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Chapter 540.2: Extreme Cultivation

Here was another valley, and likewise, there was another demonized vine. However, it was slightly weaker than the second one that Yang Chen killed.

It seems that the artifact spirit of the nine nether flying sword instinctively seeks out the same kind. This discovery made Yang Chen very happy. In this way, there was no need to worry about the demon orbs.

This time, Yang Chen’s yellow turban warrior body refinement technique has been raised to a small level, his spiritual power has also improved, and his strength has greatly increased, so it will be much easier to deal with a slightly weaker demonized demon vine.

In about half a year, Yang Chen had another demon orb with a diameter of less than two feet in his hand, and the nine nether flying sword absorbed the demonic qi and phantom of the demonized demon vine, and the tool spirit became even more powerful and a lot more flexible.

Now, even Yang Chen was struggling to deal with the demonic qi of the nine nether flying sword. It’s time to calm down again and refine it carefully.

After making a decision, Yang Chen went straight to the better gathering point without saying a word. This was the inner edge of the Demon Continent. There are only two or three gathering points. It took almost another three months before Yang Chen arrived at the gathering point.

As soon as he entered the gathering point, Yang Chen attracted countless eyes. Those who can come to this gathering point were all masters of the dacheng stage. Yang Chen was the only one who dared to rush here in the middle Yuanying stage.

All the people at the gathering point were a little surprised by Yang Chen’s arrival. They don’t know whether to say whether this young man was too lucky or too daring to be arrogant. However, since he could come to the gathering point, it seems that the former was more true.

There were not many people in the gathering point, including those who have opened stores, there are only a few dozen in total. However, the one with the lowest cultivation base here was also in the middle dacheng stage, and the one with the highest cultivation base was already surpassing the peak of dacheng stage and catching up with the cultivation base of the supreme elders.

The supreme elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect last time, if he was here, he would never dare to break the rules so blatantly. He just doesn’t know why these masters have been wandering in the mortal world and not ascending.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen could only speculate that the purpose of these people should be the same as Yang Chen. It was to use the demonic qi to hone themselves. There are demonic cultivators and monster cultivators among them. Perhaps they want to greatly improve their state of mind here to make up for their lack of aptitude, so that they can ascend to the spiritual world in the future not too far away.

Yang Chen did not directly find a place to practice, but first strolled around this small gathering point. It must be said that the closer you are to the depths of the Demon Continent, the stronger the demonized beast, and the bigger and bigger the demon orbs that everyone can get.

The third-grade demon orb was common here. Second-rank ones were not uncommon, but Yang Chen has not seen first-rank ones. The most advanced one was a second-rank demon bead with four black lines on it.

With such a big demon orb, few demon orb refiners could purify it to a higher level. Yang Chen found a room and started retreating.

Said to be a retreat, in fact, it was a pretense. After quickly using the nine nether flying sword to absorb all the demonic qi on ten demonic orbs he just bought, Yang Chen continued to use the demonic qi to temper himself.

The demonic orb was to cover the demonic qi on the nine nether flying sword. Although Yang Chen could control the nine nether flying sword so as not to emit too much demonic qi, he still lacks control so some of it will escape eventually.

The nine nether flying sword, which concentrated the three demonized demon vines with demonic qi and phantom, was already somewhat resistant to Yang Chen’s control. Every time the demonic qi triggers the inner demon. It was always like a violent storm, a thunderous wave, a wave after wave of demonic qi rushed to Yang Chen’s heart.

Referring to the methods of the Heart Demon Sect, coupled with Yang Chen’s own state of mind, Yang Chen’s mind, like a mainstay, remains motionless. No matter how crazy these demonic qi attacks were, they always came to block the water and cover up the ground, reducing the demonic qi a little bit. The steel-like toughness tempered by his will.

After almost a year, Yang Chen finally completely suppressed and refined the trace of resistance in the nine nether flying sword, and only then did he leave seclusion.

As soon as Yang Chen exited the seclusion, he soon caused a frenzy at the gathering point. There was no other reason, five pure golden demon orbs appeared directly in the auction list of the small auction house.

Boom, the gathering point seemed to be detonated, and all the figures went straight to the auction. Why do so many masters continue to bear the power of the demonic qi in the demon continent, isn’t it just to be able to swallow one or a few high-grade demon orbs, so that the cultivation base will be greatly improved, and then they will survive the tribulation?

Compared with the people who cultivate peacefully outside, the people who have experienced the Demon Continent were much more hostile. Under such circumstances, passing the tribulation was many times more difficult than the ordinary cultivator. This requires that they must have enough cultivation base to resist the tribulation, otherwise they can only end up dying.

A high-quality demon orb, even the best demon orb refiner, can only purify it to the fourth level, leaving four black lines. Only the master’s state of mind can handle it.

It was not that there was no other way to eliminate the hostility, as long as you leave the Demon Continent, leave this place full of slaughtering demons, spend hundreds of years cultivating your mind, the hostility will naturally disappear. However, instead of spending hundreds of years on self-cultivation, it was better to practice here for hundreds of years, there is an 80% certainty that they can withstand stronger inner demons. They can also gain more training, and everyone understands which choice was better.

In fact, sometimes these masters just can’t let go, they just can’t figure it out when they are in the game. At this time, no one knows better than these masters what it means for a pure golden third-grade demon orb to appear.

This gathering place was too small, and there were only a few people, so the slightest movement cannot be concealed from anyone in the gathering point.

Yang Chen, a super-advanced demon orb refiner, suddenly became a favorite and those five demon orbs were purchased at a high price for the first time, and it took only half a day for the auction to end.

“If you have a demon orb that needs to be purified, you can come and find me.” Yang Chen casually left a message on the auction floor: “Anything can be used to pay for it, as long as you can provide. In addition, when purifying the demon orb, I need a safe place to stay.”

This last requirement was met almost immediately. The best room in the gathering point, with several restrictions placed around it, even if the people outside were shaking the sky, it will not disturb the people inside.

Everyone in this gathering point was eagerly waiting for Yang Chen to help them purify their demon orbs.

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