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Chapter 539.2: Final Outcome

Sun Qingxue, with the worst cultivation base, was now in the middle Yuanying stage, while Shi Shanshan, the strongest of the three girls, has directly reached the peak middle Yuanying stage.

After all, it was two kinds of spiritual power, but the same attribute, after the yin and yang were reconciled, the spirit power of the five element attributes was more than twice as powerful as that of a single type.

At this time, the spirit power of the three women’s cultivation base had all been converted to the original Yin-Yang spiritual power, and there was nothing more pure than their cultivation base.

Of course, the purification and condensing of spirit power still requires a constant process to proceed, both Yang Chen and Li Cheng emphasized the content of this aspect. In fact, there are records of how to purify their spiritual power in each method. As long as the girls cultivate carefully, they could naturally achieve their goals.

Because of Yang Chen and Li Cheng’s dissuasion and explanation, the four girls now did not pursue the level of spiritual power at all, but began to pursue the quality of spiritual power. No matter how high the realm was, you could only serve as a foil when you encounter people like Yang Chen and Li Cheng, it was better to try Li Cheng’s method.

Everything was proceeding step by step, and the level of the second wood true essence spiritual solution also began to slowly bottom out. The old demons of the several surrounding forces each collected the second wood true essence that they had collected, carefully guarding the surroundings, collecting the last second wood true essence while waiting for the final eruption.

One or several forces forcibly collected more than ninety-nine percent or more of the second wood true essence. They ate meat and left a little soup base for others. They didn’t even plan to leave any soup, so it naturally aroused outrage.

Everyone was waiting for the moment of the outbreak. The magic weapons at the bottom of their respective storage bags were prepared in advance. This time, some guys would be smashed into meat paste.

As the spiritual solution level lowered, the forces in several directions became closer, and finally they were held together.

A small friction was enough to trigger all disputes. When everyone was ready with red eyes, an abrupt cough directly detonated these dacheng stage masters.

Boom, all the flying swords and magic weapons flew out, and countless various thunderballs exploded madly. This time, they didn’t ask for anything else, they only attacked to grab that massive amount of second wood true essence from the opponent’s hand.

All the old monsters were desperate to kill their opponents. No one meant to be merciful. Under this scene, everyone understands, kill the other one. There would be more second wood true essence on his side. People die for money, so everyone was caught in a frantic attack.

The fight this time was much more tragic than the last time. Last time most people were controlled by the heart demon, but this time it was an active fight, and the attack was unprecedented.

For the massive amount of the second wood true essence spiritual solution, everyone put down their disguise and beheaded their opponents mercilessly. Several forces fought, but no party voluntarily withdrew.

In this scene, there was no room for a guy to withdraw wisely, who would quit now. Whoever has the biggest suspicion will definitely be attacked by groups. No one dared to make such a move and no one wanted to let anyone go.

There were a few guys who were clever and wanted to escape first, but they were killed in the blink of a second. After the melee that lasted for more than half a month, only more than a hundred old demons were left to fight.

The other guys were either dead or seriously injured and unable to move. Even the rest of them were all scared and exhausted.

What’s more terrifying was that these remaining guys suddenly discovered that they were actually trapped in a formation unknowingly during the battle. Who arranged this formation, no one even understood.

Everyone stopped their hands, looked at each other, and then watched the seriously injured companions disappear inexplicably before everyone’s eyes. Which horrible force was this that has made a stance of fighting it all?

Among the remaining old demons, the dozens of old demons who were the first to enter the site of the Heart Demon Sect were all listed. With just a dozen of them, they killed at least a hundred opponents.

“Which expert is it, show yourself?” Someone finally asked out loud. They were not afraid to be plotted against, but it was a shame to be plotted against so quietly.

This time, Yang Chen and the others did not disappoint these old demons, and showed up directly. When the six figures appeared in front of everyone, those old demons were all dumbfounded and shocked.

“It’s you?” Several people screamed out loud on the spot.

Everyone was not surprised. Yang Chen Li Cheng and the six of them, when they first met, there were only two in the middle Yuanying stage, and the others were in the early Yuanying stage. If they hadn’t used Yang Chen to purify the demonic qi to open the portal entrance, they would have killed them easily.

Because of the strong tortoise shell protection, no one could do anything to them, but no one thought that the culprit that made them kill each other so much turned out to be these six weak little guys.

All the old demons were exhausted now. Not to mention the six Yuanying stage masters, even six Jiedan stage masters could dominate their life and death.

After all, they have never trusted each other, otherwise, how could they kill each other so easily and be taken advantage of by Yang Chen and others?

“Fine, I’ll not wait until I die, all the things I get here belong to you.” Someone immediately responded: “Just let me leave, and I will surely offer it with both hands.”

“If you change to yourself, will you let us go?” Yang Chen was noncommittal, but asked back.

Everyone’s heart sank, knowing that this time they couldn’t be kind, Yang Chen was right. If they were replaced by them, they would never leave anyone alive and let them retaliate in the future.

“Attack!” They are all experts, after so many years of experience in the Demon Continent, no one has the habit of talking nonsense. Seeing that there was little hope, they immediately started to attack.

After all, an old demon was also a master of the dacheng stage. A lean camel was bigger than a horse, and with all their best efforts, they may be able to kill six Yuanying stage masters and fly far away.

It’s just that the wishes are beautiful, but the reality is cruel. As soon as everyone rushed out, a flower bloomed in front of them. When their vision became clearer, everyone was stunned to find that they no longer knew where they were, and around, there was not even a single figure.

“A’Ling, this time you have gained a lot!” Yang Chen looked at Gongsun Ling who put away the geographical map of the mountains and rivers with joy, and couldn’t help but exhorted “You can’t stop the refining method given to you by your eldest brother.”

In just this last fight, Gongsun Ling has added more than a hundred dacheng stage masters, and her spiritual power will only become more and more complicated in the future. Of course Gongsun Ling knew what was good or bad, so she agreed repeatedly.

At this point, the thousands of dacheng stage old demons who had planned to hit the heart of the Heart Demon Sect ruins have been wiped out, and there was no one left.

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