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Chapter 515.2: Strength Is The Rule

“By breaking the rules, everyone will be punished!” Just as Yang Chen wanted to do something, Li Cheng’s voice rang again.

At this moment, not only the cultivators of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but also the cultivators of the Demon Continent who were frightened by the great elder, cast a surprised look at him.

Li Cheng spoke for the first time, and then the old guy directly released the monstrous coercion, conquering everyone, and no one dared to say anything more. How come now, was he still daring to jump out to talk nonsense, was he bored of life?

“Stubborn, you two will die together!” The voice of the great elder with almost no joy and sorrow sounded again, and a sword light flew from his body, flying high into the sky.

At the same time, there was another ray of light that flew from Li Cheng. It was the same sword light, but compared to the radiant sword light of the great elder, Li Cheng’s sword light appeared very dim, it could even be said that there was almost no light, just a gray shadow that was almost invisible.

Whoosh, the sword light of the great elder flew directly towards Yang Chen, and Li Cheng’s sword light also slashed towards the great elder at the same time.

Except for Yang Chen and Li Cheng, everyone present had a result in their hearts. Yang Chen’s head was cut off, and Li Cheng’s flying sword was blocked, and then the next sword light would fly and Li Cheng’s head would also be cut off.

As the great elder was too lazy to deal with several opponents at the same time, especially the two juniors. They must come one by one. He would not worry that the opponent could successfully resist, so he would kill them in order and give no hope at all.

Everyone was watching the moment when Yang Chen’s would head fly up, but they only saw Yang Chen stretch out his hand to grab the sword light.

Catching the flying sword with his bare hands? Was this young man stupid? Not to mention that he was facing a cultivator of this level, even if it was a young man in the early Yuanying stage who was in the same realm as him, he would suffer a big loss against his flying sword with bare hands. No matter how good his body refining technique was, it can’t stand the battle between the tempered body and the tempered magic weapon. It was clear which one was strong and which was weak.

Therefore, in everyone’s speculation, before Yang Chen’s head would fly off, there was another plot where his palm was cut off, which should be coherent.

The peerless master just now has said that he only needs Yang Chen and Li Cheng’s heads, and the others would be fine as long as they don’t move. People who were suppressed by the elder who dared not to show up were actually relaxed in their hearts, as long as they have nothing to do with them, that would be great.

No one has in mind the rule that protected the gathering point cannot be broken. Just as the great elder said, strength was the rule. At this moment, the fist of the great elder was the largest, so his words were the rules. This gathering point adds up to hundreds of people close to a thousand people, and there was also a junior who dared to jump out to maintain the original rules and he was also a newcomer.

From this point of view, all the guys who had gained experience in the demon continent, except Li Cheng, should feel ashamed. It’s a pity that being ashamed was not more important than life and death, and no one would jump out to be this person who sacrifices his life for righteousness.

As soon as everyone’s worries were let go, another thought came out. It was definitely a precious experience to be able to witness the action of a master of the level like the great elder. It couldn’t be helped, everyone was looking forward to it, expecting the result of their speculation to happen.

The sword light had already arrived in front of Yang Chen, Yang Chen’s hand was very fast, and he grabbed it. Just as everyone was waiting for the scene of breaking the bloodbone from the palm to appear, the sword light suddenly stopped.

After brushing, the situation where the sword light changed from extreme motion to extreme silence made people’s eyes feel uncomfortable, but no matter how uncomfortable they were, it couldn’t compare with the shock in their hearts.

Yang Chen just casually stretched out his hand and grabbed the sword light, and then the flying sword of the peerless master was grabbed by Yang Chen’s big hand. Not to mention cutting off the palm, it was estimated that even the hair on Yang Chen’s hand has not been cut off.

How could this be? A cultivator who was more powerful than all the dacheng stage masters on the scene put together made a serious sword attack, and even the fingers of a descendant in the early Yuanying stage couldn’t be hurt at all. What a big joke? Could it be that the old guy and the young guy come together to make a joke off everyone?

Not only the people from the demon continent, but even the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect were all startled. What’s going on? How was this possible? How could the great elder let Yang Chen grab his flying sword?

In the scene, the most surprised was not the other people, but the great elder. From the beginning of his appearance to the present, he has been firmly in control of the initiative, controlling all the atmosphere here, wanting the wind to get the wind, wanting the rain to get rain, waiting for a sword to slay Yang Chen, but suddenly there was a sudden change.

As soon as his mind moved, the life source flying sword that was connected with his mind wanted to cut Yang Chen from a different angle. However, this was just a thought, the flying sword in Yang Chen’s hand only slightly shook but the sword body was held by Yang Chen, motionless.

The great elder was shocked, the young man in the early Yuanying stage in front of him was a expert who hid so deeply. Grasping the life source flying sword of a cultivator of his level with bare hands, even if he was as strong as the elder surpassing those who have just crossed their tribulation and ascended to him, he dare not dare. Yang Chen stretched out his hand without hesitation, and grabbed it.

He was surprised to see that a black light flashed in front of him. At this time, the great elder remembered that there was someone who was planning to attack him with a flying sword. Just immersed in the shock of his flying sword being grabbed by Yang Chen’s empty hand, he forgot this.

If the tiger doesn’t show off its might, do you really treat me as a sick cat? Did even the younger generations in the early Yuanying stage ride on the old man’s neck and shit? From the beginning to the end, the great elder, who was just shocked, was no longer in the state of no joy and no sadness and was furious.

With this mere flying sword, does he want to make a joke of the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect? This young man doesn’t put the elder in his eyes, right?

Anger was secretly born, but the great elder stood still and did not move. Yang Chen dared to take his flying sword empty-handed, wouldn’t he dare to be a peerless master? He just wanted to let other people see that this old man was standing here, no matter how you chop up and down with a flying sword, it can’t harm his hair.

As a result, another scene that shocked everyone happened again. Such a powerful and peerless master, who just used his aura to presence close to the thousands of masters who dare not come out, the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect stood upright and let Li Cheng, the younger generation’s flying sword, cut on his own neck.

Then, a gray-haired head, like a hydrangea thrown up by people, rushed into the sky with a blood spring spouting wildly and after flipping a few times in the air, it clicked and fell not far away. In the place, it rolled a few times and didn’t move again.

The headless corpse stood on the spot, on the flat neck, making bursts of hissing, spurting blood, and staining the surrounding blood red.

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