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Chapter 516.2: Demonic Qi Cannot Be Abused

When the two walked into a room at the gathering point together, the guys who were at the gathering point with the two people breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that these two evil stars were not particularly angry, but all the guys in this gathering point of the demon continent felt like blushing. They enjoyed the safety of the gathering point for hundreds of years, but when things came to the fore, they didn’t know how to maintain the rules of the gathering point. If things go on like this, it would be impossible for them to find a place where they could feel rest assured on the demon continent.

It’s this kind of shame and anger that made these guys extraordinarily merciless when facing the remaining disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect. It was just a wave of attack, but not one of the dozen Yuanying stage masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect lived.

All the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect were killed, but they didn’t dare to take any of the qiankun bags left by the Greatest Heaven Sect’s disciples at will. In the end, two dacheng stage masters took the initiative to ask whether they could collect these qiankun bags, and then respectfully sent them to the outside of the house where Yang Chen and Li Cheng went for a drink.

They killed the people, but they have no face to take credit. The two young people seemed to be drinking, but no one dared to enter with a straight face. The performance of the two juniors was stronger than those of the old guys who had been in the Demon Continent for so many years. With the two young people in front of them, the people at this gathering spot couldn’t lift their heads.

The two in the room did not pay attention to what happened outside, and did not say much about what just happened. The two were just chatting and drinking.

The wine was the jade dragon wine brewed by Yang Chen. Because Sun Qingxue also likes to drink a little bit, Yang Chen brewed a lot of auxiliary wines to blend the jade dragon wine. Every year, he uses the spirit springs from all over the place to brew, and after so many years, he has saved a lot in possession. In particular, some auxiliary wines have gone down in years, and they have been ready for one or two hundred years.

The auxiliary wine alone was considered a good wine, and when it was blended with the jade dragon wine made by the dragon clan that has been preserved in the gourd for thousands of years, once it was taken out, it was fragrant and intoxicating.

“Good wine!” Li Cheng was obviously a wine lover, and he knows wine very well. Just smelling the smell he seemed to be able to determine the origin of the wine.

“This is brewed from grains, and it is at least 170 years old.” After smelling it, Li Cheng took a sip, closed his eyes and sipped it for a while before continuing “Added with the aging distiller’s yeast, there is a sweet flavor to it, it really has a different taste.”

After taking another sip, he said again “This water should be the spiritual spring in the southern part of the dao sect’s domain, with a little bit of seventh metal true essence, it has a wonderful taste of good wine! Good wine!”

Just these two comments made Yang Chen look at him with admiration. Whether it’s the vintage material of the brewing or the place where the spirit spring belongs, he knew all these, this was definitely a unique skill. If he was not familiar with the geography of the mountains and rivers of this world to a certain extent, he wouldn’t know all that.

“This auxiliary wine is brewed by my own hands, but the distiller’s yeast is obtained from elsewhere. It is rare that Brother Li likes it, so drink more.” Yang Chen was naturally happy when someone appreciates the wine he has brewed.

Yang Chen’s auxiliary wines were also taken out one by one, and Li Cheng was allowed to taste them. The wines blended with different auxiliary wines have different tastes. Whichever one comes out was the best wine in the mortal world.

Both of them were bold people, and regardless of whether there was a drink or not, they could just drink a cup and talk about some interesting things in the world.

“If my wife was here, she can fix a good side dish for all the wines.” When drinking, Yang Chen did not forget to praise his wife “Especially for the appetite of this little brother, she has studied in the mortal world for ten years. In a few months, if Brother Li is still here, you will definitely be able to feast with me.”

“Oh? Is there such a thing?” When Yang Chen praised his wife so much, Li Cheng’s eyes lit up, his face full of anticipation, and he looked like a foodie: “In that case, I must wait a few months.”

Both of them must have inhumane secrets in cultivation, and they seem to be willing to enjoy themselves. They were all cultivators who understand the combination of work and rest, and understand the proper indulgence of their emotional instincts, so they could naturally talk together.

Talking and chatting, they naturally talked about this demon continent. Everyone has experienced this demon continent, so naturally there were many topics in common.

Yang Chen was not very clear about the existence of these gathering points and the origin of the formation around the entire demon Continent, so naturally he had to ask Li Cheng for some advice.

However, Li Cheng claimed to have just arrived recently. In fact, the two of them should have entered the Demon Continent at the same time. It was just that Li Cheng came dozens of days earlier when he was outside, so he don’t know much about it.

But Li Cheng didn’t come to gain a complete experience, he also traveled a lot, saw a lot of things, and knew a little bit more than Yang Chen. It’s just that the extras are nothing more than the special abnormality of the demonic qi. For Yang Chen, it was just a reference, and it doesn’t have much effect.

On the contrary, Li Cheng was very interested in Yang Chen’s current outer robe. With his eyesight, he could naturally see that this was a magic weapon, but it was too bold to refine the magic weapon that absorbs the demonic qi and wear it on his body, right?

“Brother Yang still has to be careful of this heart demon attack.” Li Cheng said a little earnestly “This brother has studied the demonic qi for many days. Although it can’t hurt people in idle time, if the concentration is high, the average cultivator will be entangled for life and cannot get rid of it. Because this heart demon attack is fatal and countless, Brother Yang has to be careful”

It’s not too difficult to spot the demonic qi of the nine nether flying sword at a glance. People in this Demon Continent deal with demonic qi almost every day, and anyone could find it. But as Li Cheng said, once the concentration was high, lifelong entanglement was not that simple.

Yang Chen was now tempering his mood with the demonic qi as the inducement of the demonic qi, and the concentration of the demonic qi was far from the point of life-long entanglement. But Li Cheng has already come to this conclusion, one could imagine how deep Li Cheng’s research was.

“Brother Li, I will pay attention.” Yang Chen hurriedly thanked him. No matter what, the other party was kind.

“Don’t be too nervous for the time being. This tool spirit is a bit interesting. It is used to temper the state of mind, but it is an excellent thing.” Li Cheng kept staring at Yang Chen’s robe, as if he could see what he was grateful for, and then said “If the spiritual awareness is strong enough, the will is firm, there is no need to worry. It’s just that the ordinary cultivator’s spiritual awareness cultivation base is not that high, so naturally you will be taken advantage of by the demonic qi. As long as you always pay attention to this, there is nothing to worry about.”

This was good news, at least Yang Chen could use it with confidence. If the nine nether flying sword had to be sealed up after it were refined, Yang Chen would also feel it was a pity. Since Li Cheng said so, he believed Yang Chen would be able to manage it easily.

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