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Chapter 560.1

Of course Yang Chen couldn’t leave right away. Many people in the Pure Yang Palace needed him to stay and deal with many things.

If nothing else, the Ten Thousand Treasure Building was strictly Yang Chen’s private property. No matter which aspect, Yang Chen needs to take care of it.

Shangguan Feng has already entered the Jiedan stage. It must be said that this was a miracle, and it is also the most suitable example of finding the direction of his own cultivation.

At the beginning, Shangguan Peak didn’t even have the confidence to reach the foundation stage, and had to manage Yixiu Villa as a last resort. It was not until Yang Chen appeared and gave some pointers that he entered the foundation-building stage.

But Shangguan Feng’s fun was in management. Later, the Ten Thousand Treasure Building provided by Yang Chen also allowed Shangguan Feng to find a suitable way of cultivation. In the process of expanding the business, Shangguan Feng’s state of mind and cultivation have also risen steadily, from the foundation-building stage to the current late Jiedan stage.

Speaking of which, Shangguan Feng’s qualifications were very poor, otherwise he would not be able to build his foundation for decades. Until now, even if he has found a suitable cultivation path for himself, three hundred years have only allowed him to cultivate to the late Jiedan stage, which was still a long way from the Yuanying stage.

However, for Shangguan Feng with ordinary qualifications, this was already a great miracle. He has even seen the hope of reaching the Yuanying Stage. You must know that Shangguan Feng in his previous life had exhausted his lifespan before the Jiedan stage and was still in the Foundation Establishment Stage, this life was already a world of difference.

When Yang Chen saw Senior Brother Shangguan, he gave him some solid guidance. The current Yang Chen, not to mention cultivation, just because of his identity, he can completely instruct Shangguan Feng without any awkwardness.

Over the years, the face staying pills that Yang Chen left to Shangguan Feng has been exhausted. Fortunately, Yang Chen has returned in time, and will soon provide him with another batch for him to have a good relationship with the major sects.

Don’t underestimate the fact that the face staying pills was stationed in this district, most of the female cultivators of the sect are rushing to it. Now they don’t dare to say anything else, but whoever dares to do anything to the Ten thousand treasure building will definitely be destroyed from head to toe by these crazy female cultivators. Whoever dares to destroy their hope of staying in beauty, they dare to destroy the possibility of these guys to survive.

Some precious materials were directly taken away by Yang Chen. Yang Chen still hasn’t taken anything from the sect’s wearhouse for the time being. Anyway, the ten thousand treasure building has been able to meet Yang Chen’s needs, there is no need to take advantage of the sect at this time, although no one in the Pure Yang Palace has ever felt that Yang Chen is taking advantage of the sect by taking things from the sect.

The master and the elders visited him individually, and the old tree monster, She Kui and Xie Sha and others were no exception. Even Du Qian, who was a good friend from the past, did drop by. Almost everyone who had a good relationship with Yang Chen arranged a separate meeting.

The elders, Yang Chen, are not good at giving direct guidance, but only put forward some suggestions on their own cultivation by using suggested methods. These suggestions were adopted by the elders without exception. For things that make sense, no one will think that their cultivation is high.

Friends of the same generation, Yang Chen did not think so much, and told them something directly. She Kui Xiesha was used to being instructed by Yang Chen, and the old tree demon benefited a lot.

Du Qian was now at the peak Jiedan stage, and will soon enter the Yuanying stage. After Yang Chen gave some pointers, he let him get an inner sensing pill from the sect himself, and if necessary, take a questioning inner heart pill, so there would be absolutely no problem in being promoted to the Yuanying stage.

After taking care of his close elders and friends one by one, Yang Chen turned to his disciples.

Mu Bai had a strong cultivation base from the beginning, and he had a solid foundation at the Jiedan stage. With the help of his junior sister Hua Mengyou, the hidden dangers that he had fallen while cultivating in the bitter cold place have been cleaned up. As long as he cultivates step by step, it will not be a problem until he reaches the Great Lou Golden Immortal stage.

On Mu Bai, Yang Chen’s instructions were also quite satisfactory. It didn’t give him any shortcuts. At any time, shortcuts are good, but there are always hidden dangers of one kind or another. If you want to go further, you must be down-to-earth.

To inspire Mu Bai, Yang Chen even gave Mu Bai a promise, as long as he could cultivate step by step until the Yuanying stage. Yang Chen would teach him the first wood true secret art. Before that, Yang Chen gave Mu Bai some of the purified mysterious fibers from the demonized demon vine, and let him try to see if he could use it.

From this time, Yang Chen instructed Mu Bai to start tempering his life source flying sword. He believes that when it succeeds, its power will become stronger and stronger.

Speaking of Hua Mengyou, this disciple surprised Yang Chen. You must know that Hua Mengyou’s aptitude was only comparable to that of Yang Chen’s previous life, but now she was at the peak foundation building stage, and her cultivation speed was almost the same as that of Yang Chen back then.

He can’t help but say that, just like Shangguan Feng, Hua Mengyou, who had found the right direction of her cultivation, burst out with a cultivation speed that surprised Yang Chen even more than in her previous life. Yang Chen was amazed by her achievements.

In her previous life, it was hundreds of years later that Hua Mengyou realized that planting elixir and various plants would trigger her own self-cultivation and improve her mood. In this life, Yang Chen had made her do this from the very beginning. After taking hundreds of years of detours, Hua Mengyou’s achievements have been secretly admired by many people.

Not only Mu Bai, but even Mu Bai’s clansmen, the old patriarch, and even the old tree demon, almost all have nothing to do and take turns stationing in Hua Mengyou’s range of activities, allowing her to nurture them intentionally or unintentionally, and solve their growth process and some hidden dangers that are inevitably left behind.

After Hua Mengyou’s recuperation, the cultivation of these wood-type monsters became smoother. Now Hua Mengyou doesn’t have to rely on Yang Chen’s apprenticeship in the Pure Yang Palace. Just these Mu Bai people and the support of the old tree demon are enough to make Hua Mengyou walk sideways in the Pure Yang Palace.

Yang Chen was equally satisfied with Hua Mengyou. He deliberately gave Hua Mengyou another space for her medicine garden, and handed over some spring water to her, and even moved a lot of the thousand-year-old spirit medicines in the first layer of his Medicine Garden, so that she could take care of it.

In order to give Hua Mengyou more insight, Yang Chen even threw Hua Mengyou into his own medicine garden. The thousand-year-old elixir planted in pieces, countless ten-thousand-year elixir, and even those cherished elixir of more than 100,000 years, opened Hua Mengyou’s horizons.

Just this trip to the medicine garden allowed Hua Mengyou to gain countless benefits. The nourishment of countless elixirs has directly raised Hua Mengyou’s cultivation to the peak Foundation Establishment stage. Only one step away, she will be able to achieve the Jiedan stage.

What surprised Yang Chen was that the quality of the various elixirs in his medicine garden had also improved due to the appearance of Hua Mengyou.


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