be easily seen from this. The wooden box, which was made out of Penglai Divine Wood as thick as a wrist, could have just as well been made out of wood that was as thick as a finger.

Since it was called Penglai Divine Wood, naturally there was a reason. Penglai Divine Wood was innately a wood attributed divine object. When something had the name of “divine”, there was no need to be told what kind of goods it was.

But Yang Chen was baffled: since he had these amazing items, why didn’t that mountain god use them to refine a magic weapon and instead left them in the mortal world for Yang Chen? Regarding this, Yang Chen could only make a few guesses: either the mountain god himself did not know that it was Penglai Divine Wood, or he was afraid of treasuring a jade ring. Only the people after ascension would covet it, so he thought that he might as well bury it here, making it never see the light of day from then on.

As for why leaving it for Yang Chen, one reason could be that Yang Chen had promised him to kill a few people of the heavenly court and the other could be that the mountain god believed that Yang Chen was not intelligent enough to recognize how precious it was. It could also have been to draw calamity to himself, making him obtain this big treasure without knowing its value, so that he would commit the crime of treasuring a jade ring and not even get a proper burial, after all he was also the executioner in the heavenly court. According to mountain god, he was a disgraceful existence and an equally bad person, so he could set a trap against him without feeling the least amount of regret.

But Yang Chen predicted that most likely the mountain god did not know, and instead treated it as an ordinary treasure. If it was Yang Chen in his place, even if he knew that treasuring a jade ring was also a crime, he would still have risked his life to refine it, because a little more strength would gain him a little higher position after ascending. This was the most probable inference.

Regardless of what was said, these things had come to him, so Yang Chen would naturally not use the Penglai Divine Wood to make a chest again. Because he didn’t have the ability to refine the profound cyan crystal gold, he didn’t need to pay attention to it, but he could not imagine to waste the Penglai Divine Wood like this.

Looking at the appearance of the Penglai Divine Wood chest, it appeared to have several tens of branches. Yang Chen carefully dismantled this box and fortunately, only a tenacious vines were used to bind it, so the Penglai Divine Wood itself hadn’t been harmed.

Yang Chen did not have a sufficient cultivation to refine it, but planting it was not a problem. The bottle of the medicine garden was the best choice at the moment. Originally, all kinds of herbs were growing in large amounts inside of it and moreover at the Immortal Falling Well, the bottle had already absorbed a sufficient amount of Spirit Power, so it was just the right place to plant it.

When the medicine garden was refined for the first time, it only had a water attribute, but after mixing the earth and planting some ingredients, it also possessed a little of the earth and wood attributes. If the guarding hall of the bottle’s lid was also taken into account, adding in the imitation of sun, metal and fire attribute also had a little influence, then all of the five attributes were amassed together.

But although the five attributes had gathered together, it was not properly and in good order, and moreover the water attribute made up the majority, while the Spirit Power that it had been receiving and absorbing was also water attributed, making it feel as if it was a water attributed magic weapon.

After carefully planting these Penglai Divine Wood branches in a vacant piece of land, Yang Chen began to control the Spirit Power of the medicine garden to frantically moisten and nurse these Penglai Divine Wood branches.

Just as Yang Chen had anticipated, as soon as he began, the high quality Spirit Power which the medicine garden had absorbed, poured down towards these ten Penglai Divine Wood branches in torrents.

The Penglai Divine Wood branches were like bottomless pits, swallowing all of the Spirit Power, regardless of how much Spirit Power was entered, it was completely absorbed, and not even a tiny bit of it overflowed. In addition to that, after Yang Chen had inputted the Spirit Power in the beginning, it was already no longer under Yang Chen’s control, as if the bottle’s Spirit Power was already completely controlled by the Penglai Divine Wood, frantically absorbing it without any worries.

As long as there was still a thread of blue liquid in the bottle, it could provide enough Spirit Power for the medicine garden for several tens of years, but at this moment, the blue Spirit Power thread had begun to decline frantically, as if it had run into a sponge. There were just ten Penglai Divine Wood branches, but just nourishing and recuperating their vitality was consuming Spirit Power so quickly and in these large quantities, it could shock anyone.

Yang Chen did not care about using the recently obtained top grade spirit stones, as long as there was a situation where the Spirit Power was insufficient, he immediately used these top quality Spirit Stones to replenish it. Compared to the Penglai Divine Wood and the medicine garden’s bottle, these Spirit Stones could be sacrificed for Spirit Power and were basically not worthy of pity.

Fortunately, these circumstances did not occur. When the bottle’s Spirit Power was used up by three quarters and Yang Chen was waiting to absorb some Spirit Stones before the Spirit Power was depleted to a dangerous level, the lightning speed of the Spirit Power absorption slowed down.

Looking at this, Yang Chen was exalted. He entered the medicine garden and soon a scene which made him delighted appeared.

The ten roots of Penglai Divine Wood he had inserted into the ground had already sprouted new leaves, it didn’t need to be said, but they surely also grew roots below the ground. The branch that was originally only wrist thick was now as thick as someone’s calf. The most important thing was that these Penglai Divine Wood branches were not branches anymore and instead had turned into tree trunks.

The branches were tall, at almost four foot long, but after this change they had grown even taller. The branches had grown perfectly straight and had even sprouted leaves concentrated at the top, while new, tender branches were also extending from them. These ten Penglai Divine Wood branches had survived completely and turned into a very small Penglai Divine Wood forest.

It was worthy of being called the wood attributed divine object, this change had happened just few moments ago and yet the first wood qi had already begun to fill the area. The qi of the thunder pomegranate seed which Yang Chen had previously nourished, was completely ignored before this first wood qi.

The first wood qi began to get richer and in the end it even stretched across the whole of medicine garden and caused large changes to occur. With a rumbling sound, as if the medicine garden had turned upside down, it began to shake violently.

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