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Chapter 531.2: Theft

“The demonic qi was absorbed and condensed by the formation on the stone slate of the site’s portal, and it will not permeate here at all.” Li Cheng saw Yang Chen’s doubts and quickly explained.

Yang Chen only then understood, after looking around again, he found that there were only a few of them here. The old demons who had already come in were nowhere to be seen, no one else was around.

“The technique that can control the heart demon is very interesting and worth seeing.” Li Cheng said as he looked around, judging the direction to go.

From the naked eye, nothing could be seen at all. This must be the gate of the Inner Demon Sect, but where was the specific main hall? After so many years, it has been surrounded and covered by these dense jungles.

It was estimated that after the old demons came in, they just chose a random direction and tried their luck. No one knows where the good things were, so they could only use this method.

There was no better way for Li Cheng. After all, it was a place that no one has been to. It was the first time to open it in tens of thousands of years or even longer. It was normal that no way could be found.

In all directions around, there was a spiritual power distribution, but it was very uneven. Moreover, it looks desolate here, and they don’t know how long the protective formations inside have been ineffective. At least the place where the portal comes in was already surrounded by jungle plants, giving a feeling of vicissitudes of life.

“A’Ling, take a closer look at which direction we should go in” It’s obviously not a good idea for everyone to find this way. Yang Chen turned to Gongsun Ling and asked her the line of passage everyone should explore.

Naturally, Gongsun Ling, who has the geographical map of mountains and rivers, was most suitable for such things in the ruins. As long as she walked around this area, basically all the terrain would be formed in the mountain river geographical map. As the owner of the mountain river geographical map, Gongsun Ling could easily find any suspicious locations.

Following Gongsun Ling’s guidance, the group of people sat in the shuttle and circled fast on the plain in less than half a day. These tens of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains have been formed in the mountain river geographical map, and Gongsun Ling soon discovered an unusual place.

“There are a lot of architectural ruins on the surrounding mountains in four directions, but they are all dilapidated, and you can’t see what buildings they are.” Gongsun Ling pointed in four directions one by one, and said to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has reached its maximum, and now he has explored the mountains thousands of miles away. His spiritual awareness threads felt the silhouettes of the old demons scattered in various directions, analyzing which direction the old guys had taken the most.

“Where are the traces of the formations?” Yang Chen asked again, after thinking about it, he added “The traces of the strongest protective formation. Also, the location where the spiritual veins are most concentrated.”

The best things were definitely the best protected. Therefore, the strongest defense formation was definitely the thing that was most needed to protect. Spiritual vein was the foundation of a sect, as long as you find these two things, you don’t have to worry about finding precious materials.

In the direction where the old demons have the most people, it seems to be the biggest spiritual vein. However, if something like a spiritual vein was opened to protect the best thing, it must be the one that consumes the most. The spiritual vein with the strongest spiritual power now may not necessarily be the spiritual vein with the strongest spiritual power back then, after tens of thousands of years or even longer consumption, who knows what would change.

Gongsun Ling herself was a formation cultivator, so her sensitivity to formation was not comparable to others. In particular, she had something heaven defying like the mountain river geographical map. After careful analysis and comparison, two places were identified.

The two places were basically in the same direction, all of which are in line with these two characteristics, there are traces of formations, and there are exhausted spiritual veins around, and some not too strong spiritual power has just been brewing.

In fact, there were more than 20 places that meet these two characteristics, but the formations in these two places were quite special. One has the largest range, which encloses a huge building complex, while the other has the smallest formation range and only protects a room the size of it.

The formations in both places have failed, but they were the most doubtful. Others don’t have Gongsun Ling’s means, so they could only find the spiritual veins that seem to have the strongest spiritual power now. They don’t know that those spiritual veins are strong because they have never been consumed and have been gestating.

Finding the old demons over there, although they dare not say that there was no gain, it was certainly not the biggest winner. At least Yang Chen had discovered that the twenty-odd places with traces of formation were basically the first group of old monsters who were looking for them. After all, three days in advance, the area of ​​tens of thousands of miles was enough for them to eliminate some impossible places first.

However, for the remaining twenty or so places, no one could tell which one it was, and could only occupy one place for a while and look for it carefully. This was a job of luck, and naturally it was also the eyesight and opportunity of everyone.

In this direction where Yang Chen and others rushed, there were two old demons, but the two old guys were all concentrated on the trace of the formation in the area. There was a large group of buildings there, and it takes time to find something suitable.

This area was almost four to five hundred miles in radius, and the two old demons each occupied one direction to check carefully. In other directions, there were already a few sporadic figures looking for the places with traces of the formation. It was estimated that they are the second batch of cultivators to come in.

The area was so large that not a few people could control it. Seeing this, Yang Chen simply went to the smallest place first. The size of the room does not take long to search.

Gongsun Ling pointed the way, and Yang Chen drove the shuttle, wrapped in the sea jasper lamp, quietly bypassing the large building complex from the ground, and went straight to the small protected area.

When they arrived at the ground, everyone came out of the flying shuttle, looking at the small ruins covered by various plants in front of them, they couldn’t help but sigh. No matter how powerful the protective formation was, it seems that it can’t compete with the years.

The formation has been completely invalidated. The original stone room should be protected. But now the stone room was also rooted by various jungle plants. In this corner, there was still a corner of some stone sculptures exposed.

“Let’s search around!” Li Cheng said, and everyone began to look carefully here.

The place was really small, everyone was a Yuanying stage master, who could easily dig three feet into the ground. Soon, Shi Shanshan found a piece of jade slip from the ground that looked a little incomplete. 

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