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Chapter 533.1: Dream

The immortal executioner stage, this was another magic weapon that Yang Chen remembered that could cross two realms, and it could be regarded as the only space that could cross the two realms. The immortal realm could send the prisoners to be executed into the immortal executioner stage, but the executioner enters from the mortal world, which was absolutely crossing the two realms.

What was recorded on this jade slip was simply a method of directly refining the space. It was just a guess, and it had never been tested.

The guy who came up with this method probably didn’t have the opportunity or the ability to test the place where the demonic qi erupted, and it was definitely not something that ordinary people could bear. This could be seen from the fact that the entire heart demon sect was forced to move and sealed the sect.

Others did not have the experience of Yang Chen, and naturally they would not have thought that there would be something like the immortal executioner stage. But in Yang Chen’s eyes, this was simply a mouth-watering meal.

It’s just that Yang Chen won’t rush this idea at this time. Not to mention the usefulness of the method in this conjecture, Yang Chen was not sure if he could find the entrance again just because of the illusory location of the immortal executioner stage.

Li Cheng didn’t say anything. It was estimated that in his eyes, he has only seen some of the origin of the heart demon sect and the ability to cultivate with demonic qi, which was of no significance to him.

But in the eyes of the four women, these three pieces of jade slips were quite different, anything that could make Yang Chen say that they are treasures, they were definitely good things. The head of their family dare not say anything else, his vision was definitely first-class, and he has never lost sight of what he was after.

The four girls, while continuing to search for anything worth seeing, wondered in their hearts.

In fact, Yang Chen had already hinted enough that the Heart Demon Sect was able to cultivate with demonic qi. What was the difference between this situation and the practice of using the nine nether flying sword with the help of Yang Chen before? It’s just that the predecessors of the Heart Demon Sect have summed up a set of systematic cultivation methods in hundreds of years.

These four wives of Yang Chen, whoever took them out, were all talented geniuses, and they could naturally understand such hints. What’s more, besides the introduction, the content on the jade slip also briefly summarized some methods of using demonic qi. 

These were enough, enough for the four women to combine their actual conditions to sum up a set of effective cultivation methods.

What kind of cultivation method was more suitable for you than the one tailor-made according to your own situation? If you are a mediocre person, these words were naturally a lie, but these problems do not exist for the four women, especially if you have Yang Chen and Li Cheng next to them, they don’t need to worry.

After searching carefully, there was no other thing worth checking. In this room, it seems that there are only three pieces of jade slips left. There were also some wooden spirit positions, which have long been decayed, and only a few pieces of spirit card fragments made of some special materials could make people recognize what these are.

This place was obviously the ancestral hall of the heart demon sect, no wonder the heart demon sect uses a spiritual vein to protect it. It’s a pity that time flies, even with the support of the spiritual veins, it would not escape the decaying fate in the end, only these unweathered jade slips were left.

With these three jade slips, there was no need to think about other things at all. There was no need for the cultivation method, if it was a magic weapon, to be honest, everyone was from a sect, so there was really no need for [suppression] of the demons. Those things, at best, are the icing on the cake, and they could never be the icing on the cake.

That being the case, there was no need to quarrel with those old guys who were looking for things. It’s better to find a safe place to figure out how to use the demonic qi. 

The purpose of coming to the Demon Continent was to gain experience, except for the experience of killing, the rest was the influence of demonic qi. Now that there was a method guide from the predecessors of the heart demon sect, it was a rare opportunity for everyone.

The four women talked about their plans, Yang Chen and Li Cheng had no objections. They know what Li Cheng was thinking, but Yang Chen also planned to try that piece of method about refining the connection between the two realms.

As for the choice of location, everyone gathered together and decided to choose near the portal of the Heart Demon Sect. If they want to leave from here, they have to go to the door.

Isn’t it a pity that so many dacheng stage masters of the magic path let them take their things and leave? For one, they didn’t get any experience from them. For another, Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map was more powerful than the cultivators, and it would never be too many.

When it comes to the realm of cultivation, Gongsun Ling was now the highest. Because of the support of the mountain river geographical map, and a group of masters in the Yuanying and dacheng stage unconsciously helping Gongsun Ling to refine her life source magic weapon, Gongsun Ling’s cultivation base has been improved all the way, and the turtle head was monopolized among the four girls. She was now in the middle Yuanying stage close to the late Yuanying stage.

Next was Shi Shanshan. It must be said that Shi Shanshan’s combat awareness was definitely the strongest among the four women. She has not even dabbled in refining alchemy, focusing on cultivation and flying swords. Under these circumstances, her will was tough, her cultivation base was pure, plus her original cultivation time was longer than the others, her realm was second only to Gongsun Ling, and she has also reached the peak middle Yuanying stage.

Then there was Gao Yue, because she was a water and fire duel cultivator, combined with the support of the water and fire dragon horn flying sword, and the help of the purple heart heavenly fire prepared by Yang Chen, although she has not been able to absorb and refine the purple heart heavenly fire, she was still very diligent. She has broken through the early Yuanying stage and has reached the middle Yuanying stage.

The worst was Sun Qingxue. Despite her outstanding aptitude, because of the abolition of her cultivation base at the beginning and the doting of Hua Wanting for a while, Sun Qingxue started a little later than the other girls. But even so, she was already at the peak early Yuanying stage, and it was only a millimeter difference compared to Gao Yue.

Regarding the realm, it was Yang Chen, the husband, who was the worst among them. In these days when he came to the Demon Continent, Yang Chen spent most of his time practicing with the heart demon, with few killings. In addition, the ten spiritual powers of the Yin-Yang five element secret arts were improved, which was much slower than that of the females.

However, when it comes to combat effectiveness, Yang Chen was not afraid of anyone except Li Cheng. The four wives know this, and no one would compete with Yang Chen on this.

Li Cheng didn’t seem to have changed anything else. In the early Yuanying stage, it seemed that he was not very diligent, but Yang Chen couldn’t see through him all the time. Fortunately, he was now a friend and not an enemy, otherwise Yang Chen really doesn’t know how to get along with Li Cheng.

Soon everyone rushed to the entrance gate. When they were here, Gongsun Ling directly unfolded the mountain river geographical map, covering all the surrounding area of ​​more than ten miles under the coverage of the mountain river geographical map.

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