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Chapter 582.1: Precious Materials In The Secret Palace

The secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace was not very special, it was also an independent space. The space was not large, it was about the size of the secret plane where Yang Chen discovered the gray mantis.

However, even so, there were dozens of miles around. When Yang Chen came in, the place seemed empty.

There were no living creatures in the secret pavilion, just a small mountain. What’s more, there was not even a house. Yang Chen didn’t know where to look for the right thing at first.

His spiritual awareness began to investigate subconsciously, and soon Yang Chen had to smile bitterly. He didn’t know if the founder of the Pure Yang Palace was lazy or if he intended to test the blessings of the disciples. The precious materials in the secret pavilion were scattered in various places. The disciples who entered the secret pavilion basically have to play a game of scavenger hunt.

Yang Chen guessed that the Pure Yang Palace was still too poor back then, and if there were not many experts, it would not be realistic to build a beautiful house in the secret pavilion, so it has remained like this until now. If there was a chance in the future, he would still have to build the secret pavilion of the sect.

In the secret pavilion, more than half of the spiritual awareness was blocked, but for Yang Chen, this level of shielding of the spiritual awareness could not affect him too much. At least under Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness investigation, at least a quarter of the land details could clearly be seen.

Speaking of which, the ancestors of the Pure Yang Palace were not a noble sect, except for the ancestors, there were no decent masters. Therefore, the things in the secret pavilion, although they were placed in the former the Pure Yang Palace, were all precious materials, but they weren’t appealing to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen easily found the spark of the Pure yang true fire again. The seventh-grade fire was not placed carefully, as if it was thrown in at will.

This kind of fire seed Yang Chen has just returned, he can only absorb the fifth-grade fire seeds, and he has not been able to move the seventh-grade fire seeds, so Yang Chen will not use the seventh-grade fire any more.

It can be seen that most of the good things have been added in the past few hundred years. There are a few magic weapons that look very good. Yang Chen can still find traces of the master’s refining from above. In addition, there were many good flying swords. Yang Chen remembered that it seemed that he got it from the secret plane in the Greatest Heaven Sect, and gave a part of it to the sect, now it has become a reward in the secret pavilion.

Now that he has reached the secret plane, Yang Chen didn’t mind helping his own sect. The magic weapon that he saw, he made Xiao Tian wipe out the aura of all refiners on the magic weapon and make it clean.

In the future, if a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace enters the secret pavilion and obtains these magic weapons, because of Yang Chen’s efforts, they can at least save decades of hard work. Anyway, the benefits are obtained by the disciples of his own sect, the meat is rotten in the pot, this kind of effort, Yang Chen can do it easily.

After walking for a while, Yang Chen discovered the traces of the questioning inner heart pills, as well as the hundred year pills. These two kinds of medicinal pills, even in the Pure Yang Palace, were regarded as the treasures of the sect. Only by making enough credit for the sect can they have the opportunity to enter the secret pavilion and find a magic weapon or medicinal pill that suits them.

This is a reward measure from the sect. Of course, Yang Chen will not say much about it. However, so far, Yang Chen has not found what he needs. Whether it’s medicinal pills or magic weapons, Yang Chen was not interested.

Speaking of which, most of the things in this secret pavilion were related to Yang Chen, and Yang Chen can’t enter the secret pavilion. Looking for something, it seems to Yang Chen, it doesn’t have much impact.

However, Yang Chen soon discovered something different, a dozen pieces of jade slips. The jade slips that the ancestors of the sect could put into the secret pavilion were naturally not ordinary. Yang Chen immediately came and rushed to the first jade slip.

As expected by Yang Chen, on this jade slip, there was a very profound cultivation method, and it seems that it can be cultivated at least until the Dacheng stage. Yang Chen shook his head slightly regretfully for the water-attribute cultivation methods. The cultivation methods were of little significance to Yang Chen. No matter how powerful the cultivation methods were, they couldn’t compare to the true essence cultivation methods.

That is, Yang Chen can be allowed to find what he likes in the secret pavilion at will. Change it to any other person, after coming in, the first thing that comes into contact with it will be spread out of the secret pavilion involuntarily. If you find a magic pill, you can take it with you, but if it is a jade slip or something, you can only check it and return it.

Throwing away the jade slip in his hand, Yang Chen came to the location of the next jade slip. As soon as his spiritual awareness probed it, his spirit was suddenly lifted.

On this jade slip, his fire attribute cultivation experience was personally recorded by the patriarch. Among them, the part about the Pure yang true fire was very detailed, especially for the control of the pure yang true fire, there was a very detailed opinion.

Yang Chen was instantly overjoyed, even though he had tens of thousands of years of experience in fire seeds in his previous life, the part of the patriarch that specifically aimed at the pure yang true fire was also extremely precious to Yang Chen.

Overjoyed, Yang Chen sat down on the spot and began to slowly study the experience. Compared with his own understanding, it took more than ten days to get through.

It must be said that those who can establish a sect are definitely geniuses among geniuses. The fire attribute experience left by the ancestor, even for Yang Chen, was a very useful supplement. It was only after reading the records for how long that Yang Chen felt that his ability to control fire seemed to have risen a bit.

Being in the secret pavilion, Yang Chen certainly couldn’t easily experiment, but the trend of these things from the ancestors was firmly in his mind. Don’t look at the experience left before ascension, it’s enough for Yang Chen to control the Pure yang true fire at the right time.

Just this piece of jade slip was worth Yang Chen entering this secret pavilion once. With this harvest, Yang Chen naturally would not let other jade slips go, and began to look at them one by one.

For some jade slips that recorded advanced cultivation methods, Yang Chen basically ignored them first. There was a piece of jade slip that recorded several unique pill recipes, and Yang Chen paid special attention to it.

The pill recipe was not a complicated one. For Yang Chen, it was basically the kind that has no difficulty, but these kinds of pill recipes seem to have precious raw materials. Moreover, these pills seem to be more effective for mortals than for cultivators.

But Yang Chen attaches great importance to it, not for anything else. One of these pills was called life prolonging pill. So far, apart from hearing that the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and Old Man of the South Pole have this kind of life-extending elixir in the Immortal Realm, Yang Chen has never heard of it anywhere else.

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