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Chapter 541.2: True Essence Spirit Power Cultivation

No one will laugh at him at this time, even if he has become naked. What everyone cares about is whether he can withstand the final blow.

Ah ah ah! Among the frantic cries of the cultivator, the last gust of wind blew from head to toe, but the voice of the cultivator continued until the gust of wind disappeared.

Boom, the bystanders suddenly boiled. The cry of the cultivator has always been there, and now it has been replaced by the sound of laughing, and the tribulation cloud has begun to dissipate. It was obvious that the cultivator had successfully passed the tribulation.

At the position of the cultivator in the sky, at this moment, was a group of extremely bright light, wrapping the cultivator in it, exuding a power that makes people feel awe from the heart. There was no need to ask, this was definitely the process of the transformation of the body after successfully crossing the tribulation.

After less than the time it would take half a column of incense to burn, the light group dissipated, and the figure of the cultivator appeared. He was already dressed in robes, but his head was still bald. The original middle-aged face had turned into a very young look.

When the person was in the air, the other party threw his hands and bowed at Yang Chen, and his voice came from a distance “Thank you, Grandmaster!”

Just after saying this sentence, the light flashed, and the cultivator disappeared without a trace. A vast and unparalleled aura spread out into the distance like a water wave, and then there was no movement.

The people who gathered at the gathering point were fortunate enough to witness the process of a cultivator ascension through tribulation, and also saw with their own eyes that he had such an effect only after consuming the demon orb purified by Yang Chen, they immediately looked at Yang Chen and their eyes became much more intense.

Not to mention other things, the last tribulation was definitely several times the power of the previous tribulation, but the cultivator could easily withstand it. They can’t help but say that this was because of swallowing the demon orb.

“Grandmaster, I still have a second grade demon orb here…”

“Grandmaster, please help…”

“Grandmaster, I have a seventh-grade fire seed, please make a move…”

When the wind tribulation aura completely disappeared, and after a brief period of silence, a large number of experts quickly gathered around Yang Chen. Everyone was scrambling to ask Yang Chen to help.

“Come one by one!” As soon as Yang Chen opened his mouth, everyone became quiet “You arrange the order by yourself. Then come to the room to find me.” After speaking, Yang Chen separated from everyone and returned to the room on his own.

After a while, someone came to the door and asked Yang Chen to refine a second grade demonic orb. After discussing the remuneration with Yang Chen, he walked out of the door, sat cross-legged outside the restraint of the door, and personally protected Yang Chen.

Yang Chen easily used the nine nether flying sword to purify the second grade demon orb again. Then next, he started cultivating the second wood true secret art.

The moment when the cultivation of the second wood true secret art was completed, Yang Chen’s sea of ​​consciousness began to change again. The phantom of the blood demon vine has become like a real body, and its volume has also expanded a lot.

His spiritual awareness finally broke through the fourth stage of the Human Immortal realm and he entered the fifth stage. In the instant of the breakthrough, the people in the entire gathering point felt that there was some kind of misunderstanding, they almost thought that someone was ascending up in the moment just now.

The yellow turban warrior’s body refinement technique was also rushed to the edge of a breakthrough, it was only one step away from entering the realm of sea pouring strength. The joints all over his body rattled and Yang Chen only felt full of strength.

The wood attribute spirit power was also directly condensed due to the combination of Yin-Yang, and the total amount of spirit power was also slightly reduced. Just looking at the amount of spirit power, maybe everyone will misunderstand that Yang Chen was still in the early Yuanying stage.

The next step was to come out of seclusion, after delivering the demon orb, the expert at the door was replaced by another one and Yang Chen also had a second grade demon orb in his hand.

It was still the same process, after purifying the demonic orb, Yang Chen began to cultivate the eighth metal true secret art, after there was the ninth water true secret art.

After completing the cultivation of these two true essence spirit power, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness rose directly to the sixth grade human immortal realm, his spirit power was madly condensed, and the yellow turban warrior’s body refinement technique finally broke through the peak river turning strength and entered the realm of sea pouring strength.

As soon as he entered the realm of sea pouring strength, Yang Chen’s body began to expand again, but this time was different from the last time, not as exaggerated as the last time, but all his muscles seemed to be stronger than normal. It was no longer the slender and well-proportioned figure, but has become a sturdy figure.

The tenfold increase in strength made Yang Chen even a little uncomfortable. When he got up, he directly smashed through the roof and flew out. After landing, he stepped on the hard ground under his feet and stomped out two big pits.

The people who gathered were all experts. At a glance, they could see that Yang Chen’s body was different than before, and knew that he must have cultivated a unique body refining technique, which caused his body to feel uncomfortable. This was not surprising, many people have had this situation, as long as the body adapts to it after a period of time, it will become normal.

What was strange to everyone was that Yang Chen has gone through the process of purifying the demon orb several times, and it seems that his cultivation has regressed a little, from the middle Yuanying stage to the early Yuanying stage.

Metal and water properties combine in the Yin-Yang, causing the spirit power of the whole body to be condensed almost doubled. From the outside, it seems that the cultivation base was going backwards, and there was no other explanation.

Could it be that purifying demon orbs will cost the cultivation base to regress? This was quite possible, otherwise it would be impossible to purify it so thoroughly. Everyone doesn’t care too much, anyway, as long as Yang Chen could continue to purify the demon orbs, it’s not their own cultivation base, so what were they worried about?

Only a few top experts would occasionally look at Yang Chen with a fleeting sense of fear, but it was only for a moment and it would disappear immediately. This was also because Yang Chen couldn’t get used to the slight leakage of the power from his spiritual awareness.

Next, Yang Chen began to cultivate the fourth fire true secret art, fire attribute was Yang Chen’s innate attribute, especially with the influence of the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire, Yang Chen deliberately made it the last one he would cultivate.

Having cultivated eight kinds of true essence spiritual power, the fourth fire true secret art was really not difficult at all. Sure enough, it was an innate attribute, the moment it was completed, his spiritual awareness directly soared to the seventh stage human Immortal realm. Even those guys who have risen through tribulation will be overwhelmed by Yang Chen’s momentum when they meet Yang Chen.

There was a fourth fire true essence in the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire, and the Yin fire became as pure as colored glass, only showing a pure cyan color. But in the sea of consciousness, the yin fire dragon was half longer than the yang fire dragon. For the first time, the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire has become a little unbalanced.

The Great Yin-Yang five elements secret art was now only missing the third fire true secret art, it also needed a chance. Before he could get it all together, what Yang Chen had to do was to condense his spiritual power, and then sacrificially refine some magic weapons.

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