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Chapter 533.2: Dream

Gongsun Ling was now in the middle Yuanying stage, and she had more control over the mountain river geographical map. She believes that even if someone comes here, without the perverted strength of Yang Chen and Li Cheng, they would not be able to find that they are already in the mountain river geographical map. In the formation. ..

Once trapped in the formation, in addition to being trapped by the formation, they would also be attacked by the masters in the mountain river geographical map and they would not be able to escape.

This was definitely a once-and-for-all method, anyway these people always have to leave, as long as they come near here, with a low cultivation base and low defense, they would be directly sent to the mountain river geographical map.

As for those defensive guys, they would eventually be attacked by a group of four women. As long as those guys were not teamed up, no one could resist the combined attack of the four women alone.

The mountain river geographical map plus the four women, not to mention the pressure from Yang Chen and Li Cheng, could definitely take a lot of advantage here. It could be said that Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map would be even more powerful.

It’s a bit insidious to say, but it’s not a place of morality in this demon continent. Those guys haven’t paid attention to Yang Chen and others until now, because they were still searching for good things. When they vacated their hands, the first one to deal with was Yang Chen and the others.

The method of purifying the demonic qi was the reason for those people to take action. Who doesn’t know the benefits of demon orbs? Yang Chen could completely purify it, how could they compare with his own complete purification? This method must be in his own hands, even if Yang Chen refuses to hand it over, this person must also control it. On the Demon Continent, there was no reason, but strength was the reason.

Li Cheng was very relieved, he sat directly on the ground. Silently retreat and cultivate, without any precautions. Next was Yang Chen, followed by the four women.

Gongsun Ling was the last one and she was also responsible for everyone’s safety and security. However, with the support of the mountain river geographical map, everyone was confident and bold in cultivating, even if there was any danger, there was no need to worry.

The four girls were all comprehending the method of fighting against the inner demons, but Yang Chen began to carefully study refining space.

He doesn’t know how the ancestors of this heart demon sect imagined it, crossing the two realms in space. Even thinking about refining it for personal use. But this was not wishful thinking, but a very reasonable speculation.

At least based on Yang Chen’s experience, this method has absolute operability, and it also has unique insights into the connection between the two realms. If it weren’t for Yang Chen’s previous life and he had been to the spiritual realm, he also has detailed memories of flying across space, then maybe he can’t understand some of the statements inside.

But Yang Chen was not tempted, a highly maneuverable technique, plus the entrance of the immortal executioner stage, if it could be refined by Yang Chen and integrated into the immortal beheading blade, the immortal beheading blade would immediately have the power to cut space. This was a terrifying power that cannot be possessed even with the blessing of Xiao Tian. At that time, who would be Yang Chen’s opponent?

Just studying the methods, Yang Chen spent half a year comprehending word by word. Combining his own memory, carefully pondering the mystery and understanding the mystery of space. After half a year, Yang Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief, completely deciphering this technique.

It must be said that the ancestor of the Heart Demon Sect was indeed powerful, and it was possible to deduct this method to this point by relying on imagination alone. Although there are some, but also because of the flaws caused by the inability to actually operate, Yang Chen could completely rely on his own experience to make up for it.

The rest was for it to be tested at the entrance of the immortal executioner stage. But at this moment, Yang Chen hesitated a little. For one thing, he hadn’t thought about it for a long time, and he didn’t know if he could reach the entrance. Secondly, if he refines the entrance of the immortal executioner stage, if the immortal world has trouble again in the future, he won’t know how to solve it.

But Yang Chen soon let go of these worries. If he could  find the entrance to the immortal executioner stage, he will just have to try to find out, he doesn’t need to worry at all.

As for future troubles, because he left the immortal executioner stage, the executioner was not dead, and it was impossible to replace another executioner in the mortal world. After refining the entrance, maybe he could still get in and out at any time. Isn’t it the way to solve the problem?

The only trouble was that Yang Chen hoped to refine the entrance of the immortal executioner stage and the immortal beheading blade together, and now that the Immortal beheading blade has reached the final stage of refining as his life source magic, it would take some time to complete. It may not be possible at this time and it needs to be postponed.

Regardless of these, Yang Chen still has to try if he could find the entrance to the immortal executioner stage. The last time he entered the immortal executioner stage, it was through a dream, but Yang Chen knew that it was the immortal realm that used great strength to summon him, and it took so many masters’ cultivation bases.

Now he wants to find the entrance to the immortal executioner stage by himself, but it may not be that easy. Yang Chen has not slept and dreamed for many years, it was not so easy to relive it once again. 

The first was to sleep. Yang Chen’s cultivation base does not allow him to fall asleep naturally. He can’t guarantee that he can still dream with the help of drugs or other means, this was the problem.

“What’s the difficulty?” When he finished explaining the method and talking to everyone, the girls were a little puzzled about Yang Chen’s requirements for dreaming, but Li Cheng said in a big way “As long as you are tired, won’t it work?. Isn’t it easy to go to sleep to recover from your work? If you fall asleep, you might be able to dream.”

Speaking of which, Yang Chen has forgotten the feeling of ordinary people because of his long cultivation journey. As long as you are tired, you will naturally sleep. When you fall asleep, dreaming is possible.

The way was the way, but for Yang Chen, it was a troublesome thing. It was by no means so easy to let the current Yang Chen with his cultivation base become exhausted. Even if it was something that could consume energy, Yang Chen couldn’t help it to recover quickly on his own.

“Try your best to attack and defend!” Seeing Yang Chen’s embarrassment, Li Cheng smiled and said, “It just so happens. I want to try my skills too. Let’s play a game, how about?”

Before Yang Chen had time to answer Li Cheng’s proposal, the four women had already applauded. They have already seen Yang Chen’s skill, but Yang Chen has improved again and the girls were not very clear about his strength. As for Li Cheng, he was even more mysterious. Now that he was actively trying to compete with Yang Chen, how could it not make the four girls happy?

“The fight might shock those people, why don’t we go to the mountain river geographical map to fight?” Li Cheng looked at Yang Chen and said slightly provocatively.

“Okay, let’s do it!” Yang Chen also deliberately weighed Li Cheng’s fictitiousness and reality. This proposal was right in his arms, and he immediately agreed.

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