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Chapter 84 - Originally I Had Been Waiting


When they had left Li Lou village, the Heavenly Fleeing Shuttle had taken a time of more than a day to reach the villa where Elder Wu was refining the herbs, but while returning it had only taken them the time to chat for some time and drink a few cups of tea. From this, it could be seen that Elder Wu had gained great benefits during this pill concoction.

Elder Wu didn’t appear at Li Lou village himself, instead he directly dropped Yang Chen off at his small room. Because Elder Wu’s cultivation was that high, nobody was able to discover him. Everyone could at most sense that Yang Chen had suddenly appeared out of thin air there.

Yang Chen had indeed returned to the Immortal Falling Well to settle the past grudges. Among those people who had chased him at the magma lake, only Peng Hui and one other person had received the judgement, however the other people were free and unfettered.

Obtaining the identities of these people was an extremely simple matter for Yang Chen. A countless number of people had thought of using various sorts of methods to get close to Yang Chen, to curry favour with him, only the identities of a few foundation stage cultivators, nobody had any advantages from keeping them, while they could use them to get a chance to get close to Yang Chen, this kind of opportunity, who would miss it? When Yang Chen had left Li Lou Village with Elder Wu, he had already known the identities of those few people.

Yang Chen would absolutely not let these people get away, at most they had cultivations at the of peak foundation stage, but they were not in a situation where they were about to congeal their dan, at least not within ten years. Yang Chen’s ability to make discerning judgements was very good, there was no way he would misjudge.

Yang Chen was going to wait within Li Lou Village and find them one by one. In any case, Elder Wu would not appear himself to stop him within the Immortal Falling Well, so naturally he had to resolve his grudges within the Immortal Falling Well.

In addition to this, Yang Chen also had business to attend to or perhaps even a few businesses. After he had reached the foundation stage, his Profound Spirit Furnace and sword box, both hadn’t been refined because of a lack of time, but luckily this time in the Immortal Falling Well, he could properly refine them.

When Yang Chen had released his Spiritual Awareness outside of his room, he suddenly heard a surprised voice:

“Is Great Master Yang inside?”

Following which, a figure hastily ran over. After clearly seeing that it was Yang Chen, he could not help but rejoice and said in a loud voice:

“Great Master Yang has returned!”

Great Master Yang has returned! This news immediately caused a commotion in Li Lou Village. It had already been more than three years, close to four, since he had been taken away by Elder Wu, but currently Yang Chen had suddenly appeared at Li Lou Village again without the slightest damage to even his hair, what did this mean? This clearly showed Elder Wu’s matters had already finished and the most important thing was, that Yang Chen had completed the task of the Da Cheng stage expert, Elder Wu.

Nobody among them was blind, Yang Chen had already entered the foundation stage, everyone could see this. Following after Elder Wu for a few years, he had reached initial foundation stage from the peak qi layer, if Elder Wu was not pleased with him, why would he guide Yang Chen like this?

Elder Wu wanted something done and Yang Chen had accomplished it, this also signified that Yang Chen had the ability to obtain Elder Wu’s approval. In addition to that, the current Yang Chen had already reached the foundation stage. The increase in his strength implied that he could now refine even higher level pills. Many people still remembered Yang Chen’s words that before leaving the Immortal Falling Well, he would be able to make third grade pills, his cultivation had now also increased, was he already able to do it?

“I want to look for the whereabouts of a few people!”

Yang Chen did not hide his aim in the slightest and directly said_

“I want to be informed immediately when they return to Li Lou Village! As for the reward, I will refine a second grade foundation stage pill!”

After saying this, Yang Chen announced the identities of those people one by one.

Great Master Yang had already tried to find these people at an earlier time, this was not a secret at Li Lou Village. For him to raise the same matter again together with the increase in Yang Chen’s cultivation, how could these people not understand what he wanted to do?

Who would raise an objection and take the side of these people? If they wanted to blame someone, they could only blame themselves for offending Great Master Yang without any reason. Some people had already made efforts to find out what happened, apparently, these people had jointly attacked Great Master Yang a few years ago. Leaving aside the fact that killing within Immortal Falling Well was already violating the rules, just the fact that they had chased him to kill, made many people feel indignant at the injustice.

But previously Great Master Yang hadn’t asked for their help in taking care of them, so nobody dared to act blindly, without thinking, in case Great Master Yang wanted to get rid of them personally in revenge and wipe out the grudge. If they did it in his place, he would not find that pleasing. Currently Yang Chen was surprisingly giving them the opportunity to have a second grade foundation stage pill refined in exchange for the locations of those people, which made everyone pleased beyond expectations.

