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Chapter 532.1: The Origin Of The Heart Demon Sect

“What have you got there, can you show it to this old man?” While Shi Shanshan was holding the jade slip and using his spiritual awareness to probe, an abrupt voice suddenly came over.

The master of the voice thought that his sudden voice would surely make these juniors jump in shock. But his voice has been on the ground for a long time, but the few people have not even the most basic surprise, as if they have already known that he has followed them.

“It’s just a piece of broken jade slip, wait until we finish reading it.” Yang Chen said smoothly without even turning his head, not taking the guy who followed him seriously.

The old demon who made the sound was also considered a dexterous generation. He didn’t come in the first few batches, but in the middle and back order, probably half a day earlier than Yang Chen and the others.

The old man thought about it after he came in, because the time he came in was almost two and a half days, so in any case he couldn’t keep up with the old guys who came in the first time. But he was not reconciled to get nothing, so he thought about it. He felt that Yang Chen and the little guys were a bit mysterious, and maybe they could gain something.

So, the old demon guarded near the gate, waiting for Yang Chen and the others to come in. Sure enough, as expected by the old demon, when Yang Chen and the others came in, they looked for a different direction from the others, which made the old demon surprised and happy, and finally decided to quietly follow Yang Chen’s group. 

However, Yang Chen’s shuttle was too fast for the old demon to catch up. But he was not afraid of losing them, because the old demon has a magical cloud sable pet, which could track the smell of people thousands of miles away. Before Yang Chen and the others came in, the old devil had already let his pet remember the smell of Yang Chen and the others, so even though Yang Chen and others were fast, the old demon was still far behind.

The reason why Yang Chen wanted to sneak around those old guys was not because he was afraid of them, but because he was buying time and being afraid of being disturbed. After all, there are so many destinations to choose from, and if the target you choose was known to others, it would be troublesome, so there was no big fight on the road.

After coming over and starting to search, Yang Chen and Li Cheng soon found the old guy who was sneaking over. However, the old demon didn’t care who was there alone, so he didn’t reveal it aloud and looked for it himself.

Now the old demon jumped out by himself, and no one paid much attention either. What everyone cares about is what was recorded on the broken jade slip that Shi Shanshan found.

“Boy, don’t you want to give me any face!” Listening to Yang Chen’s words that made him wait without care, the old guy suddenly became furious. When did the dacheng stage demon cultivator feel so angry with the younger generation?.

“Want to die?” Li Cheng was even more annoyed. He turned his head and stared at the old guy and asked.

In Li Cheng’s hand, there was a magic weapon containing the power of the wind tribulation. A cultivator who was more powerful than the old guy also turned into ash under one blow. This was what he saw with his own eyes. Even if there was only one blow left, it was not something he could bear. He was alone in front of him, so it was better not to suffer the immediate loss.

Looking at the old demon who suddenly became honest and well-behaved, Sun Qingxue next to him couldn’t help but laugh.

Sun Qingxue’s laughter made the old demon blush for a while, but the old demon, who was next to Li Cheng, did not dare to express anything but stared at Sun Qingxue fiercely with a hateful look, and then turned his head away.

Shi Shanshan had quickly read the records on the jade slip, and then handed the jade slip to Yang Chen as usual. Yang Chen took it and swept away his spiritual awareness, but the content was not much, and Yang Chen quickly understood it.

After that, Yang Chen gave the jade slip to Li Cheng, and Li Cheng gave it to Sun Qingxue. After turning around in the hands of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, it finally returned to Yang Chen’s hands.

“Look again to see what’s there.” Yang Chen, who got the jade slip, didn’t mean to show it to the old demon, and put it directly into his qiankun bag.

This scene caused the seven orifices of the old demon standing beside him to breathe fire. Looking at this posture, these young people didn’t take him seriously at all, as if they hadn’t seen him. What else could make him angry more like this naked neglect? He almost couldn’t help but be violent, but in the end he was overwhelmed by Li Cheng and didn’t dare to speak rashly.

What was recorded on the broken jade slips was not about a precious pill recipe, but a brief introduction to the Heart Demon Sect. How the heart demon sect was formed, how many years it has been here, how the ancestors established the sect by relying on a ray of demonic qi to achieve the dao, etc and so on.

This jade slip, if they put it in the old demon, it was estimated that it was taken directly and thrown away. But before the old demon saw it, he thought it was a terrific record, and he was itching to look at the contents of it in almost every possible way.

Others searched for more clues among the ruins, but Yang Chen stood by and starred in a daze. This jade slip should summarize the details of the record, especially how the ancestors of the Heart Demon Sect used a ray of demonic qi to achieve the dao, and the story was lifelike. There was even a record of when the demonic qi appeared.

According to this record, the demonic qi was not born in the Demon Continent, but suddenly appeared on a certain day. According to the ancestors of the Heart Demon Sect, it may be that a certain point of the Demon Continent suddenly communicated with another realm, and these demonic qi oozed out.

The demonic qi was not strong at the beginning, only faint strands. The ancestors of the heart demon sect were invaded by the demonic qi, and then in the process of fighting the demonic qi, they discovered the benefits of the demonic qi for tempering the heart. So it took almost a few hundred years to research and master the demonic qi. The way of cultivation, and the creation of the heart demon sect.

So much was recorded on this broken jade slip. While Yang Chen was thinking about it, Gongsun Ling yelled happily and found another piece of jade slip, which was also broken.

The old demon next to her was overjoyed, and immediately felt a look that made people feel stressed. Taking a look at Li Cheng, Li Cheng stared at him with a smile that was not a smile. The old demon’s heart felt cold, and he shrank his neck obediently and he didn’t dare to move.

“It’s still a story, it’s boring.” Gongsun Ling grumbled after scanning it, and handed the jade slip to Yang Chen.

“This is the real treasure!” Yang Chen took it over and swept it with his spiritual awareness, and then the smile on his face became even brighter, and he said casually.

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