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Chapter 516.1: Demonic Qi Cannot Be Abused

There were only two swords in total, the one used by the great elder to kill Yang Chen, plus the one used by Li Cheng to kill the great elder. The two swords seem to be very ordinary, the swords were not special , but the results are completely different.

The sword that was slashed towards Yang Chen was grabbed by Yang Chen empty-handed, and now the flying sword was still in Yang Chen’s hand. The sword that slashed towards the great elder was effective in one blow, and the elder’s head was cut off clean and neat.

The fact was so unbelievable that it was not until the great elder had fallen to the ground and his body had fallen to the ground.

“How is this possible?” The most unbelieving people was that the cultivators of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the great elder, were so powerful and they followed his side from the sect to the Demon Continent for more than ten years, it was clear back then. Not to mention that it was a small Yuanying stage ancestor, it was like ten and one hundred.

But what everyone saw was completely different. A few Greatest Heaven Sect’s cultivators even thought it was a great elder joking with everyone, deliberately creating an illusion.

But, this illusion was too real, right? It’s so real that everyone thinks it’s real. That’s the great elder who surpassed the strength of everyone, it’s impossible to be a joke!

On the other side, the guys in the Demon Continent were shocked. A peerless master who only exuded his aura scared them and didn’t dare to move. How could he be so simply killed by a sword, without any resistance? What’s wrong with this world? Was the Yuanying stage the most powerful realm in the mortal world?

Could it be that this expert was just a joke? Was it just that his aura was amazing, and he didn’t have any fighting strength? This was the most likely situation. Otherwise, for such a strong cultivator, his flying sword could not move when caught by a young man in the early Yuanying stage. It would be too fake.

“Today, someone wanted to kill grandmaster Yang, which is against the rules. You didn’t do anything, when someone attacks you against the rules, who else will save you?” Li Cheng killed the great elder with one strike, but he didn’t continue to act on those people from the Greatest Heaven Sect, but shouted.

Li Cheng’s shouting awoke the sluggish people around him. Today, they were embarrassed and lost their dignity. They were bullied and slapped in the face but so many of them didn’t even dare to let out a fart. Only the two young men with the lowest cultivation base in the early Yuanying stage have been maintaining the rules, how could they not be embarrassed now?

Countless pairs of eyes with shame and venting gazed directly at the Greatest Heaven Sect cultivators who came out with the great elder. There were dozens of dacheng stage masters here. In addition, hundreds of cultivators who had been in the Demon Continent for at least ten years, who at worst were at the early Yuanying stage, were to be added.

Among the people the Greatest Heaven Sect dispatched this time, except for one great elder, they were just at the peak Yuanying stage or the late Yuanying stage. Faced with the hateful eyes of hundreds of cultivators, their mood that had just been energetic no longer existed. At this moment, their mood was absolutely the same as the mood of the people who gathered at the beginning when they were suppressed by the great elder.

It’s a pity that these guys were feeling shame and anger. When there was a strong desire to vent, there was no such magnanimity like that of the great elder who would let them go as long as they didn’t get in his way. Someone took the lead and just took a step. All of a sudden, everyone pounced on the nearest Greatest Heaven Sect disciple.

More than a dozen Yuanying stage masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect were buried by hundreds of angry cultivators in a blink of an eye, there was no trace of them anymore.

In the chaos, only two places were completely undisturbed. One was where Yang Chen was standing, and the other was where Li Cheng was standing. The distance between the two was almost two feet, but within a radius of ten meters, there was no other living person, only one without a head. The corpse was lying on the opposite side several feet away.

One caught the great elder flying sword with his bare hands, one also beheaded the great elder, the hundreds of people present were not fools, acting? Was there such a person who plays with his head? What’s more, when that peerless elder first appeared on the stage, there were more than a dozen peak Yuanying stage and the late Yuanying stage masters who were suppressed by him.

Since the peerless master was real, how horrifying was it to behead a master of this level with a single sword? How terrifying was a person who grabs that kind of flying sword empty-handed?

In the Demon Continent, in addition to not being afraid of death, you must also have enough eyesight to be able to judge the strength of your opponent, run when you should run, and pretend to be junior when you are a junior. Before the great elder, everyone pretended to be junior, so they obviously had good eyesight.

Such peerless experts, if anyone dares to provoke them at will, then they were really looking for death. So they would spread the anger on the guys who came out with that great elder.

“The flying sword is yours, the qiankun bag is mine, what do you think?” Li Cheng just yelled, not caring about the performance of these people around him, and talked to Yang Chen. The two were not far apart, so they could hear each other clearly.

The flying sword naturally refers to the flying sword of the great elder, which was now being held in Yang Chen’s hands. Because of the death of the owner, it no longer struggled, and was honestly put away by Yang Chen. The qiankun bag was the qiankun bag on the corpse of the great elder.

“Okay!” Yang Chen knew that Li Cheng was a little mysterious, but he still didn’t expect that he would be so terrifying. A single strike of his sword could behead the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Although there are elements of the great elder being careless in it, Li Cheng’s own strength should not be underestimated.

Although Yang Chen could desperately kill this great elder if he wanted to do it, he might use a lot of capital, and may even destroy many things, exposing countless trump cards for the Greatest Heaven Sect to be prepared for in the future. Maybe he had to be injured, he would definitely not wave his hand to cut down the opponent as easily as Li Cheng.

In this way, Yang Chen’s praise of Li Cheng was not overestimated, but underestimated. Fortunately, it was not too late to know, but he didn’t know which sect the mysterious Li Cheng comes from.

The Greatest Heaven Sect’s great elder life source flying sword was definitely a precious weapon. This kind of thing that would accompany the great elder to ascend to the immortal realm and the spiritual world, and fight for a lifetime, must be made by him at all costs. In terms of value, it would never be lower than the things in the qiankun bag.

Seeing that Li Cheng was refreshed, and there was no hostility from him since the beginning, Yang Chen also deliberately relaxed more. After Li Cheng took the great elder’s qiankun bag back and put it away, he smiled and invited “Brother Li, this brother, has some good wines, i would like to invite you to have a few drinks together?”

“I can’t ask for anything more!” Li Cheng was also a cheerful person, he laughed and agreed directly.

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