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Chapter 535.1: Everyone Has An Advantage

After joining the spiritual power, the power of the attack once again increased a lot. Especially Yang Chen, whose spirit power was directly mixed with the Yin-Yang five elements formation and the heavenly spirit earthly fiend, directly increased Yang Chen’s attack power by several times. With the spirit power shown by Li Cheng, the next thing was really reluctantly.

However, Li Cheng was not so friendly. He used his whole body to stop Yang Chen’s attack with a great deal of strength, and he even had room to counterattack.

However, when encountering Yang Chen’s five element spiritual power, the power of the attack was like entering a big grinding wheel, and after nine out of ten of them was consumed before acting on Yang Chen’s body, Yang Chen was quite relaxed to block these attacks.

It’s just that Li Cheng was far more powerful than that. Whether it was his current spirit power or spiritual awareness sum up, the characteristics were just one word, pure. It was so pure that it made people disheartened, and even the spirit power of Yang Chen’s three purities secret art and the spirit power of the Yin Yang five elements secret art were not Li Cheng’s opponents at this point.

If Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was 80% pure, then Li Cheng’s was at least 95% pure. If Yang Chen had 60% spirit power, Li Cheng also reached more than 90%.

This kind of purity was far from what Yang Chen could achieve with simple refining. It was an effect that could only be achieved after a thousand tempering and hard work, and an indescribable refinement. With Yang Chen’s current cultivation base, he was far from comparable.

As for other people, it was even more unimaginable. People thought that their spirit power was already very pure, but at least 40% of the messy spirit power in it was invisible to the cultivators at this stage. Everyone thinks that the purified demon orbs have no side effects, and that’s why.

Insufficient cultivation base has led to insufficient insights. Many of the shortcomings in cultivation were such that they had accumulated a little bit in the spirit world and the immortal world before they erupt, so that by that time, it would take many times or even dozens of times more energy than the current stage to make up.

One effect of the pure spirit power was the exceptional ease of control, and the unparalleled amplification effect in certain effects. Regardless of attack or defense, Yang Chen could not be able to stand by. If it were not for the Yin-Yang five elements formation and the heavenly spirit earthly fiend formation, Yang Chen could keep up with Li Cheng.

While Yang Chen was amazed, Li Cheng on the opposite side couldn’t help being surprised. Never had he thought that Yang Chen had such a skill. The simultaneous cultivation of spirit power, Yin and Yang, and the five elements was already unexpected, and it was even more shocking to have the effect of the heavenly spirit earthly fiend formation.

If it weren’t for surpassing Yang Chen in purity, and after saying that the attack effect of spiritual power could not be added, Li Cheng would be embarrassed. Even so, the attack from Yang Chen was very uncomfortable, and Li Cheng always suffered from every blow.

But the more so, the happier Li Cheng was, the same was true for Yang Chen. A well-matched opponent was definitely the best whetstone in their cultivation. The more tempered, the more beneficial it would be for their own cultivation.

It was just a few days of confrontation. Yang Chen felt that his yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique had already reached a step in the internal tempering of the river turning strength. If he went through it a few more times, he could just rely on this kind of confrontation and enter the realm of the peak sea pouring strength.

Every blow of Li Cheng was like the best hammer. He punches out the impurities in his body and makes his whole body more symmetrical. Such an opponent, such an opportunity, was simply a gift from heaven. 

He didn’t know if Li Cheng felt the same way, but Yang Chen could  feel Li Cheng’s changes from Li Cheng’s back shock, it seemed he thought the same way in his heart.

In this situation, although the two became more tired as they fought, they were happier in their hearts as they fought. Under the excitement, the strength of the two people seemed to have improved again, and they continued to confront each other, it seemed that no one wanted to stop first.

The physical, spirit power and the full confrontation of the spiritual awareness continued for almost half a month. The strength of the two finally became smaller and smaller, and their speed became slower and slower. In the end, it simply became a confrontation of will. It depends on who will fall off first. 

Finally, Yang Chen and Li Cheng had no more energy. After hitting each other once with soft hands, they both lay on the ground exhausted, never wanting to move half of their fingers.

Their spirit power has been exhausted, and their spiritual awareness has almost been exhausted. The physical body does not even have the strength to support the two of them standing. As soon as they lay down, they closed their eyes, and there was no more movement.

However, the two were still different. Under this situation, Li Cheng still had difficulty slowly absorbing spirit power and began to recover from the fight, while Yang Chen closed his eyes and fell asleep sweetly.

Originally, the purpose of this confrontation was to make Yang Chen tired and then fall asleep, everyone understood this. Anyway, this was inside the mountain river geographical map, and there were the four women watching, so there was no need to worry about safety.

The four women have been immersed in the wonderful fighting confrontation between the two, until both of them have stopped for a long time, and then they woke up one after another.

It was Shi Shanshan who woke up first, then Gao Yue, then Gongsun Ling, and finally Sun Qingxue. All of the four women have gained a lot from this observation, and their faces were filled with joy that can’t be concealed.

Seeing the situation of the two, Gongsun Ling’s heart moved, and the place where Li Cheng and Yang Chen lay suddenly changed. Li Cheng quickly condensed a small spirit gathering formation, the mountain river geographical map absorbed countless spiritual power, and began to provide for Li Cheng to recover.

On the other side of Yang Chen, it became a comfortable bedroom. Yang Chen lay on the soft and comfortable wooden couch, sleeping like a dead pig.

The four girls woke up without any extra actions, but after watching Gongsun Ling finish the operation, everyone started discussing with each other in another place where they did not interfere with them. The content of the discussion was naturally the gains and benefits of the battle between Yang Chen and Li Cheng.

This was a habit that everyone has cultivated on the way to the Demon Continent. After dealing with the sea beasts, they would make a small summary. The four women were all geniuses with excellent comprehension. The combined wisdom of the four people could make everyone gain something every time.

The battle between their own husband and brother allowed the four women to see many things they had never thought of before. The four women expressed their feelings one after another, and none of them hid themselves. The more they discussed, the more excited everyone was. Just discussing the summary of the battle lasted almost four or five days.

Then, the four women also began to retreat one after the other, continuing to digest these combat experiences.

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