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Chapter 565.1


Originally, what Yang Chen and the four girls said was to experience decades of experience in the mortal world. He sealed the cultivation base of the four women, although the four women can still rely on the cultivation of the beauty-preserving technique to keep their youth forever, but, in the eyes of mortals, it was unbelievable.

Fortunately, they took root in Qixia Town, but only a few short years ago. However, if this is the case in the future, it will not be normal.

The four girls also wanted to know what would happen if their appearance gradually grew old, but they were reluctant to look like a dying flower. It was not until Yang Chen’s repeated assurances that as long as they insisted on cultivating the body refining technique , even if they flew to the immortal world, they would still have their current appearance, and then they complied.

Of course, it’s not so difficult to give the outside world a sign of getting old. Yang Chen can do it with a simple trick.

Time passed slowly, and it was twenty years in the blink of an eye, and the four girls also changed from youthful beauty to middle-aged beautiful women. The business has been thriving, but basically there was no trouble caused by their appearance.

Without a lot of extra entanglement, the four women’s respective businesses will be a little troublesome if they focus on money, but basically, it’s all normal business competition, and no one has ever dared to touch Qixia Town in other ways.

The easy-going of the four women made the people in the inner palace sent by the royal families of various countries to live very comfortably. Not only did they take care of their lives comfortably, but also the Yang Chen family did not spare money, making these people extremely satisfied. Therefore, these people were more and more attentive in taking care of many things.

Sometimes, when there is a small business dispute, these people will be diligent and take the initiative to help. Of course, they also knew that Yang Chen’s family didn’t like to always use power to oppress others, and they used normal business means to fight back, but it’s also very effective.

This allowed the four girls to see a different world. Out of curiosity, they also began to seek advice from these people from the inner palace in their daily life.

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A large amount of money was rewarded, coupled with the easy-going personality of the Lord’s family. Treated like family members, these guys from the inner palace were naturally also caring. Since the master asks for advice, they didn’t begrudge what they know.

The most complicated place is the palaces of various countries. For various positions of power and status, favoring the succession of royal power, etc, the countless entanglements that have arisen made the four girls feel like they are listening to a drama.

All kinds of conspiracies, tricks, tactics, bright and dark, yin and yang, on the table, under the table, upright, sinister and sinister. Called elder brother in front of people, and dug out from behind, let the four girls sturdily attend a class on all living beings in the main hall.

Little people fight, battle of the greats. The contention between the emperor and his ministers, the contention between the ministers. The disputes between the concubines, the short-term disputes between the parents, everything, can make the four girls eye-opening.

Just relying on power to oppress people is already a simple method that cannot be simpler. But even the emperors of various countries seem to be unable to fulfill their expectations, let alone others. The more they know, the deeper the women’s feelings will be.

The so-called grudges and hatreds among the cultivators can be found in the human world with real cases that are magnified a hundred times. Compared with the discord in the courtroom in the palace, the cultivators were nothing but children. After all, many times, cultivators still have to focus on cultivation, but these guys in the mortal world spend 100% of their energy on it.

Numerous real stories of open and secret struggles have made the four girls almost read all the different expressions of all beings in just twenty years. Even Yang Chen, after hearing these stories, couldn’t help but have a little understanding. When fighting against demonic qi, he always had a mental temper.

What is experience? This was the experience. Now the four girls recalled the so-called experience in the past, they gathered a few companions, found a few enemies to kill them, slaying demons and eradicating demons, even if they completed the experience, in their eyes now, they were just playing at home. Compared with the dangers in the mortal world, the cultivators are simply like children. A good person is a good person, a bad person is a bad person, what is it?

Unconsciously, the four women also paid attention to the history of the changing dynasties on earth. From those historical facts, they were able to understand more about the disputes between people and learn how to deal with them.

The change of dynasties in the mortal world was far more than the cultivation world. In the same thousands of years, dozens of generations and hundreds of generations have passed in the mortal world, and the dynasties have changed countless times. Not to mention anything else, just birth, old age, sickness and death have been experienced far more than the cultivation world.

In the short decades of life, mortals have composed countless times of splendor and sorrow that those long-lived cultivators could not imagine. It is definitely not those who have long lives, and even the sects have not been born and died since the establishment of the sect.

Only then did the four girls understand why Yang Chen always liked to read some miscellaneous books, including this type of book. It turns out that you can really learn a lot of things from it, far from being able to understand by immersing yourself in cultivation.

Even though the four girls have not deliberately cultivated in the past few decades, the changes in their moods are as if they have experienced Nirvana. That kind of simple persistence at the beginning, and the simple persistence that comes back after understanding the complexity, are not the same realm at all.

Although they did not experience it themselves, even if they listened to others or learned from books, they could understand the dangers of these things, as if they had experienced it themselves.

The mood of Yang Chen’s family seemed to be constantly being sharpened in a vat full of emery every day. Grind off those pieces that cannot be condensed into one, leaving the most solid core, and then slowly become sharp and sharp, and then become smooth in the continuous grinding, and then achieve the kind of real transcendence that sees through the world.

At this point, in fact, whether the killing syndrome or the control of some inner demon emotions, it is no longer able to control them.

The various emotional riots caused by the stimulation of demonic qi in the past were just simple emotional riots. But now, if there is the same level of demonic stimulation, it is almost impossible to cause the four girls’ mood swings.

Even Yang Chen himself has made great progress in fighting against demonic qi. The speed of absorbing the demonic qi of the ultimate demonized demon vine was also greatly improved. In just 20 years, most of it has been absorbed. It seems that in a few years, the demonic qi on the ultimate demonized demon vine can be completely absorbed.

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