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Chapter 556.1: Small Attack

Shi Shanshan, who has been defending and not attacking, naturally heard the words of the elders outside, and also heard the angry voice of her master Song Huan.

At this point, Shi Shanshan couldn’t bear to be merciful anymore. She turned around and was dodging all over the place just now, but now she was facing Li Zhiqi directly.

Hearing Song Huan’s voice, the Island Master knew something would go wrong. She could see what Shi Shanshan’s body technique implied. She was appreciating it carefully, and at the same time, she was trying to figure out the intention of Shi Shanshan every time she avoided an attack. When she suddenly saw Shi Shanshan’s change, she was stunned for a moment.

Just like the Island Master, there were also the masters of the dacheng stage. Although Shi Shanshan can only defend but not attack, her posture was embarrassing, or she can’t say any posture at all, but in their eyes, it was a rare good thing that makes people shine.

Although Li Zhiqi’s attack was beautiful and fierce, in the eyes of everyone, it was as if she and Shi Shanshan had rehearsed many times, and her defensive movements were extremely skilled.

What’s even more surprising was that Shi Shanshan even noticed the elders who are not protected by the surrounding formations, and even their inadvertent actions could cause Shi Shanshan’s subconscious reactions in the circle. But every time in this completely unexpected situation, Shi Shanshan’s comprehensive protection and the reaction that can minimize her own damage simply made all the dacheng stage elders intoxicated.

This kind of performance even made several dacheng stage elders even more addicted, they would make some actions by themselves from time to time to interfere with Shi Shanshan, who seems to be in a state of embarrassment.

Every time, Shi Shanshan can respond in a timely manner, act skillfully, and often make some unbelievable cracks.

In the eyes of those who do not understand, Shi Shanshan was simply a clown, she was also a clown dressed as a genius disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Such a performance was from a genius disciple, that genius disciple really did not live up to her name.

But in the eyes of those who understand, Shi Shanshan’s performance could only be described as amazing, and some can’t express it perfectly. It’s just that they cultivate in a place like the dao sect, which was relatively comfortable and did not have to worry about death all the time. How could they have seen such an unrestrained fighting consciousness?

Elder Liu Zifang wished that Shi Shanshan could be a little more ugly, but the other masters were expecting Shi Shanshan to show more splendor. Except for those who really care about Shi Shanshan but can’t see it like Song Huan, no one could bear to let Shi Shanshan stop at this time.

However, Liu Zifang’s words irritated Song Huan, and she was furious. Song Huan even pulled Yang Chen in and started roaring at Shi Shanshan.

“Idiot!” A dozen pairs of eyes stared at Liu Zifang angrily, and all the masters who were looking at Shi Shanshan secretly cursed at Liu Zifang, a woman who was over-comprehensive but still thought she was self-sufficient.

Such a wonderful defense was ruined by her in a single sentence. Couldn’t she just be happy for a while? Does she have to catch herself getting slapped in the face?

However, after the initial dissatisfaction, the experts began to look forward to it. Even defense can achieve this state, so once Shi Shanshan starts to attack, how exciting will it be?

In fact, Shi Shanshan didn’t want to harm her fellow senior sister, so she kept avoiding her. She was looking forward to the seniors, seeing the situation and then ordering them to stop.

However, her performance was beyond everyone’s expectations. Those who wanted to see her make a fool of herself were reluctant to let her stop, and those who wanted to see her stunning performance were also reluctant to let her stop, which created the current situation.

If it was just Shi Shanshan, she wouldn’t care what others said. From the very beginning, she was the unsmiling Fairy Hanmei, when did she care about what other people say?

But now, those ridicules have fallen on her master and husband, which was not something Shi Shanshan could bear. Even though she has experienced an emotional outburst of inner demons, she was clearly calm now, and there was no sign of losing control.

Even in the Demon Continent, it was only after being surrounded by a large number of demonized monsters in the dacheng stage, but now she was being teased like a monkey by a fellow senior sister who she could kill anytime, anywhere. No matter how well Shi Shanshan has cultivated herself, she will never endure it at this moment.

Most importantly, Shi Shanshan’s style is always to move forward bravely, replacing defense with the strongest attack. If you have to, you will try your best to defend. But this was not in line with Shi Shanshan’s habit, and she has long been impatient.

Song Huan’s words instantly became the best catalyst, which completely triggered Shi Shanshan’s anger. At the same time as her figure turned, two sharp eyes were directly fixed on the body of her opponent Li Zhiqi.

Li Zhiqi was also a genius disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island, she has always looked down on others. Except for some rare masters, she has never cared about others. When cultivating, Li Zhiqi was also considered hardworking. Even when she went out to cultivate, Li Zhiqi worked extremely hard, eliminating demons and guarding the dao, without falling behind.

However, those who have not experienced the kind of slaughter in the Demon Continent cannot imagine that kind of environment. All around are enemies who are not afraid of death, even if a flying sword is equipped with a body, it is not the kind of strong opponent that can be compared with a wise enemy.

Just a glance from Shi Shanshan made Li Zhiqi involuntarily startled. The kind of indifference that although there was no killing intent, but hardly any life in the eyes, was even more shocking than the eyes with killing intent.

“Not good!” The Island Master suddenly screamed in her heart. At the same time, Elder Bei Shuangyu and Elder Min Huafeng also stood up at the same time, they were all aware of the danger.

Even Shi Shanshan’s defense was so refreshing, needless to say how thunderous and furious it will be once she attacks, Li Zhiqi, at present, will definitely not be Shi Shanshan’s opponent.

Although Liu Zifang always wanted to suppress Shi Shanshan and suppress Song Huan, she was not a person without eyesight. Her disciple was unable to attack for a long time. She just said that, which also added psychological pressure to Shi Shanshan.

Now the two dacheng stage elders stood up, and as soon as this scene came out, she immediately realized that it was not good. But soon Liu Zifang took it for granted that this must be because the two elders were afraid that something would happen to Shi Shanshan. After all, the time to defend and attack was different, and it is easy to be taken advantage of by the enemy.

However, Liu Zifang still loudly reminded her apprentice “Zhiqi, be careful!”

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