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Chapter 532.2: The Origin Of The Heart Demon Sect

“The real treasure?” The old demon who was listening next to him trembled in his heart, and finally couldn’t help it and started to take action. 

Yang Chen’s hand shook violently, grabbing a green light that flew to his hand. The green light stopped and returned to a small green mink, which was being pinched by the neck, struggling non-stop.

The old demon had already sacrificed his flying sword, but seeing this scene, he was suddenly alarmed, he could no longer attack Yang Chen and he quickly retreated wanting to escape.

The little green mink was the cloud mink he used to track the whereabouts of Yang Chen and others. Its speed was extremely fast, and when it was dispatched, it was silent. Even if the old demon himself didn’t have a relationship with the flying sword, he would not be able to find the flying sword’s trace. The old demon had secretly used it on several cultivators who were having even higher cultivation bases than him, and no one survived.

Just now, the old demon ordered the cloud mink to snatch the jade slips in Yang Chen’s hands. Yang Chen was able to catch the cloud mink at such a speed, the speed and accuracy alone was superior to anything else. The cloud mink used to be able to figure out dacheng stage masters, but now it was caught by Yang Chen. If he doesn’t run at this time, when will he escape?

It’s a pity that the old demon’s calculations were still somewhat wrong. The pressure Li Cheng put on him was so great that even Gongsun Ling had already set up her formation and didn’t notice it. He fled out dozens of feet as soon as he shook his figure.

After running for a while, the old demon realized that something was wrong, it seemed that no one was chasing him. Turning his head, he didn’t see anyone’s figure, and his spiritual awareness couldn’t detect the existence of anyone.

How could this be? Just now Yang Chen and the six of them were still there, why was it empty now? The old demon didn’t believe his eyes, so he took courage and turned back.

What excited the old demon was that there was really no one in the ruins, Yang Chen and Li Cheng didn’t know where they had gone. The old demon was overjoyed, a god-given opportunity. He could also see what the real treasure Yang Chen mentioned was, he quickly made up his mind and began to look for it carefully by himself.

Gongsun Ling put away the mountain river geographical map, her small face full of smiles. With the addition of a dacheng stage master, the mountain river geographical map was getting better and better.

After handing the jade slip to Li Cheng, Yang Chen began to ponder again. This piece of jade slip records the reason why the sect closed and left.

The demonic qi was getting stronger and stronger, the center point of the demonic qi could no longer be approached, the surrounding demon beasts were all demonized, and their strength had been improved.

Most of the disciples of the Heart Demon Sect couldn’t bear this degree of demonic qi. Although the formations left by the sect could effectively shield the demonic qi, it was not a long-term solution after all.

Groups of demonic fiends began to attack the Heart Demon Sect. Countless disciples who had gone out to cultivate were slaughtered, and the demonic qi was madly infiltrated. It was no longer possible to stay here, and the sect could only choose to leave.

However, people leave, but these foundations left by the sect cannot be lost, especially some of the pure heart magic treasures left by the ancestors that rely on demonic qi to refine, have not been completed, as a last resort, the sect could only seal the mountain gate. The seal was left to be opened by the descendants of the sect.

If they want to completely solve the problem of the demonic qi, they need to destroy the center point that oozes the demonic qi. The trouble was that the ancestor of the Heart Demon Sect, who had the highest cultivation base back then, could not do anything about the exudation point.

According to the speculation of the ancestors of the sect and later masters, that point was a point that crossed the two realms that they did not know how it appeared. To destroy it, one must have the power to cut the space. It was almost impossible to have this ability, unless they could get another magic weapon that could cross the two realms.

Gongsun Ling may only see the history of the Heart Demon Sect and the reason for leaving from this, but Yang Chen saw more.

The reason why they came in was to be able to get some cultivation methods. Regardless of whether it was a dao path, the demon path, or the monster race, this method of heart demon cultivation was a treasure. No one could hide from heart demons, even Yang Chen was no exception. But if you can use the inner demons as a boost to your own cultivation, the efficiency of your cultivation would be doubled.

Although the two jade slips did not record any cultivation techniques of the heart demon, Yang Chen could probably guess some clues based on the origin of the heart demon sect.

Since the ancestors of the Heart Demon Sect relied on a wisp of demonic qi to trigger the Heart Demon, and after overcoming the Heart Demon, they were able to start a sect. What was the difference between this process and Yang Chen leading the four women to use the Nine Nether Flying Sword to cultivate the Heart Demon? Even if Yang Chen and the four women were allowed, they could also use this method to find a way to cultivate the heart demon.

Perhaps the only difference that needs to be said was that with the ancestors of the heart demon sect, the demonic qi was not fierce, but now that the demonic qi was rich, it wasn’t known how many times it was and the difficulty of cultivation was higher.

In this way, it would not make much sense for Yang Chen and the four women to find any cultivation techniques of the heart demon sect. As for Li Cheng, Yang Chen even doubted whether Li Cheng had already mastered this method, as he had never been troubled by demonic qi.

What worries Yang Chen was the record in the jade slip that the demonic fiends had attacked the heart demon sect in groups, which was really beyond Yang Chen’s expectation.

He knew that the demonic fiends were eroded by demonic qi and turned into monsters with only instinct but no thinking. Could it be that they could be commanded a long time ago?

If this was the case, then the Demon Continent was likely to brew a huge disaster, once the strength of the demonized demon fiends breaks through the outer sealed circle, then the mortal world would suffer a catastrophe.

It was known that the demonic qi could increase the strength of demonic fiends. Now both demonic qi and demonic fiends were trapped in the demon continent. Once it spreads to the sea outside, and then reaches the territory of the dao sects, it would be absolutely a disaster of extinction.

The problem was that no matter how good the sealing formation was, it was also vulnerable to a single blow in the face of the long river of time. This could be seen from the ruins of this heart demon sect.

Now the sealing circle of the Demon Continent could still seal the demonic qi, but what about thousands and tens of thousands of years later? Does the day when the spiritual power runs out, does it mean that the mortal world would become a demon realm?

Yang Chen was not a saint, but in the face of this kind of thing, he would also do his part. Destroying that demonic qi oozing point was a great merit in itself. If there was a chance, Yang Chen doesn’t mind making a point of merit.

Of course, these were all speculations, and no one could confirm them. Moreover, it was not that a disaster would happen soon, and it was impossible to say whether the demonic qi would automatically shut down in the future. Yang Chen was thinking about this now, it was not realistic.

While thinking, Gao Yue found another piece of jade slip. On this piece of jade slip, there was a method of fusion and use to cut off the space of two realms, which was speculated by a master of the heart demon sect.

It’s just that this method requires another spatial awareness that could cross the two realms to be successful, but in this ordinary time, where does the spatial awareness that crosses the two realms come from? This was not the space of the qiankun bag, it was just a spell of the universe in the sleeve, and the difference between the two realms was not the same.

Crossing the space of two realms, this was not a spatial spiritual awareness communication, allowing the spiritual awareness to enter another realm. Just thinking of the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, Yang Chen suddenly vibrated and thought of a space that crossed two realms.

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