“I know, I know!”

One by one, people excitedly raised their hands and pushed forward among the crowd under the envious looks of other people. Under Yang Chen’s invitation, they followed Yang Chen to enter his room, not knowing what to say. Nobody dared to use their Spiritual Awareness to probe inside, after a moment, a person came out from the inside full of smiles, he seemed to be floating from happiness.

There was no need to ask, everyone knew that he had obtained those benefits. Thinking of the benefits a second grade foundation stage pill could bring them, even if all of them were already at the foundation stage, it still made them drool. Regardless of what they were doing, as soon as they would discover any traces of those people, they would immediately return to inform Yang Chen.

After bestowing the rewards on those ecstatic guys, Yang Chen put a warning spell formation outside of his small room and afterwards he went inside and planned to refine the Profound Spirit Furnace and the sword box. Apart from Elder Wu, there still wasn’t anyone who would dare to kill within the Immortal Falling Well, so Yang Chen was very relieved. The warning spell formation was only there to notify him if someone had new information, that’s all.

After arranging everything properly, Yang Chen took out the Profound Spirit Furnace and started with the finest details. After going through being influenced by the medicinal qi of the Heaven Seizing Pill, the Profound Spirit Furnace had now turned blue-green and had moreover increased by one grade. The original aura of a treasure was no longer there, instead it began to evolve and turned inwards.

The Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets had already entered the ninth qi layer. Previously his Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining secrets and Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation secrets were both refined by the fire attribute alone to the fourth layer of heavenly stars and the sixth layer of earth fiend. After refining them, Yang Chen had used his Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets again, to refine the Profound Spirit Furnace.

The aura of the Profound Spirit Furnace had once again compacted and moreover the spirit threads of Yang Chen’s Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets had been improved again. The fourth layer of the Heavenly Stars and sixth layer of the Earth Fiend but compared to the upgrade they had received before with only the fire attributed spirit power, the difference was very great.

His entire body was overflowing with Spirit Power, making Yang Chen have an impulse to be violent. He hadn’t fought with anyone for a full four years, his whole body felt kind of rusty. Currently Yang Chen was wishing that he could find those people right away and make them taste the flavour of being chased, after he had reached the foundation stage.

But before that, Yang Chen still had to refine the Sword Box, only then could he use it to kill those people.

The flying sword given to him by Elder Wu was in Yang Chen’s hand at that time. It had to be said that Elder Wu had given a lot of thought to assisting Yang Chen.

Not only that, even the original Spiritual Awareness on the flying sword had been wiped out completely, there was nothing to control it, as long as Yang Chen branded it with his own Spiritual Awareness, based on Yang Chen’s current cultivation of foundation stage, he was absolutely able to refine it.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen could still discover that there were some flaws within the flying sword. Perhaps at the JieDan stage he could still rely on the sword, but after reaching the YuanYing stage, no matter how he refined it, he would be unable to refine the flying sword to the highest grade again. Perhaps Elder Wu had given him the flying sword as a self defense weapon without thinking too much about it.

Yang Chen would naturally not use this flying sword as the sword soul of the Sword Box. He merely placed it into the sword box and treated it as an ordinary flying sword. Yang Chen had already made arrangements for the sword soul, but that would require a very long time to find and refine it.

Yang Chen did not need to think about the problem of the sword soul right now. He used the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets to apply the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising secrets and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation secrets on the Sword Box to refine it again. Afterwards, the sword box that was shaped the same as the blade of the XianTai stage also began to transform, becoming even more simple and unadorned.

Compared to the Profound Spirit Furnace, the sword box was already refined by the peak JieDan stage expert, so it was already at a very high grade from the beginning. Currently, according to Yang Chen, it had already become a middle grade magic weapon.

Yang Chen would always look forward to refining it even more. Currently he was already a foundation stage expert. After returning to the sect, he would immediately become an inner disciple, following which he could take a master. When he thought that he could see his master’s face very soon, Yang Chen was overly excited.

But Yang Chen still forcefully suppressed his urge to immediately return to the sect and choose a master and instead calmed down his heart and patiently waited for the news of those people.

From the qiankun pouches of Peng Hui and the other person he had killed, Yang Chen had already found the compass which could track Yang Chen’s position. With his ability, Yang Chen could already determine that this compass could only find the position of his qiankun pouch and not any other disciple of the Pure Yang Palace. This only proved one thing, that from the moment he held the qiankun pouch, his position could already be determined.

