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Chapter 539.1: Final Outcome

After all, it was the true essence spiritual solution. Even if Yang Chen and Li Cheng collected it at the same time, the impact on the lake surface accumulated by the spiritual liquid in a radius of more than ten miles was very small.

After a hard day and night, the liquid level of the lake dropped by more than a foot. But this speed has already made those old demons horrified.

Every faction has the means to collect the spiritual liquid, but compared to the two people gathering it almost like pouring water into a gourd and a jade bottle, their speed was much slower.

However, even so, those old demons gathered a jade bottle or two, and they continued. There was no other way, no one knew that such a heaven-defying thing would appear here and as soon as it was discovered, it attracted everyone’s attention, and there was no time to fully prepare.

Now there was a certain power that could quickly collect the true essence, the old demons could only do their best to collect some, and then stare at the other powers to see which power was behaving abnormally, and then wait to make plans after the collection was complete.

Everyone has the same mind, if everyone collects such good things slowly, one or two could be tolerated. But once one guy can gather a lot, it will inevitably cause imbalances among the others. In this way, contradictions were slowly bred without being scarce and unbalanced.

Yang Chen and Li Cheng were busy collecting the spiritual solution. Except for Gongsun Ling, all of the four women began to cultivate their second true essence spirit power in the mountain river geographical map. Gao Yue’s ninth water true secret art, Shi Shanshan eighth metal true secret art, as well as Sun Qingxue second wood true secret art.

There were so many second wood true essence spiritual solution. It was enough for Sun Qingxue to cultivate the second wood true secret art easily. The only thing missing was the sixth earth true essence that Gongsun Ling needed, but now Gongsun Ling’s main task was not to cultivate, but to re-refine the mountain river geographical map.

It must be said that Li Cheng’s refining method was indeed extremely powerful, it can re-refine the mountain river geographical map that has become the life source magic weapon without affecting the use of the mountain river geographical map.

The purpose of this sacrificial refining was mainly to achieve spiritual power purification on the geographical map of mountains and rivers. In the future, the spiritual power provided by the masters in the geographical map of mountains and rivers could be easily absorbed by Gongsun Ling without worrying about too many side effects.

This was a long-term process, even Li Cheng said it would take two to three hundred years. Gongsun Ling was not in a hurry, but the initial cultivation was quite troublesome and Gongsun Ling could only work hard.

More than one hundred seriously injured old demons were collected into the geographical map of mountains and rivers, and were easily distributed by Gongsun Ling within the huge area of ​​the geographical map of mountains and rivers, without enemies, there was no demonic qi disturbance either, the old demons awakened one after another.

Spiritual power was abundant, but all the magic weapons at their disposal have disappeared. Their qiankun bag was completely searched by Gongsun Ling, and they could only recover their injuries first, and then try to figure out where they were. What no one knows was that every time they cultivated, it was equivalent to helping Gongsun Ling refine the geographical map of mountains and rivers and provide Gongsun Ling with a steady stream of spiritual power.

Collecting the second wood true essence spiritual solution was a long-term process, and there were a lot of spiritual solution here. Yang Chen and Li Cheng let go of their gourd and bottle, only to absorb one foot of liquid a day. It will take a long time to absorb all these tens of feet deep spiritual liquid.

Yang Chen never thought about it, he followed Li Cheng here and participated in this matter, and he was able to get so many benefits. With that said, Li Cheng’s luck were so profound that it can’t be explained.

A large amount of second wood true essence spiritual solution was obtained, and A’Bi’s body, the jasper blood phantom vine, grew extremely strong. In the medicine garden, a space was specially opened to hold the second wood true essence spiritual solution. If someone enters Yang Chen’s medicinal garden at this moment, they will be able to find two huge ponds, one containing the first wood spiritual solution and the other with the second wood true essence spiritual solution. No matter what kind of spiritual medicine, it can be managed by A’Zhu and A’Bi with extraordinary vitality.

The scouring of a large amount of the second wood true essence spiritual solution triggered a change in the space barrier. The one hundred thousand-year-old medicine garden space handed over by the Greatest Heaven Sect finally began to merge with Yang Chen’s medicine garden.

However, this time the space between the two parties was too different, and the fusion was complete, but a new one was formed instead of directly fusing with the original space.

In this way, the medicine garden has three levels of space, the first level is the thousand-year-old spirit medicine, the second level is the ten thousand-year level spirit medicine, and the third is the one-hundred-thousand year level spirit medicine.

A’Zhu and A’Bi moved their bodies into the third dimension for the first time. The spiritual power there was more abundant, and with the watering of the first wood spiritual solution and second wood true essence spiritual solution, the medicinal materials there appeared to be more lush.

The green gourd in Yang Chen’s hand became more and more emerald green, it had become pure emerald green. Holding it in his hand, it was like a translucent jade gourd, indescribably cute.

“Those old worms were willing to pay for the cost.” Li Cheng seemed to be a little unbalanced about the magic weapon refined by the dragon clan, watching the changes in the gourd in Yang Chen’s hand, he muttered.

Yang Chen, who got the bargain, obviously didn’t mean to be obedient, but quietly holding the gourd and controlling the absorption of the second wood true essence spiritual solution, without showing off at all. Li Cheng murmured a few words, and when no one answered, he calmed down, distracting himself with cultivation.

Yang Chen didn’t relax his cultivation either, but what he was doing now was to absorb those newly received demonic fire seeds. There were many first grade fire seeds, second grade and third grade in the demonic fire seeds. For Yang Chen, it was not difficult to absorb, almost at a rate of one a day, he quickly absorbed it into the profound spirit furnace, and then it was absorbed by Yang Chen to merge into the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire.

Suddenly so many basic fire seeds were added to the two fire dragons of the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire, and their shape became more and more realistic. Although it has not yet reached the point of lifelike, some horns and scales could already be displayed on the fire dragons. He believes that in time, after being able to absorb and fuse higher-level fire seeds, the details of the fire dragons would become more detailed.

While absorbing the fire seeds, Yang Chen paid attention to the situation of the three women who were cultivating the true essence secret art. Because they had cultivated a true essence secret art before, so with the second cultivation, the three women were all familiar with the process and there were almost no obstacles.

Half a year passed quickly, and the three women opened their eyes from the closed-door cultivation almost at the same time, everyone had an aura of the true essence spiritual power and their cultivation had also improved again.

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