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Chapter 540.1: Extreme Cultivation

So many dacheng stage masters were all killed in just a few years, and they were still concentrated a few times. Such a thing was unimaginable before. So many masters of the dacheng stage, it was not good to say that, if they directly kill a few big sects, even if the big sects have their final trump card, it was estimated that their vitality will be greatly injured.

The whole process was exceptionally smooth, and there were not even a few people who really wanted everyone to do it. It was all because of the greed and mistrust of these guys.

Otherwise, if they wanted to deal with thousands of dacheng stage masters, even Yang Chen and Li Cheng are also going to die. If it’s really that simple, Yang Chen will kill the Greatest Heaven Sect directly for revenge, why arrange so many twists and turns, and come to the Demon Continent to cultivate.

In any case, the result was satisfactory. There were more than 1,000 dacheng stage masters, and in the end, more than 200 close to 300 old demons were trapped in the geographical map of mountains and rivers, and all the rest were killed, or died by their opponents, or died in the second wood true essence spiritual solution.

Although this caused the spiritual power of the mountain river geographical map to be more complicated, it also doubled the power of the mountain and river geographical map. Moreover, when Gongsun Ling refined it, the difficulty was slightly reduced due to the increase of masters in the map.

This was a very contradictory process, because there were many masters, so the spiritual power was mixed, but just because there are more masters, there are many people who contribute, and it was easier to refine. According to this principle, it should be to find more masters, but Gongsun Ling could not do this.

The more masters there are in the geographical map of mountains and rivers, the more difficult it will be for Gongsun Ling to control. Now it was basically close to Gongsun Ling’s limit. After this battle, Gongsun Ling could no longer have to find a master to fill in the geographical map of the mountains and rivers for a long period of time, otherwise it may be out of control, and the gain will not be worth the loss.

Dragons could refine various spiritual powers by themselves, purify and refine by themselves. Therefore, when the geographical map of mountains and rivers was first made, there was no need to refine spiritual power. Now Gongsun Ling had to spend hundreds of years to refine it again.

However, this also highlights the refining technique of Li Cheng. The geographical map of mountains and rivers that can be placed in the treasure house of the dragons must be the dragon masters who do not know how long and how much energy it took to successfully refine it. It takes only a few hundred years to fill this important function, which could be described as incredible. They really don’t know how brilliant Li Cheng’s family was, that they could actually pass down such a peerless technique.

Regardless of the cultivation methods or magic weapons that the old devils found, they were all gotten by Yang Chen and the others. Holding the jade slips and looking at them one by one, Yang Chen easily understood the principles of those cultivation methods, and he could be regarded as mastering this kind of cultivation method for refining inner demons, collectively known as the heart demons cultivation method.

Simply put, this heart demon cultivation method of the Heart Demon Sect was more similar to a method of self-psychological guidance, and it cannot completely refine the heart demon. The so-called direct refining of the inner demon to benefit from it was even more ridiculous, but it was after all the heart demon cultivation method. It’s true that the mental state cultivation base could be improved a little from it.

Moreover, the heart demon was the heart demon after all, and the heart demon cannot be completely eradicated. Under the effect of the strong demonic qi, it can still be triggered. Otherwise, the Heart Demon Sect does not need to seal the gate on a large scale and cite their migration.

Some of the magic weapons obtained were similar to the tranquility of the black obsidian futon. When they reached this level of cultivation, they were actually not very useful. Rather, Li Cheng suggested that these magic weapons can be smelted together to form a large cultivation room. Whoever retreats in the future will have a lot of benefits.

The matter of the Heart Demon Sect was brought to an end with the collection of the second wood true essence spiritual solution and the destruction of the old demons. When Yang Chen and his party came out of that portal, they didn’t see anyone else.

“Since the matter here is finished, I will look around again. One day, we will meet at the dao sect domain!” Li Cheng and Yang Chen reunited, also because of the heart demon sect ruins. Now that the matter was over, naturally he will no longer stay, so he directly said goodbye.

Although Yang Chen was a little bit reluctant, he also knew that he would follow fate, and took his four wives to salute the eldest brother Li Cheng, and watched him leave.

“Husband, we also want to have more experience here.” When Li Cheng left, Gao Yue and Shi Shanshan seemed to have an idea, still wanting to leave Yang Chen’s side to gain experience.

“This place is full of demonic fiends, you can experience it, but you can’t travel alone.” Yang Chen thought for a while, shook his head slightly “You two should be in a group, and you must pay attention to safety.”

A group of two was actually Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling’s group, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s group. One of the two groups has the geographical map of mountains and rivers, and the other has the tortoise shield, both of which are top-level protection magic weapons. In the depths of this demon continent, they can be considered to be able to protect themselves.

Everyone agreed on the time and place for the next meeting, and the four women left Yang Chen again, looking for the experience of demonized monsters fighting, Yang Chen once again became a loner, bare-headed commander.

At this stage of Yang Chen, it doesn’t make much sense to search for some ordinary demonized monsters to gain experience. In the Demon Continent, it was a pity that it was not experienced, so Yang Chen naturally targeted the demonized demon vine.

When slaying the second demonized demon vine, Yang Chen discovered a strange phenomenon. After nine nether flying sword absorbed the demonic qi of the demonized demon vine, it seemed that the induction of the demonic qi took a step up. Faintly, in the other direction, something seemed to be attracting the nine nether flying sword.

Before, because he wanted to solve the matter of the ruins of the Heart Demon Sect, he didn’t care about exploring, and now Yang Chen had time, and regardless of other things, he flew directly in that direction. He wanted to see what exactly was in that direction that could attract the nine nether flying sword.

Hundreds of low-grade demonic fire seeds have been absorbed, and basically all those below the third grade have been completed. On the way, Yang Chen didn’t waste time either, rushing on the way while absorbing the third-grade demonic fire seeds.

Compared to the current profound spirit furnace or the Yin Yang heaven burning fire, the third-rank demonic fire seeds were not enough, and it was easy to absorb, it only took Yang Chen a day or two more.

This time Yang Chen hurried along, he was walking in a straight line, regardless of what kind of tough guys he would encounter on the road. The nine nether flying sword was like a fish in the water here, the demonic fiends encountered along the way cannot withstand the blow of the nine nether flying sword, even the monsters of the dacheng stage. A strong monster who has no mind and only instinct was still easy to deal with after all.

It only took a few months before Yang Chen arrived at the area that attracted the nine nether flying sword. Seeing the situation, Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile.

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