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Chapter 531.1: Theft

These guys have been waiting for the opportunity. Li Cheng has the magic weapon containing the attack of the wind tribulation, they dare not act rashly in front of him. The four women have always acted together, there was a tortoise shield to protect them, and there was probably no chance. The only chance was when Yang Chen was separated from Li Cheng and the four women. 

Yang Chen would definitely not be the first to enter the portal, who knows what’s inside. At this time, it must be Li Cheng with a strong offensive power. Then Sun Qingxue with a tortoise shield was the second, followed by the others, Yang Chen would definitely be the last, and would not put his own women in a dangerous place.

They were very accurate, Yang Chen and the others entered the portal in this order, and when Shi Shanshan, the last of the four women, disappeared at the portal entrance, a dozen old demons had already vaguely surrounded Yang Chen. 

When Yang Chen was in the portal, these old guys all saw clearly, it seemed that all the credit was on the black flying sword, and Yang Chen almost didn’t do anything at all. Greed blinded their judgment, these people completely forgot the leisurely performance when Yang Chen used his fingers to test the strength of the demonic qi at first.

Everyone felt that Yang Chen’s black flying sword was the key to purifying demonic qi, so they all started to play with the idea of ​​getting the flying sword. There was such a strong demonic qi on this portal, who knows if there was any inside. If they could get this sword, even if they are the last to enter, there may be a considerable chance for them.

Choosing the right time, Yang Chen really fell into the trap, and no one came to rescue him. A lot of old demon heads felt hot in their hearts. Except for that black flying sword, Yang Chen has a lot of good things on his body. If they could catch them all in one go, the benefits would be no less than a trip to the Heart Demon Sect ruins.

Although someone had sworn the heart demon oath before not to deal with Yang Chen, it was before the door was opened. No matter what they do now, it would not break the oath. This was a godsend opportunity, they could only blame themselves if they don’t take advantage.

“Black flying sword? Do you mean this one?” Yang Chen didn’t feel surprised at all, but took out the nine nether flying sword obediently and swung it slightly and asked the old guy who was directly opposite him.

“Yes, this is the one, put down the flying sword and nothing will happen to you!” The old demon on the opposite side sneered, completely devoid of the expectation that Yang Chen could open the door. On the contrary, he stared at the nine nether flying sword closely, as if he was looking at some peerless beauty.

After brushing, Yang Chen directly raised his hand and threw the flying sword in front of the old demon. The flying sword circled several times in the air, the tip of the sword rushed down, and it was directly inserted more than two feet in front of the old demon’s position. The hilt was still shaking tremblingly and the black body of the sword was indescribably dazzled.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen would abandon his sword so simply. This could only be explained by one thing, that was, Yang Chen now has no life-saving materials to save him. More than a dozen dacheng stage masters bullied an early Yuanying stage junior, if they can’t get what they wanted, it would be too unreasonable.

Yang Chen was very cooperative, this made them feel very comfortable. Previously, Yang Chen and Li Cheng relied on their magic weapon for body protection plus the magic weapon of the wind tribulation, which caused everyone in the valley to lose face, and now they finally took the face back in their hands.

The old demon on the opposite side laughed and said to Yang Chen: “As long as you cooperate, I will spare your life!” In the smug laughter, he stepped forward slightly and reached out and grabbed the hilt of the nine nether flying sword.

Swipe, the flying sword was easily pulled up by the old demon, and he got it in front of his eyes. The old demon was about to investigate carefully. Suddenly, there was an aura that made him horrified. Under his shock, he was about to throw the nine nether flying sword far away, but suddenly realized that he was completely unable to perform the action.

His whole body seemed to have been frozen, and even the smallest muscle could not tremble. Not only that, but he even seemed to be in a strange space, where he could see nothing, hear nothing, the silence was terrifying.

There was a burst of unspeakable irritation in his mind. He wanted to shout, but he couldn’t say anything. Under his depression, his body could finally act.

But the first action after he was able to move was to squirt out a mouthful of blood, and his whole face was constantly changing with various expressions, but the blood in his mouth was squirted out one after another, for a while, the ground was completely red.

The other old monsters around were shocked. The posture in front of them was obviously that they had miscalculated the situation. At this time, the first reaction in everyone’s mind was to escape immediately.

It’s just that it was too late to think of escape at this time. With a bang, the entire nine nether flying sword exploded, forming a large cloud of black fog covering the sky and the sun, covering everyone including Yang Chen.

Once engulfed in the black mist, everyone could no longer see anything, nor could they hear any sound, and even their spiritual awareness could not reach far, only two feet of things around their body could be detected.

Small black dust penetrated through their mouth, nose, eyes and ears, causing unbelievable tremors. The body seemed to have been cut by thousands of swords, the flesh and blood on the body flew up and fell from the air, the whole scene was like a blood sea slaughterhouse. If someone could see the situation in the black mist, they would definitely be frightened.

After a while, the black mist gradually faded, and all of it condensed in one direction, and soon returned to the appearance of a black flying sword. Except for Yang Chen, no one could be seen around. The dozen old guys just disappeared without a trace.

“I can’t help it!” Yang Chen put away the nine nether flying sword, shook his head, and walked into the ruins portal like an okay person and his figure disappeared from the portal very quickly.

“All resolved?” Stepping out of the door, Yang Chen heard Gao Yue’s familiar voice, and a smile appeared on Yang Chen’s face for a while.

The four women and Li Cheng were both in the air. Yang Chen jumped up and floated to everyone’s side, and then smiled and answered Gao Yue’s question.

“It’s resolved, it’s okay.” After giving the four women a smile, Yang Chen began to look around.

The boundary where everyone was now was the center of a huge plain. The plain was thousands of miles in radius, and at the far end of the plain was a circle of undulating mountains. The plains and mountains were densely covered with jungles. Standing on the ground, you can’t see the surrounding scene at all, they were all blocked by the jungle.

They don’t know why, in this space, there was no trace of demonic qi, which was very weird.

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