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Chapter 534.1: Battle

Yang Chen fought with all his strength, and no one had seen him do so, including Yang Chen himself. In the mortal world, it seems that there has not yet been an opponent who Yang Chen needed to use his full strength against. But now, there was one.

Li Cheng was able to kill the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect with a single sword strike. This strength has surpassed the strongest in the mortal world. With such an opponent, Yang Chen couldn’t help but get excited.

Everyone was in the mountain river geographical map, even Gongsun Ling was no exception, no one wants to miss this rare competition.

“Don’t hold back!” Li Cheng stared at Yang Chen with the same excitement in his eyes “I know you are strong, but don’t worry about hurting me.”

These words were simply arrogant, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had reached the third grade human immortal realm, the level of the Yellow Turban warrior’s refining technique had reached the river turning strength, it was not something an ordinary master could take on. Even if he was replaced by the ascended Elder Wu Xiongwu, he did not dare to say that Yang Chen could not hurt him.

But when Li Cheng said so, Yang Chen didn’t doubt it at all. This was not Yang Chen knowing Li Cheng’s details, but pure intuition, the kind of intuition of facing peerless masters.

Since Li Cheng said that, Yang Chen hadn’t planned to keep his hands, so naturally he was going to fight with all his strength. He yelled at Li Cheng “Brother, be careful!” and he rushed directly at Li Cheng. 

In the beginning, Yang Chen did not use magic weapons, but purely attacked with his fists. He wanted to know the gap between himself and Li Cheng in all aspects. In the memory of his previous lives, there was no concept of such a peerless master as Li Cheng and Yang Chen was also eager to know some details about Li Cheng.

“Good come!” Li Cheng’s eyes were equally excited. The same bare-handed greeted him, and blasted out with a punch.

Bang, the two fists slammed into each other firmly and Li Cheng snorted, his body flew backward like a kite with a broken line.

The river turning strength was definitely not something that everyone could bear. You know, this was a technique that could only be cultivated by those yellow-turbaned masters in the immortal world, and he has cultivated it to this point. Even the ordinary immortals can’t compete, let alone the mortal world?

Even if Yang Chen hadn’t experienced various baptisms of the heavenly tribulation and his body hadn’t been as powerful as a real yellow turban warrior, after all, the realm of his physical training had reached there, Li Cheng and Yang Chen compared with physical strength, Li Cheng was definitely not his opponent.

Under this situation, Yang Chen once survived the tribulation. His body would be strongly transformed, it could be said that every time the tribulation was passed, the strength of his body would be more than ten times higher than the original.

Li Cheng’s body flew far away. But he immediately controlled his figure in the air, laughed and yelled, and after a little adjustment, he rushed towards Yang Chen again.

With a punch, Li Cheng took advantage of the force to fly out, but his body was not damaged in the slightest. This strength has already impressed Yang Chen. In Yang Chen’s imagination, even if he was as strong as Hou Yun, he might not be able to block his punch. Even if he takes advantage of it again, he will always be hurt by his fist. Li Cheng’s performance was beyond his imagination. 

Seeing Li Cheng coming, Yang Chen was naturally unwilling to show weakness and threw his fist to meet again, and the two fought like this.

This time, Yang Chen didn’t just fight Li Cheng with his fists, but applied the attacking techniques that he had trained in the Demon Continent, which was simple, straightforward, and fierce. Not only that, but Yang Chen’s body style has also become ghostly, swift, and angled. In an instant, Yang Chen was surrounded by Li Cheng.

Or to be more precise, in Li Cheng’s eyes, apart from Yang Chen’s fist, there was nothing else around him.

It’s just that Li Cheng was so irritable, he laughed long, and immediately waved his fists and started a counterattack.

The sound of banging was endless, but the four women around could no longer see the trajectory of the two people’s attacks, only two vague shadows moving at a very fast speed could be seen. 

The spiritual awareness of the four women firmly locked Yang Chen and Li Cheng. This level of battle could definitely benefit them a lot.

On Li Cheng’s body, they don’t know how many punches Yang Chen had landed. This time Li Cheng didn’t use his strength to fly out, and Yang Chen didn’t give Li Cheng a chance to fly out. He had just received a punch in the front of the chest, and there was no movement in his body, so he received another punch in the back, so fast. Even with the help of the absorption outline, it can’t be done.

It seems that Li Cheng also knows that Yang Chen was great, and he didn’t evade at all. At the same time, he was watching Yang Chen’s flaws and constantly swinging his fists to counterattack. The fist hit Yang Chen’s body, causing a dull voice.

Both of them were people who could find the opponent’s attack position in an instant, and their fighting consciousness was almost equal. Often when Yang Chen hits Li Cheng, he will also be heavily attacked by Li Cheng.

It has to be said that Li Cheng’s toughness was beyond Yang Chen’s expectations. Even in the simple comparison of strength, Li Cheng was not as good as Yang Chen, but the difference was limited.

The power of each punch was almost able to shake the tough skin that Yang Chen has tempered by the Yellow Turban Warrior Body Refining Technique, and the force reaches the internal organs. Fortunately, after all the power had experienced the buffer of the flesh and blood of the epidermis, it was no longer so lethal, just shocking the internal organs.

If Li Cheng’s strength was stronger, Yang Chen knew that he would be violently shaken and injured. But even so, Yang Chen’s internal organs have to withstand a tremendous force of shock, which was also mixed with great pain for Yang Chen, who has not been able to synchronize the power of physical cultivation to the internal organs in the high section of the river turning strength. 

However, the opponent Li Cheng was also uncomfortable. How could Yang Chen’s strength be easy to handle for ordinary people? With a punch, almost the whole body was shaken, and wherever he punches, it often ends with broken muscles and bones. Fortunately, Li Cheng’s recovery ability was more terrifying than it seems, between the intervals between the two punches, the places that were injured by the punches could be restored as before.

What was particularly scary was that after each recovery, that part of Li Cheng’s body seems to be a bit tougher than before. Although Yang Chen’s boxing power was great, at this moment, it seemed that he was helping Li Cheng temper his body.

In the same way, Yang Chen’s internal organs were the same. After each punch shakes it, Yang Chen would quickly call the yellow turban warrior body refining technique to quickly recover. After hundreds of punches come down, he would not see any movement in the internal organs for a long time. There was also some looseness, and Li Cheng’s fists began to slowly begin to temper him.

The more they fought, the more enjoyable they became, and they had forgotten their original intention at the beginning, and were immersed in this process that they could both vent and take the opportunity to experience.

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