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Chapter 563.2

*I Don’t Know Him

This plate of tofu looked beautiful, with bright colors, but it just looked good, and there was not even a hint of fragrance wafting out.

Originally, Young Master Zhao didn’t have much expectation, he just wanted to fill his stomach casually, but as soon as the chopsticks and tofu entered, Young Master Zhao was shocked, his waist straightened instantly, and his eyes widened.

An indescribable deliciousness suddenly exploded in his mouth on the piece of tofu on the head of the chopsticks, as if all the flavors were concentrated in the tofu, not emitting at all, until the mouth was squeezed by the teeth and tongue to break the tofu, then all the flavors would burst out.

Spicy and fragrant, countless flavors were in his mouth, so that young master Zhao couldn’t express it easily, what kind of deliciousness it was.

Just this mouthful of tofu made young master Zhao feel that what he had eaten before was simply pig food. There were so many so-called famous chefs in his family, all of them should be thrown into a well and drowned.

A bite of tofu was like that, let alone anything else? Young master Zhao’s performance at the moment was not like one of the four young masters from Zhao Guo’s capital at all. He was simply a country bumpkin who has never eaten good food. His posture was like a beggar who does not know how many days he has been hungry.

Not to mention Young Master Zhao, the guards who were graciously rewarded by Young Master Zhao and sat down to eat together were also like a group of very hungry mad dogs.

He didn’t pay attention when eating, he grabbed his glass and took a sip of table wine. Suddenly, a completely different taste appeared in his mouth.

The taste of wine was strong, but it will not hide the deliciousness of the food, and it could even improve the taste of the food to a higher level. No wonder it is called table wine, its name was well-deserved.

After a while, it was enough to feed ten people at a table. It was eaten cleanly by five people. Including young master Zhao, the five people touched their belly and looked at the messy cups and plates on the table.

Unfortunately, Liuyun Restaurant was not an ordinary restaurant. A table was a table, and there will never be more, despite this, young master Zhao was already very satisfied. This kind of food really lives up to its reputation.

“Oh, what a pity!” At the next table, a guy who looked like a gluttonous eater and a few friends slowly sighed while enjoying the food on his table.

“Why did you sigh, Brother Zun?” Someone next to the old glutton asked curiously.

“What do you guys think of the food here?” The old man didn’t answer, he just asked.

“I wish I could swallow it with my tongue.” Immediately, a gluttonous friend who was eating, while chewing the food in his mouth, answered vaguely.

This answers suddenly made Young Master Zhao and his several guards nodded frequently. If they haven’t tasted it, it was ok, but they just tasted it and know how tempting this food was. What this friend just said was not exaggerated at all.

“But these dishes are just made by the disciple of the chef of Liuyun Restaurant. I really want to know how delicious it would be if she came out in person.” The old glutton sighed and shook his head.

Including young master Zhao, it was their first time to taste it. How can he know the secret inside? As soon as they heard that these delicacies were only made by the cook’s disciples, everyone immediately began to look forward to the cook’s craftsmanship.

“Why doesn’t this cook do it herself? I’m here because of her fame!” The old gluttonous friend suddenly felt a little dissatisfied, and complained.

“I can’t blame others. When i came to this restaurant, they said that there are only a few people in the world who can taste her craftsmanship, but others don’t need to think about it.” The old glutton knows a lot of why, and now he started to talk about it one by one.

“But who has such a good taste?” Everyone suddenly became curious and asked out loud.

“Only the main family of this restaurant and a few sisters of the cook.” The old glutton showed for a while, and then he said “The main family is the husband of the chef, and the sisters are the wives of the main family. The delicious wine to accompany the meal is brewed by another lady of the main family’s Xuewu winery.”

“Oh!” Everyone was stunned for a while, it was only at this time that they remembered that the wine they had just drank had a different taste in the mouth, but it turned out to be the wine of Xuewu Winery.

This master family actually married several sisters, and they were all legendary beauties, which made young master Zhao very envious. Especially after tasting the delicious food and wine.

While touching his belly and sighing, a shadow suddenly flashed in the corner of young master Zhao’s eyes, which immediately attracted his gaze.

A woman with modest clothes walked out of the back kitchen in a graceful manner, and then left the door of the restaurant. Young master Zhao just glanced at her, and was shocked by the beautiful face of the woman. His eyes were full of eyes and his mind was full of nothing but the beautiful smile of the woman.

Not only Young Master Zhao, but almost all of the diners present behaved like this. Soulless, coveted, that kind of beauty was no longer described in human terms, she was simply a fairy.

“Who is that?” In young master Zhao’s mind, in addition to the figure and appearance of the beauty, there was only this question left, and he even murmured.

“That’s the cook at Liuyun Restaurant.” The old gluttonous eater may have been here many times. Although he was still addicted to it, he was still sober and quickly replied.

“How can such a beautiful woman become a cook? What a waste!” Young master Zhao rarely popped an idiom out of his mouth, but it seemed to speak to everyone’s heart. Such a woman was actually just a cook, how can it be tolerated?

“I want her! I want her!” After muttering a few words, young master Zhao suddenly shouted loudly “I want her, no matter who her master is or who her husband is, grab her back for me! Even if it is the wife of the King of Heaven, I want her, take her back for me!”

As one of the four great young masters of Zhao State, Young Master Zhao Qingyun, who can escape from the clutches of Young Master Zhao? He doesn’t know how many women in the capital have been abused by Young Master Zhao. Now he saw a beautiful woman who made him so shy and embarrassed, where can he care about other things.

As soon as young master Zhao’s words came out, several guards agreed in unison, and stood up to chase after her.

However, many people who heard young master Zhao’s roaring voice suddenly focused their eyes on young master Zhao’s face, looking at his eyes as if they were looking at a dead man.

“I don’t know him, I’m just here to eat!” Someone immediately took a few steps back, as if there was some kind of plague on young master Zhao’s body, for fear of infecting him “What he does has nothing to do with me!”

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