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Chapter 563.1

* I Don’t Know Him

While Yang Chen was traveling with the four girls, he did not forget his own cultivation. He did not seal his cultivation, and continued his cultivation.

After agreeing to make pills, of course Yang Chen would not fail. In fact, in his Medicine Garden, the profound spirit furnace was always on, refining batches of pills after batches.

Naturally, Azhu and Abi were responsible for adding the medicinal materials, and Yang Chen only needs to not be distracted and control the heat. The seventh-grade human immortal spiritual awareness was enough to meet the needs of alchemy in this situation.

The more low-quality face staying pills, the better. The current situation was that there are not enough face staying pills to be divided up by the female cultivators in the cultivation world. The ten thousand treasure building has already made a lot of money because of this treasure of the town shop. Not to mention the other benefits brought by the face staying pills.

Many people have asked for the questioning inner heart pills, and Yang Chen refined hundreds of them at one time. His own sect wants to keep a batch, and it can also be used to deal with someone who asks for pills to join the sect in the future.

Others, such as the inner sensing pills, etc., are to be refined a large number first to meet the increasing needs of the sect. As for other sects asking for pills, they will be handed over to the sect master to deal with.

In addition to refining these familiar medicinal pills, Yang Chen was still thinking about how to make use of those demon orbs. You know, the terrifying quality of the demon orbs in Yang Chen’s hands, even those guys who have already ascended and experienced the Demon Continent, will be shocked beyond measure.

Not only that, but in the other storage bag, Yang Chen was constantly purifying the demonic qi on that Earth Immortal realm ultimate demonized demon vine.

Whether it’s a demon orb, or this demonized demon vine, the demonic qi it carries was enough to cause a Dacheng stage master who has never been exposed to demonic qi to die in a frenzy. If he wants to use it, Yang Chen must purify it first.

Yang Chen didn’t forget to finish these things while taking his wives around the world. Fortunately, the matter of alchemy was basically not difficult for Yang Chen, who already has a strong spiritual awareness. In the past 20 years, he has refined a large number of medicinal pills that are enough to make any sect jealous.

These medicinal pills, Yang Chen will first send them back to the Pure Yang Palace. Then he will live in seclusion with his own wives and live according to the way of the mortal world.

When traveling under the heavens, Yang Chen had already found a place to live in the future, and now he was just taking them there.

The four girls were also looking forward to living a quiet life with Yang Chen for decades. At least, this is their rare leisure in their cultivation, and it is also a rare time for them to live a life like an ordinary husband and wife with their husband. These decades are also the most unforgettable memories.

Zhao Qingyun was the son of the Minister of War of the Zhao Kingdom, his name was given by my father. He hopes that he will also take the office in the future, and the sky will be his limit.

However, Zhao Qingyun’s performance did not coincide with his father’s expectations at all. He was not interested in his father’s plans at all. On the contrary, he was very proficient in cockfighting and racing, and he was not left behind in eating, drinking, prostituting and gambling. Together with the other three playboys, they were called the Four Great Young Masters.

Zhao Qingyun had heard about Qixia Town’s reputation several years ago. Qixia Town is at the junction of the three vassal states of Zhao State, Liu State and Chen State. It was famous for its rich wine, food and fine jewelry.

In fact, Qixia Town also has a specialty, it’s a famous tea. However, this Zhao Qingyun doesn’t care about the famous tea, that’s what those arrogant and elegant guys like. What Zhao Qingyun likes is fine wine, food and beauties.

The reason why he knows fine jewelry is naturally because of beautiful ladies. In the past few years, many ladies and celebrities have been proud of being able to buy exquisite jewelry and clothing in Qixia Town. Zhao Qingyun used it to please beauties, and naturally he had heard of Bixia Art Workshop in Qixia Town.

It’s a pity that good things are always very rare. Although Young Master Zhao has heard of these reputations, he has only tasted the delicious wine of Xuewu Winery in Qixia Town once, and it was only one kind. As for the food of the most famous Liuyun Restaurant there, there was no chance to taste it at all. They only sell at Liuyun Restaurant, they don’t go out at all.

However, Young Master Zhao had been thinking about going to Qixia Town for a long time. Not for anything else, but for beautiful ladies.

It was said that whether it was the owner of Bixia Art Workshop, the chef of Liuyun Restaurant, the shopkeeper of the winery, or even the owner of the tea house, they were all extremely beautiful beauties. Even if Young Master Zhao doesn’t like famous tea, it doesn’t prevent him from wanting to meet the owner of the tea house.

This time, Zhao Qingyun finally got the opportunity and was allowed by his father to leave the capital and go on a study tour. Zhao Qingyun took his gang of powerful guards and went straight to Qixia Town at the first stop.

Qixia Town was not big, with only a few hundred households. In fact, ten years ago, there was no such town as Qixia Town, it would have been just an open space surrounded by mountains and rivers. As for why no one lives here, without him, a place with good geomantic feng shui by mountains and rivers was only suitable for Yin acupoints, and it was obviously not suitable for strangers to live.

However, this could not stop the group of people who came at that time. They chose here, put down their feet, built houses, and reclaimed the land. Soon thousands of people gathered here.

In the next few years, the reputation of good wine and food, good tea and good jewelry spread, which caused the frenzied pursuit of several surrounding vassal states. Similarly, the reputation of several beautiful shopkeepers also spread out.

The first thing Zhao Qingyun did when he arrived at Qixia Town was to go straight to Liuyun Restaurant. Only ten table reservations are accepted here every day, and then they are no longer available. Zhao Qingyun has never tasted the food here, of course, he must taste it first.

Someone had already arrived in advance to reserve a table. As for how to grab a table among the crowded reservations, there was no need to worry about such trivial matters.

To be honest, although Zhao Qingyun’s father was only a minister of a vassal state, he was also a minister of a vassal state with a territory of thousands of miles. As the son of the current minister, what kind of food has never been eaten before? In his opinion, the name of this restaurant was probably just a gimmick to attract those who have never seen the world.

The purpose of Zhao Qingyun, of course, was that the drunkard’s intention was not to drink, but for the very beautiful cook who he heard about. If he can really get into the eyes, the dignified kitchen of the minister of military affairs of Zhao State will not humiliate a little cook.

Before seeing the cook, the food comes first. Zhao Qingyun picked up the chopsticks casually, took a piece of tofu that looked very ordinary, and put it into his mouth.

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