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Chapter 559.2

After leaving the Blue Cloud Sect, Sun Qingxue’s proud smile was no less. The sect’s attitude towards her and the Green Jade Immortal Island attitude towards Shi Shanshan gave her such a proud sensation.

However, after seeing the treatment Yang Chen received after returning to the sect, even Sun Qingxue could only seeadmit it shyly, that her husband’s status was still high.

The master of the Pure Yang Palace, with a group of elders, waited in person outside the gate of the sect hall, it was like a hero welcoming with triumph. There were no doubts, not even a single question, just everyone talking happily about their return.

This was the Pure Yang Palace. Naturally, it was difficult for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue to participate on some occasions. Yang Chen settled them in his small courtyard and let them rest first, and then he and the sect master and other core elders met again.

In the seventy years since he left, the sect has undergone great changes. If nothing else, the number of houses in Meiqing Mountain seems to be several times larger. From this point, he can see how the Pure Yang Palace is prospering.

The size of the disciples has almost increased by more than ten times, and these are only the newly promoted disciples, not counting the members of the monster race’s eccentric hall.

On the basis that Yang Chen had laid in the past, the masters of the Pure Yang Palace began to emerge slowly. In the past seventy years, Elder Gao Shilin also successfully survived the tribulation and was promoted to the Dacheng stage. On the other side of the banyan tree immortal cave, there was also a monster cultivator who broke through and entered the Dacheng stage.

The number of masters in the Dacheng stage increased by two, and the number of masters in the Yuanying stage increased by hundreds, including the human race and the monster race. They were all promoted over the years with the help of Yang Chen’s medicinal pills.

The original elders have all improved their cultivation bases now. The law enforcement hall master Meng Xian and Elder Zheng have already reached the peak Yuanying stage, and they were only one step away from entering the Dacheng stage. Even the master of the palace has reached the late Yuanying stage, and it seems that he will soon be able to break through the bottleneck.

These elders in the previous life, all of them died in the Yuanying stage, but now there were signs of breakthroughs. Everything has been very different from his previous life.

Jiedan stage masters are almost like cutting leeks, emerging one after another. It was now approaching the scale of tens of thousands. Later, tens of thousands of highly qualified disciples were recruited, and as time passed, there would be more and more masters.

There were many experts, it also means that the strength of the sect was even higher. The surrounding small sects have basically been incorporated into the Pure Yang Palace. These are all those small sects who took the initiative to take effect, and the Pure Yang Palace does not have the slightest act of bullying.

Everyone knows that the Pure Yang Palace was not what it used to be, so there are many benefits to joining the Pure Yang Palace. Those small sects joined decisively without even thinking about it.

If nothing else, the revenue from the 100,000 mountains alone gives the Pure Yang Palace countless resources. This was not to mention the banyan tree immortal cave, which is also a land with endless resources. If the income of the ten thousand treasure building is counted, the Pure Yang Palace was now extremely rich.

The ten thousand treasure building was supported by Yang Chen, with the face staying pills, almost all the markets of the sects have a branch of the ten thousand treasure building. Even the south china sea rogue cultivators alliance, which is not even involved in the Greatest Heaven Sect, has a branch. The banyan tree immortal cave of the monster race was even more indispensable.

It was a specialty of the monster race and the South China Sea. It has already made Ten Thousand Treasure Building a lot of money, and the difference between the two sides made Shangguan Feng, who was in charge of management, happy every day.

Although the Wine Immortal House joined the sect in secret, it would not hide anything from Yang Chen. Now the Wine Immortal House has also recruited more people, and their scale was also getting bigger and bigger. Even in addition to Senior Jiu Xian, there was another Dacheng stage expert, who now firmly occupies the top spot in intelligence trading. If there was any trouble in the cultivation world, it will be placed on the desk of the core elders of the Pure Yang Palace as soon as possible.

The entire sect was showing an upward trend like a volcanic eruption. The former seniors and the current sect master and elders have said how many times they want to revitalize the sect. Now they finally see the process of revitalizing the sect.

Everything shows the unstoppable upward momentum of the Pure Yang Palace. Almost all of this originated from Yang Chen, so the current core elders were extremely satisfied with Yang Chen, the young palace master. As long as Yang Chen is alive, not to mention that he disappears with his wives for more than 70 years, and no matter how long it was, they will not have any opinion.

During the years of Yang Chen’s training, nothing major has happened in the world of cultivation. The major sects were developing independently, trying to grab the monster race’s territory and win over the monster race.

The most prosperous Ten-thousand Trees Forest of the monster race has long been occupied by the Pure Yang Palace, which was only discovered by the five major sects after they arrived at the Ten-thousand Trees Forest. Because of Yang Chen’s relationship, they all acquiesced in the control of the Pure Yang Palace, and none of them started to snatch it.

Now, other sects have regarded the Pure Yang Palace as a first-class sect, not the quasi second-rate sect of previous years. With the current strength of the Pure Yang Palace, it was enough to become a first-class sect.

However, in order to become a super-first-class sect like the five major sects, the Pure Yang Palace still needs more background growth, which is not something that can be achieved with some masters in a short period of time. That would take thousands of years or more to accumulate.

Even so, the Pure Yang Palace has been full of surprises. From a quasi-second-class sect to a first-class sect, it only takes three hundred years. Such efficiency, even the Greatest Heaven Sect has not experienced it.

“What’s your plan next?” After introducing this to Yang Chen, the palace master and the others naturally asked such a question after learning about the experience of Yang Chen and others.

“The habit of killing will take some time to adjust, so this disciple intends to take them to find a place to retreat.” Yang Chen did not hide anything from the elders and revealed his plan “In addition, in the past few decades, this disciple has not had too much time for alchemy, so I plan to concentrate on refining for a while, just in retreat.”

Yang Chen had promised to take some outside entrustments every once in a while. He hadn’t made alchemy in these years, so he just used the time to make a batch. At the same time, the sect’s questioning inner heart pills and inner sensing pills etc, have been consumed almost completely, and they also need to be replenished.

“You can arrange everything yourself.” The palace master has no plans to arrange for Yang Chen at all, but fully supports Yang Chen’s decision “The sect has obtained a lot of precious materials over the years. If you need it, you can find Elder Zheng who can bring everything to you.”

This decision, the elders have no objection at all, and all agreed.

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