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Chapter 538.2: Collecting The True Essence Spiritual Solution

                                                                   It could be said that Li Cheng does not have

the slightest hidden selfishness on this, it was simply selfless guidance. However, how to condense and purify spiritual power, he did not continue to say. Each sect has a similar method, and each cultivation method has a different method.

As long as you give directions, everyone will naturally be able to pay attention to their cultivation. If you do not seek for quickness, but for perfection, and your future achievements would definitely be different.

Here Li Cheng had already handed over the refining method to Gongsun Ling, and instructed her to start refining her own magic weapon.

Because it has been tempered as her life source magic weapon, the mountain river geographical map could be used at any time. With this refining method, Gongsun Ling could even use the masters in the mountain river geographical map to complete this process.

After temporarily solving Gongsun Ling’s hidden dangers, everyone became happier, watching the masters outside fighting each other, still taking the action to collect one or two guys who were alone, waiting for the final result.

After being immersed in the demonic qi of the Demon Continent for a long time, after experiencing the frenzied cannibalism at the beginning, some people finally realized that something was wrong and sensed the existence of the demonic qi. Those who have obtained the cultivation method and magic weapons were the first to wake up. After discovering that something was wrong, they were shocked. The separated ones woke up the guys who had fallen into the eruption of the heart demon.

As a result, the battle group finally separated, and all that could be awakened were awakened, and the ones that could not be awakened were first hit hard and lost their ability to move. In the end, everyone was divided into several different groups.

Counting the number of people, in this melee alone, hundreds of dacheng stage masters were lost, and more than a hundred trapped in the heart demon were heavily wounded and guarded. Among the remaining people, more than half were wounded and intact, that was, they were in their early 100s.

Yang Chen had already retracted the nine nether flying sword, the group of six people, under the double cover of the sea jade lamp and the mountain river geographical map, no one could find their tracks. They hide on the side, waiting to see what happens next.

“There are so many second wood true essence, enough for everyone to share, why should it be cheaper for the guys who fish in troubled waters?” The one who said this was one of the first dozen old monsters to come in.

In fact, several groups were headed by these old monsters, and everyone nodded and agreed. The previous madness to kill each other was simply unreasonable, they could endure it for hundreds of years, but they lost their defense at this time.

The second wood true essence was not that easy to collect, and all the people present were knowledgeable. All understand this truth, except for those wood monster race, it was estimated that other people can’t directly collect the refined second wood spiritual solution at all. Finding the second wood true essence was just the beginning, they needed to find a way to collect it before they could succeed.

“Everyone retreat, each occupying a position, how about collecting according to our own skills?” Someone immediately suggested that this muddled killing seemed to scare everyone. Each gathering according to theit ability, no one could interfere, this was the best way.

In each group, there were actually people who know how to collect the second wood true essence, but it has become a spiritual solution, which was a little more difficult. As long as you give everyone a chance to do something, you can always receive a lot. As the old demon said at the beginning, so much spiritual solution could always be collected.

Several groups have equal numbers, after discussing with others, the leaders agreed to this approach. With so many second wood spiritual solution why would they fight to death, how if they collect it, even if they couldn’t, they can grab it from the opponent, which was more beneficial than doing it like this.

Those who were trapped in the heart demon and can’t wake up were something that several groups have to fight for. After all, there are more than one hundred people, no matter which group they join, they are powerful forces. But when everyone hit their ideas on those people, they were shocked to find that those seriously injured and unconscious guys disappeared without a trace.

This discovery made the old monsters suddenly startled, these people disappeared under their noses. How could this be possible? What kind of cultivation base does it take to do it?

Everyone raised their spiritual awareness, and carefully watched the surroundings. They just let them investigate, and they couldn’t find anyone who did it.

Everyone was shocked and frightened, guarding each other, and distributed in several directions according to the previous agreement. Until some of them tried to collect the second wood true essence, nothing happened. This made them a little relieved, and then several groups sent people to alert while sending people to collect them.

After Yang Chen, the six people, unconsciously received the one hundred injured guys in the mountain river geographical map, they quietly hid them in the geographical map of the mountains and rivers on the edge where several forces hadn’t noticed them. Entering the second wood true essence, they quickly drilled to the bottom.

Yang Chen now knows a lot about the true essence spiritual solutions. In such a situation, it is not surprising that there will be second wood true essence crystals below. They would collect those first, and then it will not be too late to collect the second wood true essence spiritual solutions. They can’t leave precious materials to these old monsters.

The old demon supervised each other, but couldn’t detect the movement in the second wood true essence spiritual solution. There was no way, there was a force of suction when the spiritual awareness penetrated it. Although they can contend, it was wishful thinking to know the movement in the spiritual solution.

The mountain river geographical map protected everyone from diving to the bottom of second wood true essence spiritual solution. Sure enough, a large piece of second wood true essence crystal was found, good things are welcome, Li Cheng made a move and directly salvaged all of them piece by piece, and then the two divided it, and the Yang Chen family and Li Cheng divided it equally.

Next, it was to collect the second wood true essence spiritual solution, and neither Li Cheng nor Yang Chen was polite. Yang Chen held the gourd, Li Cheng held the bottle, and took the mountain river geographical map and collected them frantically. The level of the second wood true essence spiritual solution began to slowly drop.

Of course, Yang Chen wouldn’t just use such an opportunity to only collect the spiritual solution. The blood phantom vine flying sword was originally the second wood flying sword, and it was precisely this opportunity that the second wood true essence spiritual solution could be used to refine it.

In the same way, the body of the medicine garden tool spirit A’Bi, the current jasper blood phantom vine was also a powerful fifth grade, also infused with a large amount of second wood true essence spiritual solution for A’Bi to absorb. A’Bi even started to flush the space barriers of the medicine garden of Greatest Heaven Sect with this powerful second wood true essence spiritual solution, trying to complete the final integration process.

Outside the spiritual solution, the old demons suddenly found that the level of the second wood true essence spiritual solution was slowly falling, and they were all taken aback. It was thought that a certain or a few forces have a method to quickly collect the second wood true essence spiritual solution. Everyone has also accelerated the collection, and at the same time secretly guessed which force has such a powerful collection method, and what should they plan after receiving it?

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