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Chapter 581.2: Postnatal Spiritual Root

All the sects were happy, not for anything else, just because the discovery of the postnatal spiritual roots has allowed them to discover many good seedlings for cultivation, and the strength of the sects will gradually increase, which was naturally a good thing.

But the only sect that was not very pleasant was the Greatest Heaven Sect. Originally, someone in the Greatest Heaven Sect had stumbled upon such a phenomenon a hundred years ago, but they have never been able to understand it fully, so the research on this aspect has not been in-depth, but they did not expect that it was actually snatched by Yang Chen.

Strictly speaking, the Greatest Heaven Sect was not wrong, since Yang Chen asked Gao Yue to revise the water attribute cultivation method, at that time it showed that Yang Chen had already discovered the signs. The Greatest Heaven Sect only discovered it a hundred years ago, and it was naturally behind Yang Chen.

The main reason for the unhappiness was that the disciple Yang Chen, who was supposed to be from the Greatest Heaven Sect, was kicked out by some arrogant guy, and the Pure Yang Palace got him.

Every time Yang Chen made major achievements, it seems that he was peeling off a layer of flesh and blood on this scar for the core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect, so that they can relive the depressing taste. They have to say that it was very uncomfortable.

All the rotating disciples who were in charge of receiving new disciples in that session were all reprimanded again by the higher-ups. It’s really a mistake that turns into eternal hatred! Hundreds of years have passed, and every once in a while, they will be beaten and taught a lesson. These disciples were so depressed that they wanted to commit suicide. Was there anything more depressing than this?

Since the first time these disciples were punished, every time the Greatest Heaven Sect received new disciples, which of the rotating disciples were not careful, and did not dare to casually drive out a newcomer who had never seen the world. For fear of accidentally throwing a certain Li Chen and Wang Chen out. He was whipped over and over again because of this incident. The attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect accepting new disciples has become a model of the dao domain.

Now Yang Chen’s position in the cultivation world was already unbreakable. Not to mention the only fifth-grade alchemist in the mortal world, just discovering the postnatal spiritual root, almost all cultivators loved him. If you want to deal with Yang Chen, let alone those who have requests from Yang Chen, even if they are strangers, they will be brave enough to pick up the guy, no one else could say a word.

The appearance of the postnatal spiritual root seems to have strengthened the determination of the three major sects to win over Yang Chen. In addition to the Greatest Heaven Sect who still retain their backers, the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect spared no effort to contact the Pure Yang Palace from all aspects, in order to allow Yang Chen to accept their female disciples.

Only by becoming the son-in-law of one’s own sect, it seems that some anxiety can be stabilized. Now was not the time to casually destroy a future genius, at least not for Yang Chen. That being the case, it was better to win over than to grudge. This was something that any reasonable person could think of.

“You found out at that time?” When Gao Yue faced Yang Chen, she couldn’t help but be surprised “Then why didn’t you explain it clearly. Do you have to make me cultivate water and fire attribute cultivation methods by tricks?”

“The research was not thorough enough, How dare I talk nonsense.” Yang Chen couldn’t help but complain, but he couldn’t help but smile.

At this time, Gao Yue recalled Yang Chen’s insistence. In order to make her change the water attribute cultivation method, he even gambled by killing Lin Chang and the old devil. If there was any accident at that time, Gao Yue would not dare to think about it.

However, Yang Chen would be more adventurous. It seemed to show the importance of Gao Yue’s position in his heart, thinking of this, Gao Yue couldn’t help but feel sweet in her heart, full of the joy of being cared for.

The Pure Yang Palace, from the palace master to the core elders have not lost a smile on their faces for more than a year, they have always been beaming.

They can’t help but say that this disciple Yang Chen was really powerful. Since recruiting him to join the sect, he has almost never let the sect worry about him. On the contrary, it was because of Yang Chen that the sect has gained a lot of benefits over and over again. Their strength has gradually improved, not to mention the growth of the sect, and even now their influence has reached a higher level, why would it not let these elders be happy?

“What are you going to do next?” The Palace Master was now concerned about Yang Chen’s next plan. Since the postnatal spiritual root has come to an end, Yang Chen must have new plans.

“For the time being, this disciple doesn’t have any new plans.” Yang Chen answered truthfully. There was really nothing for Yang Chen to be busy with now. In his memory, there will be no major events for the next period of time. He just happened to send the ultimate demonized demon vine to Sun Qingxue, and then accompany Shi Shanshan for a trip. The rest was to wait for the Greatest Heaven Sect to launch the formation.

“Disciple is ashamed!” Suddenly Yang Chen remembered something. At that time, he got the seventh-grade fire seed of the Pure Yang Palace, the pure yang true fire, and said that it would be preserved for three hundred years. It has expired now, and he has not absorbed it or returned it. Speaking of which, this was Yang Chen’s own mistake.

“The palace master promised this disciple that he could keep the pure yang true fire for three hundred years. This disciple is blunt and has not used it yet, so he should return it to the sect first.” After saying that, Yang Chen hurriedly took out the pure yang true fire seed respectfully and sent it to the hands of the palace master.

In the eyes of the Palace Master, this was not a big deal. Yang Chen was now the young palace master, there was no difference between keeping it in the hands of Yang Chen and the Palace Master. At least no one at the top of the Pure Yang Palace will have any opinion.

However, since Yang Chen said so, it doesn’t matter if the Palace Master takes it back. Anyway, when Yang Chen wants it, he can get it anytime, but it’s just a little effort.

“If that’s the case, then this old man will take it back.” The sect master put away the fire seed, and then instructed “Whenever you need it in the future, come and ask this old man for it at any time.”

“Thank you for your forgiveness!” Yang Chen thanked him very politely. This was the kindness of his elders, and of course he wouldn’t reject it hypocritically.

“But then again, it seems that the sect really owes you a lot!” The palace master suddenly changed his words and said, “You made great achievements back then, and the sect allows you to enter the secret pavilion at any time to see what you needed, but you haven’t been there once. It’s okay anyway, just go in and have a look!”

This was the reward that Yang Chen had continuously made various contributions to, and Yang Chen naturally did not forget it. However, he doesn’t think he can find anything in the secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace. It seems that there was nothing that could impress Yang Chen except the seventh-grade fire seed!

With Yang Chen’s current net worth, how could he easily see the fortune accumulated by the ancestors of the Pure Yang Palace? But since it was the kindness of the elders, Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t go against it.

In his previous life, Yang Chen had not had the opportunity to enter the secret pavilion, he had never been qualified. This time, he could go in and open his eyes to make up for the regrets of his previous life!

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