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Chapter 557.1: Extreme Counter Attack

Shi Shanshan’s habit of fighting the enemy has been to kill if she can, or run if she can’t. Now even if she was more restrained, it was to subdue the opponent and make the opponent lose the ability to attack. With one punch, Li Zhiqi was severely injured.

When she was in the Demon Continent, this kind of unexpected situation appeared endlessly. Not to mention whether she had just killed her opponent, and suddenly a demonized monster rushed out from another direction. It was not unusual for the beast to suddenly come alive like a cramp.

Sometimes, it was not uncommon for such a situation to often occur when the key points of the demonized monster are not sure.

This has also cultivated the habit of Yang Chen’s family to be vigilant at all times when they do something, ready to be a powerful killer or run away at any time.

A habit that has been cultivated on the edge of life and death for decades, how can it be easily quit after more than ten years of retreat at sea? When encountering a stimulus, there will be a subconscious reaction, which has nothing to do with thinking or sanity at all, but is purely an instinctive action.

The sudden appearance of an unexpected figure in front of her directly inspired Shi Shanshan’s habit, and she started attacking subconsciously without even thinking about it.

The first thing Shi Shanshan destroyed was the body protection magic weapon that Li Zhiqi’s master, Liu Zifang, Elder Liu gave her. This magic weapon was refined by Liu Zifang herself, and naturally she had a clearer sense about it than others.

As soon as the magic weapon was broken, Liu Zifang knew that it was not good. With the speed Shi Shanshan showed just now and the power of destroying the magic weapon, she already fully understood that her own disciple was not Shi Shanshan’s opponent at all. In the beginning, she only defended and not attacked, just to give her the face of the master and the apprentice, and did not want to destroy the harmony.

It was a good thing, as long as Li Zhiqi didn’t act so aggressively, and if she held on for a while, Shi Shanshan would be defeated, and Li Zhiqi would go down the hill.

However, Liu Zifang’s ridicule directly stimulated Song Huan, and also caused Song Huan to fight back in anger. This time it’s good, all face was lost.

This was still a trivial matter, as soon as her own protective magic weapon was broken, Liu Zifang realized that the life of her disciple was at stake. Being able to smash the body protection magic weapon that she had worked so hard to refine in such a fast time, the attack power was simply beyond her imagination.

For the sake of her disciple’s life, Liu Zifang could only go out in person to snatch Li Zhiqi back. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be bad if Shi Shanshan made a murderous attack?

But Liu Zifang would not have thought that she suddenly rushed to interrvine, she directly provoked Shi Shanshan’s fighting instinct. The sanity that she had been encouraged to maintain was suddenly rushed, and she immediately returned to her habit and instinctively regarded this place as a demon continent and attacked without hesitation. 

As a master of the peak Yuanying stage, he will be a master of  tribulation and ascend, and Liu Zifang is of course one of the masters in the Green Jade Immortal Island. After rushing out, she found that Shi Shanshan immediately started to attack, and then saw the blood spurting from her disciple’s mouth, her mind paused for a while, and then anger immediately filled her chest.

Liu Zifang’s flying sword appeared in front of her in an instant, and she slashed towards Shi Shanshan regardless.

Isn’t this just learning from the same sect? As for taking such a heavy hand? In Liu Zifang’s mind, she would never think that her as the master and her apprentice would take the blame for this, she would never realize that it was Shi Shanshan’s mercy just now. She just saw that Shi Shanshan punched her own disciple and was seriously injured.

The anger caused by this has also become another factor that stimulated Shi Shanshan. Almost like a reflection, Shi Shanshan’s flying sword greeted her.

Ding, with a crisp sound, the sound of the two flying swords colliding did not last long, the flying sword controlled by Shi Shanshan led away Liu Zifang’s flying sword. Afterwards, everyone watched the flying sword turn around quickly, directly towards Liu Zifang’s neck.

Chi, the sound of flying sword cutting through flesh and blood was so harsh in the exclamations of the surrounding people. A bloodstain appeared on Liu Zifang’s throat.

Ding, ding, two consecutive sounds, Shi Shanshan’s flying sword suddenly bounced off Liu Zifang’s throat, then turned in the air, and returned to Shi Shanshan’s side in a flash.

Two figures suddenly appeared, it was Elder Bei Shuangyu and Elder Min Huafeng who were paying attention to the battle. The two moved at almost the same time, blocking Shi Shanshan’s flying sword before Liu Zifang’s head was about to be cut off.

Even so, Liu Zifang’s throat was also cut open, the trachea was cut directly, most of the blood vessels were cut open, and blood poured out like a fountain.

Liu Zifang’s face was full of disbelief, both hands tightly covering her throat, the throat clucked, but she couldn’t make any other sound and her body began to slowly collapse.

Elder Min Huafeng, who had already rushed up, grabbed Liu Zifang’s body and threw it directly to the place where the Hall Master of the Medicinal Hall was located in the outer circle and she and Bei Shuangyu rushed forward one after the other. In the same way, Bei Shuangyu threw Li Zhiqi’s body outside and asked everyone to give first aid.

Everyone around was taken aback by this change. The head of the medicine hall saw Liu Zifang’s body flying towards her. She hurriedly caught it in mid-air, and opened Liu Zifang’s hands covering her throat.

Fortunately, a master at the peak Yuanying stage did not directly slap her head like this, but only shallowly incised the trachea and blood vessels, which would not be fatal immediately. Under the rapid treatment of the medicinal hall master, she was able to save her life.

Shi Shanshan was already stimulated again, and habitually attacked Elder Bei and Elder Min who were rushing up. During the battle, she was always on guard against the people around her. At this moment, she was not flustered at all, just fighting to the fullest.

Bei Shuangyu was fast and rushed in front. She had only just consolidated her realm when she was promoted to the dacheng stage, and when Shi Shanshan attacked Liu Zifang, she temporarily gave up on Li Zhiqi, allowing her to successfully save her. Now Elder Bei’s whole mind was to suppress Shi Shanshan first, and then slowly guide Shi Shanshan to stop.

With Elder Bei’s cultivation base in the early dacheng stage, there would be no problem in suppressing a disciple in the middle Yuanying stage, she could even suppress Shi Shanshan easily so that she would not be injured.

The idea was good, in Bei Shuangyu’s heart, in the heart of Elder Min, and even in the hearts of the core elders people who were watching, probably all have this plan, except for the Yang Chen family.

However, everyone underestimated Shi Shanshan and Elder Bei, who rushed up, immediately felt the power of Shi Shanshan.

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