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Chapter 562.2

Cultivation Is Life

The days when someone was waiting on them were very pleasant, and when there was trouble, the four girls also suppressed the urge to take action. Although they can easily kill some hateful guys anytime and anywhere even if they have sealed their cultivation, thinking of the main purpose of this mortal world experience, they still have to resist the desire to take action.

The four girls all have their own interests, and Yang Chen naturally arranged them very carefully.

Gao Yue only likes refining tools. Every time he goes out, Yang Chen will find the most exquisite jewelry stores and blacksmith shops, and let them come up with the best things. Although most of the things are unattractive in terms of material and craftsmanship, the design of some things could still make people interested.

Shi Shanshan likes to drink tea, so Yang Chen will always take her to the teahouses of various tea houses, and she will not let go of the places where there is a kind of tea, and taste all the famous teas and waters in the mortal world. They have also visited many people in the tea ceremony, from the tea farmers who grow tea leaves to the craftsmen who fry tea leaves to the masters who taste tea, and learn more about all aspects.

Because Yang Chen likes food, it became Gongsun Ling greatest hobby. Famous chefs from all over the mortal world, Gongsun Ling, almost always visited them for discussion, discuss the practice of various cuisines, and taste the flavors of various places. Every time she make a new dish and get praise from Yang Chen, she will be happy for many days.

Sun Qingxue was obsessed with fine wine because of Yang Chen. Naturally, this beautiful wine tasting expert was indispensable in wineries all over the mortal world. After tasting it, the pros and cons of various wines were clearly understood. Naturally, the method of brewing has not been learned too little. Traveling the mortal world has saved Yang Chen a lot of new brewing, making Yang Chen happy.

From the perspective of the four women, since the cultivation base has been sealed and they couldn’t cultivate, then in addition to cultivating the body refining technique, they can only express their love for the landscape and their own pleasures. It was indispensable to always enjoy the feeling of being cared for with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen will not let his sweet wives be wronged, the foods wre the simplest standards, and the arrangements along the way wre unusually thoughtful. The four girls have always been exposed to rain and dew, and sometimes they slept together in a wasteful manner. Although the four girls were shy, they slowly accepted it after a few times, the joy of the boudoir.

For a period of time, the four girls didn’t even need to think about cultivation, realm, or anything related to the cultivation world, and only cared about what they were interested in. This kind of relaxation cannot be enjoyed during cultivation. If they had to use one word to describe it, it would only be happiness.

It was impossible for anyone else to have such a mood, even if there was such an optunity, they would be reluctant to let decades go to waste. You know, the way of cultivation, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Those with poor qualifications can’t catch up even if they hurry up. So how would they dare waste decades?

Without the strong seal of Yang Chen, there was no need to worry about the seal of cultivation, and there are excellent qualifications of the four women. Without the kind of tough demonstration that Li Cheng gave the girls, even the four girls didn’t dare to be lazy easily. Which sect would allow their talented disciples to be so slack?

This journey took twenty years. In the past 20 years, the servants and guards around them have changed several batches, lest they find out that the Yang Chen family will never grow old.

Twenty years of mortal life has also made the four daughters completely accustomed to the kind of calm that does not require constant action. At least it can be said now that if the seal is released, the four girls will never appear uncontrollable.

The four girls were sitting on both sides, Yang Chen was lying between the four girls, his head was resting on Gao Yue’s thigh, his legs were resting on Gongsun Ling, Sun Qingxue and Gongsun Ling gently beat Yang Chen’s legs, Yue massaged Yang Chen’s head, only Shi Shanshan was on the side and she never moved, but her expression was relaxed.

If cultivators saw this scene, they would definitely jump in shock. The four well-known fairies actually behaved like this in front of Yang Chen, how could they not break the hearts of countless handsome men who have always admired the four fairies?

“It seems to be easy, how could someone have to retreat for hundreds of years to get relief?” Sun Qingxue felt relieved, so she asked when everyone was together.

“Retreat or cultivation, why not relax for a moment?” This time, without Yang Chen answering, Shi Shanshan gave the answer “Always in the state of cultivation, always wanting to become stronger, from the heart is not willing to give up. How can a fighting instinct stronger than that of an ordinary cultivator be easily relieved?”

“Trust me, cultivation is by no means everything.” Yang Chen said again “The Queen Mother is always open to a peach meeting or something. We are not as busy as the Queen Mother, and we are not higher than the Queen Mother. Therefore, we should do what we have to do.”

“Then what should we do?” After 20 years of travel, the fourth girls mind has changed a lot from before, but Sun Qingxue still asked with a smile.

“I think it’s the right thing for you to serve your relatives.” Yang Chen said unceremoniously, not caring about the four girls eyes “Cultivation, to put it bluntly, isn’t life?”

“Could it be that other people’s hard cultivation is not life?” Gao Yue patted Yang Chen, and seemed to blame Yang Chen for some strange remarks.

“Cultivating hard is of course life, but it’s just a boring kind of life.” Yang Chen responded with a smile, “Just as peace is also an emotion, what kind of life is not life? Are you willing to be like your husband? Do you want to practice life by the way, or are you willing to sit in a dorm room and do so in seclusion?”

Twenty years ago, the four daughters might have liked that kind of hard cultivation. But now, the four girls didn’t answer, they just punched Yang Chen, who was lying in the middle of the four girls, and laughed without saying a word.

“Then have we finished our mortal world training now?” Sun Qingxue asked while pinching Yang Chen’s calf. To be honest, she really likes this stress-free life with her husband, so there was some reluctance in her tone.

The other three women also stopped their actions, and a few pairs of wonderful eyes were fixed on Yang Chen’s face, all with a look of anticipation and pity.

“We’ve only traveled all over the mountains and rivers, and haven’t really experienced life in the mortal world. How can we finish it?” Yang Chen paused first, and hung up the appetite of the four girls, and then said slowly.

“Then what else?” Sun Qingxue was obviously excited and asked happily. Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan, and Sun Qingxue also waited for Yang Chen’s answer without blinking.

“Find a place that we like, we are like ordinary people, and we have to live there for decades.” Yang Chen took on the momentum of the head of the family, and said very manly.

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