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Chapter 538.1: Collecting The True Essence Spiritual Solution

The masters of the dacheng stage were the masters of the dacheng stage. When Yang Chen was collecting various true essence spiritual solutions, the cultivators who met, as long as their spiritual awareness penetrated into the true essence spiritual solutions, they would all be dragged into the source spiritual solution and burst into death.

However, there were exceptions. Under normal circumstances, dacheng stage masters will not have this situation. At that time, the big city lord of the banyan tree immortal cave, the second city lord, could easily reach the first wood spiritual solution and was safe, but they had no good way to collect the first wood spiritual solution.

Now this group of dacheng stage elders were the same, fighting over the true essence spiritual solution, but they were not affected by the second wood true essence in the slightest.

However, those guys who were injured and accidentally fell into the spiritual solution were not so lucky. They were already injured, once attacked by the second wood true essence, they couldn’t control their body for a while. Although they didn’t explode like the Yuanying stage masters, they could only leave the power to protect themselves, but could no longer act.

The aftermath of the above attack directly swept through these poor guys mercilessly. They were unable to move and were deeply penetrated into the second wood spiritual solution, and never appeared again.

The old devils have endured for hundreds of years, everyone has carefully guarded against each other for such a long time. Now that they have been provoked by the beginning of the struggle, and have been conspired by the invisible demonic qi, no one could suppress this emotion to vent, and the fighting went on.

Within a few days, the old demons of almost the entire sealed land rushed over. As soon as everyone came in, they joined the battle group like crazy, and no one wanted to give away the exposed second wood true.

As long as there was such a little thought, under the magnification of the demonic qi, it becomes the effect of melee. This was the first time everyone in the mortal world has seen such a battle scene of thousands of dacheng stage masters. The scene was magnificent and the effect was amazing.

“Your flying sword seems to be getting better and better.” Of course Li Cheng understood who was behind the scenes, watching Yang Chen release the nine nether flying sword little by little to affect the old demons, he couldn’t help sighing.

“One of the benefits of going to that valley.” Yang Chen did not hide it from Li Cheng, after fighting Li Cheng for a while, the relationship between the two seemed to be closer.

Killing the demonized demon vine, the nine nether flying sword was indeed one of the benefits, and the other advantage was that the yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique has risen from the middle stage to the late stage, and he has obtained a huge demon orb.

The re-refined nine nether flying sword, because of the addition of those mysterious fibers, has the effect of shielding the six senses. That’s why he showed great power on this occasion, but no old demon could find the clue.

Gongsun Ling was happily picking up bargains on the periphery. As long as there was a single injured master, Yang Chen and Li Cheng would always secretly put him in a coma and then Gongsun Ling happily left these poor guys leave their storage bag behind and received them in the mountain river geographical map.

In just three or two days, there were more than twenty dacheng stage old demons in Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map, and they were still unconscious of the situation.

Seeing those who were beaten into the second wood true essence sink into the spiritual solution, and Yang Chen had experienced collecting the first wood spiritual solution together, of course she knew the fate of those people, which was a pity. If these dead guys could be received into the mountain river geographical map, wasn’t it more exciting?

Gongsun Ling’s thought was naturally seen by Yang Chen. Of course, the mountain river geographical map has as many masters as possible. However, the current mountain river geographical map still lacks a very necessary function, that was to refine and condense spirit power.

After the battle with Li Cheng, Yang Chen thoroughly understood how powerful his pure spirit power and spiritual awareness were. Gongsun Ling’s current cultivation base was the highest, but it was because the masters in the mountain river geographical map have continuously provided her with spirit power.

If Gongsun Ling was a dragon, even a dragon like Xiao Tian, Yang Chen didn’t have to worry. But now, Yang Chen must worry about Gongsun Ling. Having absorbed so many different spirit powers, of course the spirit power cultivation base will be very high, but after ascending, if she want to purify these spirit powers, it would take a lot of effort.

The best way was to re-refine the mountain river geographical map to increase the function of purifying spirit power. At the same time, Gongsun Ling should also refine and condense her current spiritual power as much as possible, this was the right way. Those masters outside were beating their lives and beating to death, so he took this time to ask Li Cheng for advice.

“Big brother, A’Ling’s spirit power is a bit mixed, is there any way to make those spiritual powers more refined in the mountain river geographical map?” With Li Cheng, a great master with pure spiritual power by his side, how could Yang Chen let it go? Naturally, he put on a posture of humbly asking for advice and asked Li Cheng for advice.

“You don’t have to ask, I’ll talk about it afterwards.” Li Cheng had been preparing for a while, and Yang Chen was answered immediately when he asked him. When it was related to herself, Gongsun Ling also turned her head and listened carefully.

“A’Ling, your current spiritual power is a bit confusing and impure. Although your cultivation base is high, your real combat power is not as good as Shanshan.” Yang Chen was not afraid that Gongsun Ling would be sad and directly said the problem “Of course, I’m to blame for this, I didn’t tell you how to cultivate the mountain river geographical map well.”

Gongsun Ling was in the Demon Continent these days, and there was a geographical map of mountains and rivers nearby, which could almost be said to be unprofitable. But in front of his husband and his husband’s elder brother, she was very submissive. Especially when Yang Chen said that her spiritual power was impure, even Li Cheng nodded in agreement, there must be some problems.

“In your situation, it’s like eating the demon orb. It will take a lot of energy to adjust in the future.” Li Cheng said from the side”The gain is not worth the loss, it is better to eradicate the troubles from now on.”

“Big Brother, please give me some advice!” Gongsun Ling also called Big Brother Li Cheng after Yang Chen. Li Cheng said so, obviously to help, Gongsun Ling hurriedly gave salutes.

“There is two ways.” Li Cheng was not polite, and directly stretched out two fingers and said “First, refining the mountain river geographical map. The spiritual power that the mountain river geographical map will provide you in the future will be the purified spiritual power. I have a refining method here, which is most suitable for your situation, but it will take at least two to three hundred years.”

“It will take two to three hundred years to re-refine the mountain river geographical map, it’s worth it!” Yang Chen directly answered next to him. Any of the methods in his memory would take hundreds to thousands of years, but now it only takes two hundred years, it’s really worth it.

“Second, from now on, you, including everyone, must condense and purify your spiritual power.” Li Cheng was not at all polite, included everyone in “I can add a heavenly spirit earthly fiend formation your family, combining your husband Yin-Yang five elements secret art, it relies on pure spiritual power.”

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