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Chapter 582.2: Precious Materials In The Secret Palace

Don’t look at the lifespan of the cultivators greatly increased after cultivation, but it was not unlimited. The cultivators will grow old and the lifespan will be exhausted. If you can’t make a big breakthrough in your cultivation, you will end up trapped in a realm and unable to improve, and you will eventually die.

You can greatly increase the lifespan of mortals, in fact, it was very easy to do. Many things could effectively improve the physique of mortals. When the physique is improved, the natural lifespan will also increase, it is very simple to prolong lifespan.

For cultivators, it was not so easy. The physique of the cultivators themselves has been greatly improved, and it was not easy to do this simply by relying on medicinal pills. Just like it was impossible to directly improve the cultivation base, it was difficult.

However, the life prolonging pill on the jade slip did not simply rely on this method to increase lifespan. Of course there was this reason, so it works well for mortals. But there are such a small part that are still different, and even for cultivators, they were effective, but the effect was not as obvious as that for mortals.

Who was Yang Chen, the only fifth-grade alchemy master in the mortal world, with the knowledge of a Great Lou Golden Immortal, so he naturally found the speciality at a glance.

Speaking of which, part of the uniqueness of this longevity pill was that it supplements human lifespan in a way similar to supplementing the essence of life. It was purely to supplement people’s lifespan, it has no other influence at all. It will not deepen the cultivation base, and will not stimulate potential in advance, it simply supplements lifespan.

The monarchs, ministers, and envoys among the various medicinal materials on the pill recipe are very harmonious, which is obviously the work of a master. The method of alchemy was peaceful. It was the most orthodox and the one that does not produce any side effects. If it was purely based on the alchemy technique, a fourth-grade alchemist could fully meet the needs.

However, if it was just a fourth-grade alchemist, he would not be able to refine the life prolonging pill even if he was killed. This kind of longevity pill has a very harsh condition, that was, when refining, it needs to use two specific seventh grade fire seeds.

The Pure yang true fire and pure yin true fire. These two kinds of seventh grade fire seeds were necessary for refining the longevity pill. As long as you have these two kinds of fire seeds, as long as you reach the level of a fourth-grade alchemist, as long as you have enough medicinal materials, you can refine the longevity pill.

Seeing this condition, Yang Chen finally knew why this life prolonging pill formula was in the secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace. It seems that in addition to those fire seeds that they don’t know where it is, the Pure yang true fire is only the treasure of the sect left by the ancestors of the Pure Yang Palace. Even if you have the heart, you can’t find this precious kind of fire seed.

It was so hard to find a pure yang true fire, not to mention another pure yin true fire that was directly comparable to the pure yang true fire. The power of the two fire seeds was exactly the same, it’s just a yin and a yang. In alchemy, yin and yang need to work together to be successful.

Under such harsh conditions, even a wealthy sect like the Greatest Heaven Sect and Pill Cauldron Sect can find the fire seeds, but there was almost no one who can use two kinds of fire at the same time. A seventh-grade fire seed is enough to make people dominate the mortal world, let alone two at the same time.

Yang Chen thought about it, but he couldn’t think of anyone who could use two kinds of seventh-grade fire at the same time, except himself. Yang Chen suddenly felt a little guilty, maybe Li Cheng can do it too.

The pure yang true fire was in this secret pavilion, but the pure yin true fire has never been heard of. Even if Yang Chen has already obtained a lot of seventh-grade fire seeds from the major sects, but there was no trace of the pure yin true fire.

It seems that the pure yin true fire can be regarded as a target to look for next. Yang Chen has already understood the principle recorded in the pill recipe of this kind of longevity pill, but the effect of the pill was very good for cultivators.


This was different from the hundred-year-pill that directly improves the cultivation, but simply increases the lifespan. Taking the hundred year pill may increase your lifespan by breaking through the realm, but in order to resolve this side effect of the hundred year pill, it will take a longer time.

However, simply increasing the lifespan was different. Although the breakthrough time will be delayed, everything was obtained by self-cultivation, and naturally it cannot be said to be risky. There was no side effect of directly improving the cultivation base at all. For those whose life essence was almost impossible to break through, it was simply a perfect life-saving medicine, even better than the hundred year pills.

Since Yang Chen has chosen his identity as an alchemist in this life, of course Yang Chen has to do in-depth research on alchemy.

It’s definitely not enough to just rely on the basics, with Yang Chen’s previous life’s level as a sixth-grade alchemist, it’s basically no surprise that he has reached the spiritual world. The only way to improve one’s alchemy level is to research and create one’s own elixir. Just as you can never become a true scholar by following a textbook, you are recognized as a master if you always have to overcome advanced topics one by one.

After a trip to the secret pavilion, Yang Chen was naturally overjoyed when he found such a good thing and a good topic. The experience of the patriarch, coupled with the formula of this longevity pill, was enough to make Yang Chen’s trip worthwhile, but surprises always come unexpectedly.

A simple jade slip, he don’t know how long it has been kept. When Yang Chen casually picked it up to check it, he jumped up and was surprised.

What was recorded on this jade slip turned out to be the «Third Fire True Secret Art» that Yang Chen couldn’t find anywhere. The great Yin-Yang five elements secret art, the only difference was that the «Third Fire True Secret Art» has not yet been found, and it appeared in front of his eyes unexpectedly, why would it not make Yang Chen ecstatic?

How can there be such a true essence cultivation method as the «Third Fire True Secret Art» in the secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace? Yang Chen couldn’t think of it without breaking his head. However, what was recorded on the jade slip in front of him was not a fake «Third Fire True Secret Art». Yang Chen could tell the truth from the beginning to the end with his knowledge, this was real.

How can that be? It was no exaggeration at all to describe it by stepping through the iron shoes and finding nowhere. Was there anything more dramatic than this? If he knew that there was the «Third Fire True Secret Art» in the secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace, why did Yang Chen travel around to search for it, racking his brains to search for memories in his mind?

Yang Chen almost impatiently kept the «Third Fire True Secret Art» in his mind. The huge surprise made Yang Chen lose his temper. Fortunately, he was the only one in the secret pavilion. Being seen by others would definitely be a joke to Yang Chen for many years.

Yang Chen’s face was already blooming with joy. After going out, he would be sure to ask the palace master, which patriarch passed down this «Third Fire True Secret Art», and how to thank the patriarch with a few pillars of incense.

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