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Chapter 565.2


The four girls were cultivating, but Yang Chen is more than that. While cultivating, he was still concocting pills, and at the same time absorbing and resisting demonic qi, and even took the time to absorb several kinds of demonic fire seeds. If he hadn’t been concocting pills for fear of interference, Yang Chen would have even wanted to absorb more kinds of fifth-grade fire seeds.

In addition, Yang Chen was thinking of ways to enable the four girls to improve their strength. The ultimate demonized demon vine was the gift Yang Chen planned to give to Sun Qingxue.

At that time, Sun Qingxue’s master, the Dacheng stage elder of the Blue Cloud Sect, Hua Wanting, was accidentally entangled by the blood demon vine, so she sat alone and fought against the blood demon vine for hundreds of years. After being rescued by Yang Chen, her strength exploded. In one fell swoop, she was promoted to the Dacheng stage.

Because of the hundreds of years of life and death training, it also created the powerful fighting ability of Elder Hua. Even if she was only in the early Dacheng stage, cultivators of the middle Dacheng stage didn’t have any advantage over her.

With such a living example in front of him, of course Yang Chen also had to let his sweet wife, Sun Qingxue, go through a lot of training. Although she didn’t have to hone in a hundred years of life and death like Elder Hua, at least Sun Qingxue had to be a little more powerful.

Abi has fused the seed of the demonized demon vine for decades. Recently, she has been following Yang Chen’s instructions to breed the seed of a blue jade blood demon vine. This seed, Yang Chen planned to plant it on the ultimate demon vine, and then inject it into Sun Qingxue’s body.

The combination of the blood demon vine and the demonized demon vine can also make Sun Qingxue endure hardships, but after adding the blue jade vine, it will not be as dangerous as Elder Hua. After integrating this demonic vine of the Earth Immortal realm, he believes that while Sun Qingxue’s strength would skyrocket, she will also have stronger protection.

This kind of pure wood-type precious material was definitely a big supplement to Sun Qingxue, who has the same wood-type attribute. For a long time to come, even until after ascension, Sun Qingxue would probably be held back in the process of absorbing and merging the ultimate demonic vine.

The powerful demon vine of the second grade Earth Immortal realm. It is the object of Sun Qingxue’s efforts for hundreds or even thousands of years in the future. Just doing this would make Sun Qingxue even more brilliant than in her previous life.

In fact, including Sun Qingxue. Yang Chen has similar considerations for each of his wives, but the time has not yet come and it can’t be done.

The first residents of Qixia Town were all guards and servants originally hired by Yang Chen. After they came here, Yang Chen gave houses and land, and they all worshiped Yang Chen as a living Buddha. Later, more and more guests came to Qixia Town, and their lives got better and better.

In the eyes of these townspeople, the Yang Chen family is the great benefactor given by God, and there is no better master family than such a master family. The only pity is that Young Master Yang was married to four beautiful wives, but there has never been a child, which was quite regrettable.

Later, Young Master Yang found a large number of people from somewhere, he even met a few relatives. The town grew bigger and bigger, and life became more perfect.

No one knows, that these people that Yang Chen found later were all descendants of Yang Chen, Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan, Gongsun Ling, Sun Qingxue, and their family. Some of the most core skills were taught to them, so that they can make more money, and in the future, they can also contribute more to the family income. It’s just that this relationship won’t let them know.

After decades of peaceful life, the people in Qixia Town watched the peaceful life of the main family, slowly getting old and calm. And they themselves have become old men and women, grandparents, sons and grandsons and even great-grandchildren.

No one knows why people here live so long, everyone can only attribute the reason to good feng shui. However, according to someone who has seen feng shui here before, it is clearly a jade belt cave surrounded by mountains and rivers, which is suitable for small families to bury graves, so what is good feng shui?

As the decades passed, Qixia Town had grown bigger and bigger, becoming Qixia County, and then Qixia County. The Three Kingdoms were fighting for the ownership of Qixia County. Guns and arrows, solidly in front of Yang Chen and the four girls, staged a very real hot scene.

Later, it was Yang Chen who came forward and divided Qixia County into three and divided it into three small counties, which calmed everyone’s fight. Anyway, the original Qixia Town was at the junction of the three countries, and the three countries all had partial sovereignty.

At least when Yang Chen was alive, no one dared to take this idea lightly. As for what happens after death, that is not up to Yang Chen. The predecessors planted the trees and the later generations enjoyed the shade, and the later generations should also have the ability to enjoy the shade.

Seeing that fifty years have passed, Yang Chen and the four girls have become husbands and wives. Although they seem to be strong, many people already have a different mind.

“We have already experienced birth, old age, and illness. Do you want to try to death?” Yang Chen asked with a smile when he was with the four girls.

“It’s good to see what happens.” Although Sun Qingxue has calmed down a lot over the past few decades, she was still the most naughty among the four girls. It was also the kind of her nature that Yang Chen has always liked, she immediately responded cheerfully.

They have seen others die, but they have never seen themselves die. Of course, they don’t mean to experience the feeling of their own death, but to know what will happen after their death, and how will the people who have known and lived for decades react, how will they feel when they leave.

In fact, among cultivators, the separation of life and death is also indispensable, but everyone sees it relatively lightly, but it is not like the common people.

None of the four girls objected. At this point, it was basically the time when they were about to leave to end their mortal experience, so they would say goodbye with this death!

In the next six months, the four women died one by one, and then Yang Chen personally organized their funerals and buried their coffins in the tombs that had been built twenty years in advance with good feng shui.

The passing of the four masters and the passing of the four kind old women also brought great sadness to Qixia County. The four girls have indeed experienced the feelings of mortals.

Later, even Yang Chen himself passed away silently one night. The descendants of the original old townspeople, according to Yang Chen’s instructions before his death, buried Yang Chen and the four girls together. Since then, there are no more Yang Chen and the other five old people in the mortal world.

However, in the tombs that no one could see, the four girls and Yang Chen were lying in their own coffins, as if they were really dead, without any breath of the living, they just lay there quietly for twenty years.


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