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Chapter 566.1: Awakening In The Grave

The four girls didn’t think at first that Yang Chen would let them really be buried in the grave. However, under the circumstance that their cultivation base was sealed, they were unable to resist at all, and was easily sealed by Yang Chen into a strange state of suspended animation, and then they were buried in a glorious way.

As for what Yang Chen’s intentions were, he didn’t say it clearly. The four girls only knew one thing, that Yang Chen would never harm them. With this foundation and premise, the four girls silently accepted Yang Chen’s arrangement, sealed them one by one, and buried them.

First was Gao Yue, then Gongsun Ling, then Shi Shanshan, and finally Sun Qingxue. After the four girls, it was Yang Chen himself.

Of course, Yang Chen was sent to the tomb in an awake state, and after setting up a vigilance formation in the tomb that could wake him up at any time, Yang Chen also began to practice a kind of suspended animation, and entered the tomb in a state of suspended animation.

No one would think there was anything strange here. The cemetery was prepared by Yang Chen a long time ago, and the construction started more than ten years in advance. Some feng shui masters have also seen it, and it happens to be where the Jade Belt Cave in Qixia Town was originally located, it was not a strange place.

The inside of the cemetery was even more rudimentary. There was neither the grandeur of a rich family, nor anything to accompany the burial. If you have to say that something is valuable, it means that a few coffins are made of good old nanum wood, nothing else.

The only thing that is a bit special is that the cemetery is deep enough, with a depth of several dozen feet. If Yang Chen hadn’t already arranged it properly, it would be a hassle to dig up the cemetery every time and send in a new coffin for burial.

Fortunately, the trouble was only a few times. After Yang Chen was also buried in the ground, no one will move the cemetery again. First, there was nothing of value, and second, it was too deep, and it takes effort to dig.

No matter how brilliant he was during his lifetime, he is nothing but a handful of bines after death. Soon, the people of Qixia County slowly forgot about the Yang Chen family. Twenty years later, except for the skills that Yang Chen and the others handed down, there was no memory of Yang Chen’s family.

In Qixia County, only people over forty years old would occasionally think of Mr. Yang and his four wives, and would tell their stories in front of their children and grandchildren. But the story was soon slowly forgotten, the changes in the mortal world happened too fast.

The humble cemetery will naturally not attract the patronage of tomb robbers, and the deep burial of dozens of feet underground was beyond the thoughts of all tomb robbers. The years of Yang Chen’s family in the cemetery were unusually quiet.

A full twenty years later, the five coffins were neatly placed in the tomb and motionless. Yang Chen’s was at the very center, and the four girls are in the four directions surrounding Yang Chen. Until a certain time had passed, the coffin on which Yang Chen was lying at the very center finally made some movement.

The long nails that nailed the lid of the coffin flew up one by one, as if an invisible hand was pulling out all the nails one by one. After all the spikes were up, the coffin lid was gently lifted, fiddled from the inside to the side, and then Yang Chen sat up from the coffin.

With a raised hand, several night pearls appeared at the top of the tomb, the whole tomb was illuminated brightly. Yang Chen waved his hand and swept away all the dust around him. Only then did the coffins of the four women begin to be opened one by one.

After lying down for twenty years, the body of the four girls has not changed in any way.

Yang Chen easily put away the seals, and let the four women wake up one by one from the sealed state of suspended animation, and helped them sit up.

Twenty years without moving, even the masters of the Yuanying stage would be a little uncomfortable, not to mention their cultivation base has long been sealed. After half an hour of getting used to it, the four girls woke up from that ignorant state, and only then did they understand where they were.

“Ah!” Although she was the last one of the four girls to be buried, Sun Qingxue still screamed when she saw that the place where she was lying turned out to be a coffin, and threw herself into Yang Chen’s arms regardless of whether Yang Chen was massaging Gao Yue to activate blood.

“What are you afraid of? You’ve already died once, and you’re still afraid of the coffin?” Yang Chen gently touched Sun Qingxue’s little head, then laughed and teased “This is not how Fairy Xuewu, a master of the Yuanying stage should react!”

“Isn’t everyone’s cultivation base sealed, they will naturally be afraid!” Sun Qingxue retorted with a pouted mouth. But she soon discovered that she couldn’t find an ally, the other three girls were all in their own activities, and then looked at her with a smile.

“Husband, why do you have to let us be buried?” Sun Qingxue immediately asked something she couldn’t understand, without being polite.

“If you haven’t died once, how can it be considered a mortal world experience?” Yang Chen replied with a smile “You didn’t realize it, is this also an experience and a realization?”

In fact, since Yang Chen woke up the girls, the four girls started to think about it. They are all characters with excellent understanding, and it was easy to think of Yang Chen’s intentions.

To be honest, such a “death” was indeed an indescribable feeling. Especially when they were placed in a coffin and buried in this tomb, that feeling was really difficult to express in words.

“Is this what it feels like to die?” After Shi Shanshan was active for a while, she sat on the lid of her own coffin without shyness, and said, “After a mortal dies, it’s really troublesome.”

These words came out of Shi Shanshan’s mouth, and it didn’t seem strange at all. At least in Shi Shanshan’s eyes, those outsiders’ sadness and pain, even secretly laughing and secretly happy, etc., and so on, but no matter what they think in their hearts, they always have a look of sadness on the surface.

In particular, some former business competitors and some guys who held grudges with them even sent people to come to express their condolences. Some people were really sad, so much so that they actually kneel and pay homage in front of their burial.

When a person dies, the lights go out, and once a hundred are gone, even the karma can be written off. This death really gives people a lot of insights. They saw other people die before, and they had an idea in their hearts. This was completely different from the thoughts of others after their death, and it was a very mysterious situation.

“Okay, untie your seal!” Yang Chen saw that everyone had recovered, and seemed to have thought of something, so he reminded the four women again “There is no point in sealing it again, untie the seal and take a look!”

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