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Chapter 559.1

“It’s not necessary.” Yang Chen’s answer made all the senior officials of the Green Jade Immortal Island startled. Was it unnecessary, Then why did the Yang Chen family go by themselves then?

“It’s very dangerous, and there is death at every corner!” Yang Chen continued “We have a top-level defensive magic weapon in our hands, as well as a very fast flying shuttle so we can escape if we can’t fight, others may not have such conditions.”

This was true, Yang Chen’s flying shuttle was also famous among the cultivators, and everyone knows the risks of the demon continent, but at this time, they were blinded by Shi Shanshan’s great success and they chose to forget it.

“What if we let an expert lead the team?” Elder Min asked with anticipation.

“If you go in a group, you will definitely be attacked by a group.” Yang Chen shook his head directly “No one likes having a powerful organization in the Demon Continent.”

“How about a few people?” Elder Min asked again, in fact, she already had the answer in her heart.

“It’s not worth it, taking a few people and taking care of them from time to time will not achieve the original intention of the experience.” Yang Chen still shook his head. “Besides, if there is no such relationship as mine, it is difficult to stay there.”

Not all the words have been said, but everyone has already understood that in the demon continent, almost everyone has to be on guard. No wonder Shi Shanshan didn’t forget to guard against the elders around when she was fighting, this was already a habit.

Even the intimacy of being surrounded by husband and wife is like this, not to mention other relationships? Who knows what will happen?

It’s not that the Green Jade Immortal Island has not been to the Demon Continent to experience it, but the achievement was not as good as Shi Shanshan, at best, it has turned an unqualified disciple into an expert. But as one of the five major sects, was there a shortage of experts?

This issue is already over. After all, this kind of sect was not so convincing that this kind of sect let its disciples risk death. But voluntarily, why bother with the sect organization, just go if you want, no one will stop you.

Next, Yang Chen also indicated to the island master and other senior officials that his family would go into seclusion to solve the problem of their fighting habits, no one objected to this. Anyway, no matter what Shi Shanshan said, she was still a member of the sect. If they solved the problem, it was just to add a master to the sect.

After lingering in the Green Jade Immortal Island for some time, Shi Shanshan asked her master for something and gave advice to her apprentice before embarking on the journey with Yang Chen and the others again.

Although ordinary disciples do not know what happened, the higher-ups are aware of it. Shi Shanshan’s status in the sect has skyrocketed, and wherever she goes, she would be respected. Countless disciples wanted to get a few words from Fairy Hanmei, and even the elders who had other thoughts in the past completely dispelled their previous thoughts.

Soon, Yang Chen’s family left the Green Jade Immortal Island, and this time they went straight to the Blue Cloud Sect.

“Sister Shanshan, in the Blue Cloud Sect no one dares to treat me like that.” Sun Qingxue began to tease Shi Shanshan after walking out of the Green Jade Immortal Island, showing her superiority.

“Why?” Shi Shanshan seemed more calm after going through the previous events. In a short period of time, she has seen a lot of things and has more things to consider.

“Because your master is not strong enough.” Sun Qingxue said with a smile “And you won’t be coquettish to please your master, You won’t be coquettish to please your husband!”

That last sentence was a complete joke. However, the master mentioned above was not strong enough, it was the real essence. Shi Shanshan’s master Song Huan, her cultivation base was not very high, and her status in the sect itself was not very high. For Shi Shanshan’s guidance, to be honest, it was really not as important as Yang Chen’s.

Because of this, it can be said that most of Shi Shanshan’s status was obtained by her own efforts. When something happened, Song Huan’s words were not enough.

But Sun Qingxue was different, her master was now a master of the Dacheng stage, Hua Wanting, and she was also a powerful master of the Dacheng stage who had fought with the blood demon vine for hundreds of years. She was one of the few powerful figures in the sect. If others want to move against Sun Qingxue, they must first consider Hua Wanting’s reaction.

If Yang Chen’s role was taken into account, no one would dare to give Sun Qingxue a hard. This was also Sun Qingxue’s confidence. It was because of so much consideration that she dares to make fun of Shi Shanshan.

Of course, they have experienced life and death hardships themselves, and they have helped each other in the same boat.

“Knowing that you will please husband, be careful that I will let husband spank your ass.” Gao Yue next to her laughed and scolded, and then turned to Shi Shanshan “Shanshan, don’t worry about it.”

Shi Shanshan also understood that this was because Sun Qingxue and the others were deliberately trying to relieve her because they were afraid that she would be unhappy because of the sect’s affairs. She smiled and nodded, indicating that it was okay.

“With master’s strength, how can one’s strength be more convincing?” Yang Chen on the side handed Shi Shanshan a cup of hot tea brewed by himself, and said with a smile, “Little Xue, if your sister Shanshan is unhappy, I can only beat your ass in front of her to calm her down.”

Sun Qingxue refused to obey at the moment, and said in a sullen voice that Yang Chen was biased, and the family began to laugh. There was a warm smile on Shi Shanshan’s face, that little unpleasantness was long overdue.

However, the truth was as Sun Qingxue said. When they went to the Blue Cloud Sect, the Blue Cloud Sect attached great importance to them, they only carefully asked about Sun Qingxue’s situation and discussed it with Yang Chen, but there was no sign of a glimpse of the situation in the Green Jade Immortal Island.

When Elder Hua waited for her disciple to return, she smiled when she was happy, and wished she could tie Sun Qingxue to her belt wherever she went, and never wanted to be separated for a moment. Others didn’t say they want to test Sun Qingxue, even if they have a little doubt, they were directly pushed back by Elder Hua.

“The apprentice of this old lady, this old lady herself hasn’t said anything yet, where will it be your turn to point fingers!” As for the result of the experience, Elder Hua has no plans to share it with others. She just knows it herself, Sect Master Lu knows it, and others don’t need to pay attention.

Of course, Elder Hua also clearly understood the disadvantages of the killing syndrome from Yang Chen, which made her very worried. However, Yang Chen said that he had a solution, although Elder Hua was reluctant, she still let Sun Qingxue linger in the sect for more than a month, and then let Sun Qingxue leave with her husband again.

Before leaving, Elder Hua did not forget to threaten Yang Chen that he must be nice to her disciple, otherwise he would face trouble.

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