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Chapter 557.2: Extreme Counter Attack

The flying sword moved around, towards Elder Bei’s throat. Elder Bei has already prepared for the flying sword, which was to first block.

When the flying sword was knocked flying by Elder Bei’s flying sword, Elder Bei was about to charge forward, but suddenly she noticed a sharp wind blade at her waist and slashed over, her body froze, and her flying sword turned towards the wind blade.

Shi Shanshan’s attack was more than just flying swords. When she was in the Demon Continent, she was simply kicking her head and her feet. This was also a habit, it was still a habit of being besieged.

Now there are people around Shi Shanshan on guard, and two people have already rushed up. Instinctively, Shi Shanshan’s first reaction was to knock down the first one with the fastest speed, and then meet the second one. This was the experience of being under siege summed up in countless moments of life and death.

One less enemy would make things easier, so all means must be used, and there was no room for them to hold. On the Demon Continent, the demonized beasts will not tell you morals, nor will they give you any chance. Even if they are seriously injured, when they can bite you, they will never let go.

In fact, before Yang Chen’s family left, Shi Shanshan had been caught in this kind of siege more than once. The position where the four girls were at that time had exceeded the depth that their strength should normally reach, and the opponents could tear them into pieces anytime, anywhere, so there was no reason for any hesitation.

At this moment, Shi Shanshan was in such a state, so she used all the killer moves without hesitation. A cultivator could kill not only with flying swords, but any magic weapon, even empty hands can use some spells.

Ordinary wind blades, if slashed at a dacheng stage master like this, will be defeated and scattered immediately. But Shi Shanshan’s wind blade, the spiritual power was so pure, if Elder Bei was slashed, it was only slightly swayed, and did not dissipate, but changed direction, and continued to attack Elder Bei.

While Elder Bei was dealing with the wind blade, at least four more rays of light, two bracelets, and two hairpins flew out of Shi Shanshan’s body and attacked.

But Shi Shanshan’s body didn’t stop at all, almost with those magic weapons, not a step behind, and she also rushed up. Spiritual power attack, no matter how strong it was, can’t be stronger than the destructive power of fist to flesh. At this time, even the body was the most powerful weapon.

Since the peak Yuanying stage, she has mainly devoted herself to seclusion and cultivation, so Elder Bei, who rarely participates in battles, has not encountered such a fierce and deadly style of fighting. Although blocking the attack of the flying sword and the magic weapon did not make her appear to be in a hurry, Shi Shanshan’s rushing forward attack also made her extremely uncomfortable.

Boom, a dacheng stage master was a dacheng stage master. The power that just broke Li Zhiqi’s arm and chest with a punch just made a loud noise in front of Elder Bei, and then was blasted back by the same fist from Elder Bei.

While Elder Bei blocked Shi Shanshan’s fist, her heart twitched for a while. Shi Shanshan, how did this little girl cultivate, even two punches made her, a master of the dacheng stage, feel the pain in her fists, and her phalanx even cracked, but under this kind of movement, no one else noticed it.

After just receiving two punches, Elder Min, who was behind Elder Bei, had already followed. She thought this was the situation where Shi Shanshan was being suppressed, but suddenly a sudden change occurred.

The two hairpins that stabbed at Elder Bei turned and stabbed towards Elder Min. Elder Min used her flying sword to easily block the two hairpins.

At this moment, the two bracelets and the two hairpins that Shi Shanshan issued suddenly exploded. It was Shi Shanshan who did not hesitate to directly blow the four magic weapons that took a lot of time and effort to refine.

In the Demon Continent, nothing outside of one’s body can compare to one’s own life. Therefore, in such a situation, it must be self-destructing magic weapons to gain a chance of survival.

The distance was so close, the power of the magic weapon’s self-destruction could even hurt some dacheng stage demonized monsters on the demon continent, needless to say here.

Unprepared, Elder Bei was directly shocked by the spiritual power blown by the fragments of the two bracelets. She was about to adjust, but her face changed drastically and her body flashed. Immediately, she felt a pain in her shoulder, and a golden beam flew out from her shoulder. It was Shi Shanshan’s flying sword that pierced directly from the back of the shoulder blade and came through to the front.

Shi Shanshan was simply unreasonable. Just as Elder Bei’s hand was on her shoulder, when the pain was excruciating, fists formed by the two plain hands slammed into Elder Bei’s rib from a strange angle.

Boom, the sound of two dull fists hitting the body rang out, and two thorn-like spiritual powers pierced into Elder Bei’s body.

Pfft, a mouthful of blood spurted out of Elder Bei’s mouth, her eyes looked at Shi Shanshan with an incredible look, but her body slowly fell down uncontrollably.

Shu, a circle of aura suddenly flashed around Elder Bei’s body, Elder Min next to her had already sacrificed a shield-shaped magic weapon in time to protect Elder Bei.

This shield has only just appeared, and the golden light transformed by the flying sword immediately slashed on top of the shield. If it weren’t for the timely appearance of the shield, Elder Bei would have been directly cut into two pieces.

When she missed a hit, Shi Shanshan immediately retreated, which had become an instinctive habit. At the same time, her flying sword attacked the vital point of Elder Min who was rushing up without thinking. Attacking the enemy will save you, it was also one of the ways to protect yourself.

After all, Elder Min Huafeng was already in the middle dacheng stage and will soon enter the late dacheng stage, so she often goes out to gain experience. Relying on the superb cultivation base and her life-source flying sword, she desperately resisted Shi Shanshan’s omnipresent attack like a lunatic.

Even in the face of the elders of the dacheng stage, Shi Shanshan did not flinch, and in one-on-one situations, even always caused a series of accidents to the elder Min Huafeng. All kinds of unimaginable attack methods emerged one after another, and the fighting spirit was so strong that even Elder Min felt a lot of pressure.

The core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island have been stunned. Who would have thought that a disciple who seemed to be only in the middle Yuanying stage, and who had just entered the middle Yuanying stage, would actually seriously injure a late Yuanying stage master, a peak Yuanying stage master, and even an early dacheng stage master and fight a middle dacheng stage elder to a tie.

The most shocking thing was that in the battle between this disciple and the middle dacheng elder, she actually took the initiative and suppressed Elder Min only with the power to resist.

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