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Chapter 556.2: Small Attack

Without Liu Zifang’s reminder, the experienced Li Zhiqi also knew how to deal with it at this time. During the battle, the elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island have never had the habit of distracting them during the battle. Seeing that Shi Shanshan’s eyes had changed, Li Zhiqi immediately became vigilant and quietly stimulated a few magic weapons.

Li Zhiqi won’t be as pedantic as Shi Shanshan, and take the protective magic weapon given by her elders and not take it seriously. With these things, it was an extra layer of insurance, which would make Shi Shanshan more embarrassed.

She was also excited now, she was looking forward to the situation where Shi Shanshan’s attack falls on these protective magic weapons refined by the elders and returns without success. She believes that it will be a scene that can cause a lot of people to laugh.

It was best that Shi Shanshan can become a turtle shell that has forgotten her original fierce attack method, and the attack is unsuccessful, and only knows how to defend herself against the wind and rain, that is the real pride.

Li Zhiqi also heard her master’s cry. It was almost the same as Liu Zifang’s judgment, and Li Zhiqi also thought that Shi Shanshan was a trapped beast, so the smile on her face suddenly became a little more evident.

However, Li Zhiqi believes in being stronger first. The performance just now was just to make Shi Shanshan look ugly, and she didn’t come up with her most powerful killer move. Since Shi Shanshan wants to change her style, she will let her be more ugly.

The flying sword in the air slightly turned in a circle and quickly chopped off from another angle. This was what Li Zhiqi has practiced for many years, but she has only practiced in front of her master. So this was a new swordsmanship not known to the other elders.

“Thousand killing swords!” A few elders who were knowledgeable knew Li Zhiqi’s swordsmanship at one glance.

This thousand killing sword was a very advanced flying sword technique of the sect, it could almost be said to be one of the most powerful sword techniques of the sect. Only when the cultivation base reaches the peak Yuanying stage, could there be enough strength to use it, its power was huge, it was not known how much fame it has brought to the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Li Zhiqi was only in the late Yuanying stage, but she had already practiced this sword technique so well that she could use it. Her qualification was absolutely excellent, at the same time, her strength was infinitely close to the peak Yuanying stage, otherwise she would not be able to control it at all.

As soon as the technique was used, the elders who disliked Shi Shanshan immediately began to shake their heads. It turned out that Li Zhiqi was only teasing Shi Shanshan before, and only at this time did she show her true talents, to defeat this girl Shanshan.

Li Zhiqi’s Thousand killing sword attack had already launched an attack, but Shi Shanshan’s counterattack was long overdue. The flying sword that blocks when necessary, suddenly there was a fierce murderous aura.

This was not Shi Shanshan’s life source flying sword, the life source flying sword was still being tempered in her sea of consciousness. This was just a familiar flying sword that she used before, and its appearance was relatively ordinary.

However, the ordinary flying sword suddenly shone with a ray of light that people couldn’t look up to, suddenly turned into a golden beam, and slashed towards Li Zhiqi.

No matter how famous Li Zhiqi’s swordsmanship was, no matter how godly Li Zhiqi’s current movement was, no matter how skilled Li Zhiqi’s swordsmanship was. Thousands of moves, thousands of tricks, there was nothing she could do.

Shi Shanshan’s flying sword, which came last, directly cut into Li Zhiqi’s chest along an unbelievable angle in the eyes of everyone, and went straight to the point of her heart.

The sudden change shocked Li Zhiqi. Fortunately, just now, for insurance, she had activated all the protective magic weapons given by her master and elders. In the speed of light, Li Zhiqi couldn’t even return the sword to block, and could only use the protective magic weapon to receive this strange and unparalleled sword strike.

Ding ding ding ding, the crisp and pleasant ding ding sounded one after another, almost forming a sound. It was the sound of Shi Shanshan’s flying sword slashing hundreds of times on several body-protecting magic weapons at an unpredictable speed.

Among the stunned expressions of the crowd, Shi Shanshan’s flying sword, which had turned into a golden glow, was not far from Li Zhiqi’s body.

Almost every flicker was accompanied by a harsh attack. Unable to hit a single blow, she immediately switched to an attack angle without hesitation.

Every attack was full of pure and incomparable spiritual power that has been deliberately tempered by Shi Shanshan in the past few decades. After each sound, it represents the protection magic weapon that was hit, and the light must be dimmed.

The use of protective magic weapons also requires spiritual power. Even though Li Zhiqi was already in the late Yuanying stage and was infinitely close to the peak Yuanying stage, she has not yet been able to replenish the spiritual power needed for protective magic weapons immediately after accepting Shi Shanshan’s attack.

Shi Shanshan’s attack was really too fast, and each attack was too sharp. In just over a hundred or so short strokes, those protective magic weapons had no spiritual support, and the rays of light were all gathered.

Shi Shanshan’s attack did not mean to stop at all, and was still controlling the flying sword to make hundreds of consecutive slashes. Now the attack didn’t fall on Li Zhiqi’s body, just because of the strong material of the protective magic weapon itself.

Tests from all angles and all directions have allowed Shi Shanshan to quickly grasp the weakest parts of these protective magic weapons. In the last few moments, the sound of ding ding ding turned into a shattering sound, the surrounding people couldn’t even react to what was happening, the few protective magic weapons have been completely destroyed by Shi Shanshan.

In the end, Shi Shanshan has always firmly remembered that this was learning from the same sect, not to fight against a deadly enemy. After smashing the protective magic weapon, Shi Shanshan basically stopped the sword light, and with a flick of her figure, she dodged the flying sword that Li Zhiqi had just slashed over in front of her and waved her hand to launch just one punch.

This was a pure spiritual attack, but at this moment, all Li Zhiqi’s protective magic weapons were shattered, and when the souls of the dead were on the verge of death, there was no longer the elegance of the past.

Boom, Shi Shanshan’s fist, carrying an incomparable spiritual power, directly hit Li Zhiqi’s hands.

Kacha Kacha, accompanied by two sounds of shattering bones, Li Zhiqi’s hands were punched back to her chest by Shi Shanshan. After another sound of shattering bones, Li Zhiqi spit out a mouthful of bright red blood, her whole body flew up.

Just as Shi Shanshan was about to stop, her figure flashed and the flying sword, which had just stopped, suddenly accelerated and slashed towards a figure that suddenly appeared beside her. 

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