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Chapter 555.2: Losing Face

Speaking of which, it was because the fusion experience had not been fully absorbed after the experience, so these instinctive movements could not be comprehensively summarized. On the Demon Continent, if only practical, who would pay attention if it was good-looking or not?

On the other hand, Li Zhiqi had a graceful figure, fluttering clothes, and her flying sword attacked so calmly, just like a fairy.

They were also beautiful women and they were born in the Green Jade Immortal Island, one is calm and the other is embarrassed. Especially in a sect dominated by women, the aesthetic requirements are better than other sects. Under the circumstances, the two balance between victory and defeat, at least in the minds of most people, has already been biased.

Most of the core elders present were at the Yuanying stage, which was not much higher than that of Shi Shanshan. Most of the people in their hearts shook their heads secretly for Shi Shanshan’s performance.

This kind of embarrassment, although she can avoid Li Zhiqi’s attack every time, it was already a failure. The experience of this demon continent was really worthless. A female disciple who was originally a full genius was actually ruined like this, even if you hide, you have to hide beautifully right?

Just take the movement just now, there is a flying sword movement technique in the sect that could dodge Li Zhiqi’s attack very beautifully and delicately, and can also wait for an opportunity to counterattack. This flying sword movement is a basic swordsmanship that can be cultivated in the foundation stage, it was impossible for Shi Shanshan to not know it.

Obviously there were wonderful movements that could counter defense and attack, but Shi Shanshan didn’t use it, but used this kind of vulgar countryman’s fight like a village man’s move, what was this? Back to Basics? How long did it take for the seniors of the sect to create the exquisite swordsmanship, was it not comparable to her ugly movement like some beast?

Talking about the movement method was really too flattering, it’s obviously just a subconscious action. They don’t know what kind of beasts she has learned from, that she even forgot the basic swordsmanship of the sect. She did such self-destructive things, wasn’t that what destroying genius was?

Most of the elders who had a lot of affection for Shi Shanshan were extremely disappointed with Shi Shanshan’s performance at the moment. At the same time, there was also a hint of resentment towards Yang Chen, who had forced Shi Shanshan to go to the Demon Continent for training.

Back then, Yang Chen had a high profile saying that he was going to bring his wife to the Demon Continent to experience it for decades. Not only did their cultivation base not grow much, but on the contrary, even the disciples who were not as good as her were now her equal. It was simply deliberately destroying the future hope of the Green Jade Immortal Island.

However, those experts in the dacheng stage and the few core elders like the Island Master saw a different scene.

Shi Shanshan looks embarrassed, but in fact, she has never attacked actively, she was completely defensive. Even if the flying sword was occasionally used, it would lead the opponent’s attacking flying sword away. So that the attack does not fall on herself, from beginning to end, there was not even a single attack.

No matter how wonderful Li Zhiqi was, she couldn’t hide the result. That was, her attack was futile from beginning to end.

Attacks that do not fall on the enemy. Even if it was strong, fast, and powerful, what was the use? But Li Zhiqi didn’t seem to know it yet, she had been using this method all the time.

At the beginning, some of the experts also felt that Shi Shanshan’s actions were really ugly, but the more they looked at it, the more terrifying the experts felt after they understood the meaning behind Shi Shanshan’s actions.

While Shi Shanshan was guarding against Li Zhiqi, she was on guard against even all the onlookers around her.

Just to say that her previous, vulgar, lazy donkey rolling in the eyes of others not only subtly escaped Li Zhiqi’s attack, but even the audience around Shi Shanshan seemed to be unable to find her weakness if they suddenly attacked.

If it was once or twice, it can be said to be a coincidence, but every time Shi Shanshan’s actions were with such intentions, it was really incredible.

Except for Yang Chen’s family, no one knew what Shi Shanshan’s experience in the Demon Continent had been. When she was attacked by dozens of demonized beasts at the same time, she wanted to be able to defend against all attacks, and to be able to act beautifully. That’s not training, that’s courting death. After the test of this cruel attack, the body technique of removing the succulent and preserving the essence was only practical, not beautiful.

The elders who were watching would not have thought that Liu Zifang had specially instructed Li Zhiqi to make Shi Shanshan a fool of herself. In the eyes of the master and apprentice, Shi Shanshan was making a fool of herself.

“Hmph, some people don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, so they ruined the talented disciples of my sect.” Not everyone would care about Yang Chen’s face, so someone immediately pointed at Sang Haui and scolded “Shanshan is ruined! “

“Only defending and not attacking, my Green Jade Immortal Island is not like this.” Another elder who heard this said immediately “Could it be that she was hunted and almost killed on the Demon Continent for this? This child, Shanshan, how much suffering did she endure?”

This was still the core elders who originally favored Shi Shanshan. It’s not easy to say, but it still implies concern. Some of those who stood on Elder Liu’s side were no longer so polite, almost sneering.

“This is the result of the experience? It’s good to be defensive and not attacking.” An elder who Yang Chen didn’t know his identity said “The sect’s ingenious movement skills don’t need to be used, and people don’t do it. If you are a beast, the face of the Green Jade Immortal Island shouldn’t be thrown away.”

“Hahahaha, if this is the result after going to the Demon Continent to cultivate, then forget it!” Another elder shook her head and sighed earnestly: “Lessons! In the future, the disciples of my branch, even if they aren’t qualified. No matter how bad it is, you can’t go to the Demon Continent to experience it, it will hurt people!”

Elder Liu on the side looked at all this with a smile on her face, listening to the surrounding voices, her heart was as comfortable as if she was drinking honey. She didn’t even forget to turn her head to Shi Shanshan’s master Song Huan who was not far away and joked “Sister Song, Shanshan is really ruined this time. It’s your fault that you didn’t stop her from going to the demon continent!”

You can’t help but say that Elder Liu’s ability for mocking was good. After saying this, after stimulating Song Huan, she immediately turned to Yang Chen “Grandmaster Yang, your level of alchemy is unparalleled in the mortal world, but in terms of cultivation, grandmaster, you are a little bit worse.”

“Shanshan!” Before Yang Chen said anything, Song Huan on the other side was already furious, and shouted at Shi Shanshan in the field “If you keep defending and not attacking, the faces of your master and your husband will be lost.”

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