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Chapter 562.1

* Cultivation Is Life

Although the four girls had accepted Yang Chen’s arrangement psychologically, after all, they had lost their powerful strength, and they still had a lot of discomfort in their actions.

In addition, the four women also realized that, depending on their current state, it was estimated that they will be harassed similarly wherever they go. Since they were in the mortal world, they must abide by the rules of the mortal world, which was the same no matter where they were.

The solution to the problem naturally came to Yang Chen again. In Gao Yue’s words, since Yang Chen was their husband, he must be responsible for arranging all this, otherwise, what else will he do?

Yang Chen didn’t say much about this, but when he arrived in the next city, he disappeared for a while. When he returned to the four girls, a large number of carriages, servants and guards were already behind him.

“That’s it?” The four girls stared at the things Yang Chen had prepared, and couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s it!” Yang Chen answered the question of the four girls with certainty “Let some people who want to use their brains at least think about it.”

“Isn’t this the way that the mortal world tends to gain power, do we have to learn this?” Shi Shanshan has always been very contemptuous of this, so she asked with a frown.

“Sister Shanshan, don’t underestimate these, it really works.” Compared with Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue, who came from an official family, naturally understood a lot and spoke quickly.

“Can this make those powerful guys calm down?” Shi Shanshan still didn’t believe it. If they all learned these things, it would be better to retreat and cultivate.

“No, but at least it can overcome most people’s thoughts.” Yang Chen responded with a smile “If you really want to do it, you won’t care about it at all.”

“Do these things work in the spiritual world?” Gongsun Ling saw that Shi Shanshan’s face was not very good, and rushed to speak before her.

If Shi Shanshan questions every time their husband makes arrangements, maybe their husband will have some bad thoughts about Shi Shanshan, Gongsun Ling doesn’t want such a situation to happen.

“A’Ling, do you really think that after cultivating, you will get rid of these things?” Yang Chen seemed to answer Gongsun Ling’s question, but in fact, his eyes were looking at Shi Shanshan and smiling “If this is the case, how come there are only five big sects in the dao sect’s domain? Not more?”

“The vanity in the mortal world is also available in the cultivation world, but it’s not just the fame and fortune in the mortal world.” Yang Chen explained slowly “Otherwise, the disciples of the five major sects will not always take the initiative when they go out to practice to get subordinates.”

Glancing at the four women, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling did not contradict Yang Chen’s arrangement. Sun Qingxue understood these quarrels in the mortal world and didn’t say much. Yang Chen’s words were mainly for Shi Shanshan, the arrogant Fairy Hanmei could not fully accept such a statement for the time being.

“Actually, you all understand it in your heart, but you just don’t want to admit it. You always feel that you have achieved success in your cultivation, and you have already gotten rid of the shackles of the mortal world and achieved some immortal deeds.” Facing his wives, Yang Chen took the trouble to explain ” Cultivators are people too. Humans have minds, and if it’s really what you think, there won’t be so many disputes between cultivators.”

“Grabbing the resources, grabbing spirit stones, grabbing magic weapons, grabbing medicinal pills, grabbing spiritual veins, have you seen these things?”

The girls have been quietly listening to Yang Chen’s explanation, and no one has been talking too much. What they heard today almost overturned their previous cognition, and this was said by their own husband Yang Chen, which made them have to think quickly.

Now Yang Chen has even begun to question the way of eliminating demons and protecting the dao, which makes the four girls even more uneasy. They don’t know what Yang Chen means? Could it be that he has been contaminated by demonic qi?

“Don’t worry about me, I’m just saying a common truth.” Yang Chen saw Gao Yue’s worried eyes and knew what she was thinking, he waved his hand slightly to indicate that it would be okay “Think about it, the demon clan eats people, and naturally we have to get rid of them. But conversely, since humans can eat pigs, cattle and sheep, why can’t they eat humans after they become demons?”

“It doesn’t matter whether there are teachings and no distinctions, and whether all living beings are equal, it’s just verbal talk.” Yang Chen continued “It doesn’t matter whether you exterminate demons, it’s way is only the way of human beings, why did you defend other ways? If the other ways are wrong, how can they survive the tribulation and ascend? Why don’t you see the monsters eating other beasts and you go to defend the way.”

“That’s how God arranged it.” Sun Qingxue pouted when she saw that the girls didn’t speak, and retorted, “All things are born to support humans.”

“No one is good at repaying the heavens.” Yang Chen said the next sentence, the girls thought about it, but could not find a reason to refute.

“I say this, not to say that our way is wrong, just to let you know that all this is just a dispute between the cultivators.” Yang Chen looked around the four girls, and then put his eyes on Shi Shanshan “In essence, it’s just another type of battle for fame and fortune. It’s just putting the mortal’s family country above the sect race, is there any difference?”

The four women who wanted to say something were all dumbfounded, but after thinking about it carefully, they couldn’t refute Yang Chen’s statement.

“You don’t have to think so much now, we have enough time to think slowly.” Yang Chen clapped his hands and made a snapping sound to bring the attention of the four girls “Ladies, let’s go right now. When you travel in the mountains and water, you can look around and see how the beauty of this mortal world is different from the beauty of the cultivation world.”

“Greetings!” Seeing Yang Chen approaching with the four women, those servants greeted them.

Each of the four girls had servants, but they had no servants in the cultivation world. It was Sun Qingxue who was very clear, and gave a generous and casual command “Get up!” Then, under the careful service of each servant, they boarded their own car. The three girls followed suit, and after they had set up the score, the group of people started to set off again.

After having so many carriage servants and guards, there was basically no such situation as entering the city for the first time. At first glance, it looks like a big family. Generally speaking, they don’t take the initiative to provoke them, most of the time there was peace.

Occasionally, whether people want to see money or want to see beauty, they are all solved by those powerful guards. It’s really good, with Yang Chen around, there was no big trouble along the way, and the four women can also enjoy this journey with ease.

After seeing a lot of beautiful scenery, the four women realized that what their husband said was true. Sometimes, the beautiful scenery in the mortal world was really good.

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