He had gotten this qiankun pouch at the Ye Xiu Manor, it was given to him by Wang Yuan personally. That time Wang Yuan was waiting for the the thousand year Profound Yang Fruit, which Yang Chen had promised him, so Wang Yuan would not plot against him, that left only one possibility: Chu Heng. Only the Merit Transferring Disciple had the opportunity and the ability to use such tricks, even Sun Hai Jing wouldn’t be able to do that.

Chu Heng had planned against him three to four times already, Yang Chen would naturally not let him get by. But Yang Chen did not want to be accused of killing a disciple of the same sect when he still hadn’t become an official disciple or perhaps just after he had become an official disciple, so he could only gather enough evidence against him to punish him by sect’s rules. Actually it was not that Yang Chen could not find the opportunity to find a lonely region for getting rid of Chu Heng, but how could that be more refreshing when compared to executing him after he had been convicted and expelled from the sect with nowhere to hide?

After refining everything completely, Yang Chen calmly waited for news of those people. Someone had already told him earlier, that a few of those people had already left the Immortal Falling Well, so Yang Chen could only take care of those after leaving the Immortal Falling Well, but he would absolutely not let those who were still here slip.

The people whom Yang Chen was waiting for did not return to Li Lou Village for half a year. At most they had three more months before they would have to return for replenishment. Yang Chen would get his opportunity when they returned to the Immortal Falling Well.

Unfortunately, even if Yang Chen was the luckiest person in the world, apparently this time his good luck hadn’t come closer.

Even three more months after Yang Chen had refined the Sword Box and the Profound Spirit Furnace, nobody among those whom he desired to kill appeared. Sensing that something was abnormal, he took a yuan cultivation pill to the disciple in charge of the Immortal Falling Well and tried to obtain information from him.

The one disciple on duty did not want to help Yang Chen, because he already disliked Yang Chen because of his incident with Jin Tao previously, so even if Yang Chen was a pill concocting master with boundless prospects, he still didn’t fawn over him. But he was also not able to overlook the relations with other people, together with a Yuan cultivation pill, he immediately said the locations of those people.

Those people had already left the Immortal Falling Well, they just happened to depart at the time when this disciple was on duty and they had also departed secretly, so apart from him, nobody was aware of this.

“They really have a long life!”

Yang Chen was not very annoyed by this. Even if they had gone out, they had only been able to escape being chased to death, he was convinced that when the time came, Yang Chen could randomly take out a second grade foundation stage pill and plenty of people would be ready to exchange their heads. It was just that Yang Chen hated this method, where he couldn’t kill them personally by chopping off their heads.

Since there was no more use staying here, Yang Chen decided to leave the Immortal Falling Well. Immediately, without stopping anywhere, he found the disciple on duty and returned to the surface by means of the Immortal Falling Well’s spell formation.

With his heart set on speeding home, Yang Chen had not even gone fifty miles away from the entrance spell formation of the Immortal Falling Well, when he suddenly sensed several killing intents pressuring him from all directions. After probing with his Spiritual Awareness, a smile immediately appeared on Yang Chen’s face.

“I travelled far and wide looking for something, only for it to come find me easily!”

Yang Chen stopped and burst out laughing.

Along with Yang Chen’s laughter, at least ten figures appeared in the surroundings, seven of which were definitely those who had chased to kill him at the magma lake. Yang Chen did not recognize the others, so in all likelihood they were here to assist these people.

“To think that a qi layer cultivator could reach the foundation stage within a period of a few years.”

The person speaking was the first one to have chased Yang Chen. Looking at Yang Chen with an ashen complexion, he said with a malevolent smile:

“These few years we had to be careful everywhere in the Immortal Falling Well because of you. Fellow Daoist Yang, for a youngster like you to be able to accomplish this much is already sufficient to be arrogant about. But if you do not die, we cannot eat or live in peace hereafter, so without saying too much, we must send you on your journey.”

“I had waited for you in the Immortal Falling Well for a whole three months, but I hadn’t anticipated that you would all surprisingly be waiting for me outside of the Immortal Falling Well!”

Yang Chen looked upwards and laughed loudly, and said in a loud voice:

“Very good, very good! Settling it outside is the same to me!”

After speaking, Yang Chen extended his hand and the blade of the XianTai stage appeared within Yang Chen’s hand. Holding the blade at slanted angle, Yang Chen’s gaze swept over the ten people. surrounding him, after looking at each and every one, he said:

“There’s someone responsible for every grievance, for every debt there is a debtor, we had not past grudges, but you have all chased me for the kill, so you must not blame me for taking your lives!”

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