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Chapter 515.1: Strength Is The Rule

Li Cheng’s words seemed to inspire a murderous intent, and at the same time the words fell, a boundless coercion enveloped everyone in the gathering point. Under this powerful pressure, even the dacheng stage masters felt a chill.

The source of the coercion came from the rickety old man. While countless people were surprised, they also felt a huge shock. Such an expert, how high does his cultivation base need to be to make them, who usually fearless, feel fear?

A few of them didn’t seem to be affected, all of them appeared with this old man, distributed in all directions, firmly guarding the middle.

Seeing this situation, the dozens of dacheng stage masters around all inhaled cold air. In this kind of situation, everyone could be firmly suppressed, and it could be accurately controlled not to harm one’s own people. What kind of cultivation base was needed?

“Rules?” For a moment, the rickety old man seemed to suddenly become a brawny man with a lot of muscles. His monstrous aura rushed into the sky, and his cold words were like the domineering high above. There was no room to violate “What rules? I am here. Wherever I am, I am the rule!”

All the people at the gathering point heard these arrogant and unspeakable words. There was a burst of anger on everyone’s face, but strangely, no one stood up except Li Cheng.

According to the rules of the gathering points in the past, if someone dared to break the rules so blatantly, he would definitely not escape the end of being besieged by everyone.

The demon continent has been here for so long. Everyone has always felt that it was a natural rule not to do anything at the gathering point, and no one has ever thought of breaking it. But today, when a guy stood arrogantly in front of everyone and said loudly that he was the rule, these time-honored guys seemed to have chosen to be silent by coincidence.

Everyone who came here to gain experience, even if they killed more in the demon continent, they would kill them from low to high. It could be said that there were countless demonic fiends that have been killed by their hands. The number of battles exceeds the total number of battles that many people could face in a lifetime. Logically speaking, there should be no fear of battles in them.

But this kind of unreasonable thing happened. Whether it was the Yuanying stage ancestors of the masters of the dacheng stage, when faced with the terrifying coercion of the old man, there was no idea in their heart to resist. Except for fear, all that was left was the natural feeling that it should be.

This was definitely an old freak and he was still so powerful that all the dacheng stage masters present at the scene would not dare to challenge him. Such an expert, why was he here?

The realm gap was really too big. The strength of this elder was already infinitely close to the human immortal realm after ascending. As long as there was no cultivator who had not been through the tribulation, under such a big realm or even a world gap, they would be firmly suppressed.

Compared with the fear and timidity of all the masters in the gathering point, those masters who followed the great elder to the demon continent felt the exaggeration and pride.

Before coming to the demon continent. Everyone thought that this was a terrifying place, but they only discovered it when they really came that it was just a few simple demonic fiends. Before they even waited for them to do something, the great elder released a little aura, and there were no demonic fiends who dared to come by.

This made them suddenly feel that the demon continent was nothing great, others regard it as a fierce land, but they regard it as a smooth road. Moreover, so many people chasing down an early Yuanying stage junior with great fanfare, it was really overkill.

But thinking about Yang Chen’s previous record, or they can’t say his record, they could only say the result of the Greatest Heaven Sect sending people out before, it seems that Yang Chen also has an expert guarding him and six masters of the Yuanying stage ancestors have fallen at the same time, plus even Hu Qianyihu. The elders were inexplicably involved in the plot, and sending the great elder was a safe plan.

From the moment Yang Chen appeared at the gathering point, he was destined to be a dead person. Originally, some people planned to follow the compass all the way to kill him, but the great elder did not fully agree. He just divided a few of them into several directions and started tracking, but he took a group of experts and waited in this gathering spot. The elder seemed to have already been sure that Yang Chen would definitely come here.

The waiting time was not very long. It was only more than a year since they arrived at the demon continent, and most of it was spent on the road.

After arriving at this gathering point, everyone followed the rules at the beginning and didn’t make any excessive behaviors until Yang Chen appeared.

In this ridiculous place, there were rules that say that no fighting was allowed. Don’t they know that the rules were made by people with great strength? Even if there was an expert here to enforce the rules, so what? Isn’t it that they were too scared to move?

It was ridiculous to attack the rules by breaking the rules. The group of them blatantly broke the rules, but so far, no one has come out to maintain the rules.

Now a little guy jumped out and he was actually the one with the worst cultivation base in this gathering spot. It might be that they have just arrived in the demon continent, and there was no sign of even a bit of killing intent on their body and their temperament was not strong enough, so the newcomer does not know that the sky was high and the earth was thick.

Several of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s experts thought in their hearts, with a sneer on their faces, watching Li Cheng jump out like a joke, no one moved. They only needed to make sure that Yang Chen can’t escape, and the elder would naturally take care of everything.

As for the great elder, he would not have any interest in a little guy who jumped out in hot blood. When he reached his level, his thoughts about fame and fortune, or fighting for power, would have been weakened.

The little guy was righteous and knew to maintain the rules, but that’s all. The great elder didn’t even look at Li Cheng directly, but took firm and firm steps, step by step towards Yang Chen. Yang Chen was his real goal. After taking care of Yang Chen and finishing the affairs for the sect, he could face his tribulation with confidence.

“I don’t care what rules you have here, I only follow my own rules.” The voice of the great elder was calm and majestic like a dominator, and everyone who heard it was shocked.

“I only want one person’s life, others, as long as you stay out of my way, otherwise, you will die!” In two consecutive sentences, the great elder has clearly stated his attitude and his purpose.

His goal was Yang Chen.

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