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Chapter 541.1: True Essence Spirit Power Cultivation

What Yang Chen wanted was a quiet and secure environment. The refining of the nine nether flying sword has come to an end, and Yang Chen now also needs to cultivate the remaining several true essence cultivation methods.

In addition to the third fire true secret art, all other true essence cultivation techniques have already been cultivated, and the great Yin-Yang five elements secret art was about to be completed. Of course, Yang Chen must first complete the cultivation of these true essence cultivation methods.

The first thing to start was the sixth earth true secret art. The sixth earth true essence was the least, and it was obtained from the Greatest Heaven Sect, which was only enough for one person to cultivate. In order not to delay Gongsun Ling’s cultivation, Yang Chen needed to complete his cultivation first, and then double-cultivate with Gongsun Ling to give Gongsun Ling the sixth earth true essence for her to cultivate.

The last time, he used this method for the fifth earth true secret art. Speaking of which, it seems that the true essence spiritual power of the earth attribute was very rare, far from other spiritual powers, and there are many formations that masters stay and collect, accumulating a lot.

A group of experts were waiting at the gathering point, and no one dared to disturb Yang Chen easily. Originally, they were waiting for the greatest assurance. Now that Yang Chen is here, the pure golden high-grade demon orb can fully meet their requirements. There are even a few who have never ascended, just waiting for this opportunity, no matter what will not be damaged by others.

For Yang Chen, who has cultivated several kinds of true essence secret arts, the sixth earth true secret art and sixth earth true essence was not difficult to cultivate.

In less than half a year, the sixth earth true secret art had been completed, and the sixth earth spiritual power in the Yin-Yang five elements secret art had also been replaced by sixth earth true essence.

At the moment when the cultivation of the sixth earth true secret art was successful, his sea of ​​consciousness changed again. There was a lot of black flying dust in the air. It looks like the appearance of the nine nether flying sword, but the attributes were pure sixth earth attributes.

Because of these black flying dust, other than Yang Chen, outsiders who enter Yang Chen’s sea of ​​consciousness can only see a black piece, and can’t see anything else.

These flying dust from the earth not only obscured the line of sight, but also vaguely refined the entire sea of ​​consciousness into one. Although it looks loose, the degree of solidification of the spiritual awareness has increased by more than several times. Even if others attack with the same level of spiritual awareness, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness could also remain unbreakable.

The roar of the golden bell has no effect on Yang Chen now. The bell that could instantly dissipate people’s consciousness, even if it was strengthened several times, it cannot shake Yang Chen’s consciousness.

The only regret was, now there was no further breakthrough in his spiritual awareness cultivation base. Although it has increased a lot, it has not yet reached the level of the fifth grade human immortal realm.

The spiritual power of the earth attribute was much more condensed than the spiritual power of other attributes because of the combination of Yin-Yang. This was also a small surprise, at least it saved Yang Chen a lot of time for condensing.

Another small surprise was that the internal organs enhanced by the sixth earth true secret art have also led to a slight improvement in the yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique. Taking a big step forward to the peak river turning strength, it seems that there was only a slight difference to be able to have a breakthrough.

When he ended the retreat, Yang Chen went out, and then took out a second grade demon orb. This was entrusted to Yang Chen to purify by a master at the peak dacheng stage. This master at the peak dacheng stage has been waiting obediently outside for half a year.

When he got the pure golden demon orb, the owner of the orb was in a burst of ecstasy, and no matter how many people were watching, he directly put the demon orb into his mouth.

The demon orb in the second grade was not small, but it was completely placed in his mouth, and they are not lightly supported, but who cares about this little incident in this season, they were all anxiously waiting for the result.

In fact, Yang Chen’s reputation in the past was outside, he just got here not long ago. Everyone only thought that he could purify the low-grade demon orbs. It was not until they saw the pure golden demon orb of the third grade that they knew how powerful Yang Chen was.

The master who swallowed the demon orb sat down and started refining. No one dared to disturb him, everyone wanted to see the effect of the demon orb with their own eyes.

Less than an hour, he had completely refined this demon orb, and the aura around him was surging. Tribulation clouds have slowly begun to appear in the sky.

The people present were all experienced experts, and it was clear what it was. Looking at this scene, everyone was full of surprises, holding their aura, waiting to see the process of the ascension.

The cultivator flew away from the gathering point, it was the rule that they were not allowed to attempt their tribulation at the gathering point. Under such circumstances, no one will interfere when facing tribulation. No one was willing to use their own lives to bear the tribulation for others. Even those demonized monsters will instinctively avoid the place where the tribulation clouds gather. 

It was a rare experience for everyone watching to face tribulation and ascend. In addition to verifying the efficacy of the demon orb, someone was facing the tribulation at this time. For everyone, it was killing two birds with one stone.

The wind tribulation descended silently, and within a few dozen feet of the cultivator, no matter what it was, it turned into powder.

This time, the wind tribulation was different from what Yang Chen had seen several times. Different from Elder Wu Xiong’s wind tribulation, and also different from Lan Ying’s wind tribulation, it seems to be a lot more violent, perhaps because of the serious malice due to his experience on the Demon Continent.

The reason why many people dare not face the tribulation easily was also because of this. Everyone stared at the cultivator who was facing the tribulation with wide eyes, watching him easily pass the first, the second… all the way to the ninth. 

All the onlookers were several miles away from the cultivator, but when it came to the eighth tribulation, everyone had to step back madly again, so as not to be involved in the tribulation that fell from the sky.

When the ninth path was reached, the scope of the wind tribulation expanded a lot. When the wind fell, a group of masters frantically retreated again and again, and retreated three or four miles before stopping. At this time, the wind tribulation had already spread to the gathering point.

Boom, as soon as the wind tribulation landed on the gathering point, a flash of light appeared around the gathering point. However, the gathering point was ignored at all, and it just bounced back the wind tribulation instantly.

However, the number of wind tribulations that bounced back did not disappear, but was superimposed on the cultivator who was facing the tribulation after being enhanced.

No one expected such a situation to occur. Everyone had no experience in facing the tribulation, and it was impossible to calculate the distance. At this time, it was impossible to stop. The cultivator had no choice but to burst out the strength of his whole body and directly meet the last strongest wind.

Suddenly, the silent wind blew the robe of the cultivator into powder. After the protective armor that had been refined for an unknown period of time, it turned into dust after just resisting it. There was not an inch on the cultivator’s body, and even all the hair on his body was blown clean.

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