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Chapter 534.2: Battle

The four women watching from the periphery couldn’t feel the changes in their bodies, but the combat experience they used made the four women like a treasure, indulged in them, and could no longer extricate themselves.

The attacking enemy must use speed, strength, angle, and timing. Although Yang Chen and Li Cheng just clashed fists together, the fighting consciousness that came out was unprecedented, and it was so wonderful that the four girls were even more excited. They didn’t dare to slack off a little, for fear of missing any small battle scenes.

Unknowingly, just this brute force duel has lasted a whole day. Yang Chen hit Li Cheng with a fist, and he could already feel the stronger counter-shock force. In the same way, Li Cheng’s boxing power seemed to have no effect on Yang Chen’s internal organs.

“More!” Li Cheng became more and more addicted, yelling at the booming popularity, and then, before Yang Chen had any means, his spiritual awareness had already pierced Yang Chen like an invisible sharp sword.

Yang Chen’s sea of ​​consciousness, before being stabbed by Li Cheng’s spiritual awareness, had already begun to churn. Almost at the same time, Yang Chen’s counterattack had already begun.

The two spiritual awareness met in the air, making a loud noise out of thin air, shocking the four women around. The escaped spiritual awareness residue even forced the four women to retreat a few tens of feet outwards, which was unconsciously oppressive.

This kind of sight shocked all the four women. Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was strong, and the four women had long been psychologically prepared, but they didn’t expect Li Cheng to be so terrifying. They don’t know what kind of secrets Li Cheng’s family has, in order to produce such a heaven defying young master.

The degree of surprise to Yang Chen was even stronger than that of the four women. Yang Chen was now cultivating the three purities secret art handed down by the grand supreme elderly lord; it was a heaven defying cultivation method from the immortal realm, but Li Cheng could actually fight him to a stand still. Among them, Yang Chen was equal to each other, and Yang Chen couldn’t help but admire it.

Li Cheng’s spiritual awareness was pure and condensed, with an awe-inspiring aura. Compared with Yang Chen’s current third grade human immortal realm spiritual awareness, he did not lose out. Even in some respects, it was even better, why would it not make Yang Chen extremely confused?

But now was not the time to investigate how high Li Cheng’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was, because what could be such a realm. The two were fighting, and they were a little distracted. They didn’t dare to say that they were on the line of life and death, but they were indispensable for being sturdy. Even though Yang Chen’s internal organ tempering has improved a lot, he still doesn’t want to be beaten a few times for no reason.

In the mountain river geographical map, just like outside, time passes, the sun rises and the sunset was almost indistinguishable. This battle between the two of them engulfed the attack of spiritual awareness. Once again, it lasted almost two days and two nights.

In his previous life, Yang Chen didn’t make a lot of achievements in spiritual awareness cultivation. In this life, he has only gained some advantages in spiritual awareness under the extensive and profound guidance of three purities secret art. Compared with his knowledge of refining and fire seeds control, he was not even better.

But in the battle with Li Cheng, Yang Chen’s eyes were opened firmly. Li Cheng’s spiritual awareness attack definitely made Yang Chen feel overwhelmed. Even in the previous day and a half, Yang Chen was almost pressured and taught by Li Cheng, and occasionally fought back several times. 

This was definitely an experience that was impossible to ask for. Was there a more appropriate way to understand and master these spiritual awareness attacks than in actual combat?

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness also became more and more understood in this uninterrupted battle. Most of the things that were known before but did not know why were also made clear in this battle, this alone has benefited Yang Chen.

Both of them felt tired, if it’s just the squandering of spirit power, it will not make the two of them tired to such a degree, but the attack of the spiritual awareness and the constant tension of the nerves, coping with the opponent’s attack and counterattack were the most costly process of mental effort.

However, the more they fought, the more they had no intention of stopping, instead they became more energetic and attacked more fiercely.

The four women who were watching were unable to keep up with the speed of the two people’s movements. It was often that they just wanted to understand the mystery of a previous attack, but when they came back to their senses, they found that the two had already fought at least ten more moves.

But despite this, the four women have gained a lot. Watching Yang Chen and Li Cheng’s three-day battle, it seems that they have benefited a lot more than they had been surrounded by hordes of demonic fiends outside for several months.

“Plus spirit power!” Li Cheng shouted again, his voice full of excitement. With the shout, a surging wave of spirit power was mixed in the fist, and it smashed down towards Yang Chen.

Of course, Yang Chen was not to be outdone. The Yin-Yang five elements secret art moved to the extreme in an instant. The positive Yin-Yang five elements spiritual power was directly arranged into two formations of Yin-Yang five elements array. Eighty lines of spiritual strength directly hit Li Cheng’s chest. At the same time, the five elements array spread out on his body, ready to meet Li Cheng’s spirit power bombardment.

Boom, almost at the same time that the two punches met, a huge sonic boom spread far away. Both of them shook their bodies severely, then gritted their teeth and bombarded each other regardless.

Now every blow of the two of them carried a force of heaven and earth, and the momentum was so great that even the four women who were on the sidelines were somewhat appalled and worried. If such an attack fell on their body, it would impossible to withstand for any of them. Unless they used the mountain river geographical map or the tortoise shield, there would be a serious injury or even death.

Yang Chen and Li Cheng, who were in the battle, both unanimously admired their opponents. Yang Chen’s current Yin Yang Five Elements Formation attack has at least twice the enhanced attack effect. Even if Yang Chen has not gathered the Great Yin Yang Five Elements secret art, his attack power should not be underestimated.

But Li Cheng was able to take it over completely, this was not using any magic weapon, just relying on strong physical and spiritual defenses, it must be said that Li Cheng’s strength was beyond Yang Chen’s expectations.

Li Cheng on the other side was also full of surprises. Yang Chen’s performance was beyond Li Cheng’s expectations. He originally thought it was just a positive and negative attack on the five elements of Yin and Yang, but unexpectedly, there was also a large array to boost. 

Until now, the two talents finally had a real feeling of awe for each other. 

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