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Chapter 514.2: Demon Heart Magic Weapon

However, despite the lack of power, Yang Chen still saw the process of the other party’s obvious struggle and then he immediately activated the heart-clearing cultivation method, and was happy in his heart. This fully demonstrated that the nine nether flying sword had the effect of heart demon attack just as Yang Chen had expected.

It was enough to confirm this, and it does not need to be really powerful. If he had absorbed much demonic qi to have a terrifying power just after he had just cultivated it, Yang Chen couldn’t be sure whether he would be able to subdue his flying sword.

This was good as it is, while Yang Chen was satisfied, it also means that the other party no longer has the value of existence. The other party kept talking about Elder Hu. Obviously, it was either a person from the Greatest Heaven Sect or a person from Hu Qianyi’s family, if he killed him, he would kill him, it’s no struggle.

Although the nine nether flying sword was foggy, it doesn’t mean that it only has the power of heart demon attack. Since Yang Chen dares to call it a flying sword, it still has the power of a flying sword attack.

Previously it was just to verify the heart demon attack, and now he was serious. Under the situation where the other party thinks that the black fog was nothing more than this, the poor guy was simply seeking his own death.

Chi Chi, the sound of an unusually clear sharp blade slashing through the flesh sounded, and then there was a long scream that didn’t fully shout out the throat, and then there was no other sound.

The misty nine nether flying sword returned to the original appearance of a robe, and Yang Chen was very satisfied with it. In this demon continent, the most indispensable thing was demonic qi, as long as the flying sword was always surrounded by demonic qi, it could continuously accumulate demonic qi.

The dead guy’s Qiankun bag was already in Yang Chen’s hand, and after only a few glances, he knew the origin of the other party. Sure enough, it was a guy from the Greatest Heaven Sect. Looking at the compass he brought with him, he must have come here specifically to kill Yang Chen. The Greatest Heaven Sect probably couldn’t finally hold back.

From time to time, there will be demonic fiends jumping out, and Yang Chen would not bother and directly use the nine nether flying sword to kill them. Soon Yang Chen discovered that after the nine nether flying sword killed the demonic fiends, it could directly absorb the condensed demonic qi in the demonic fiends, which was much more efficient than directly exposing it to the demonic qi in the surrounding.

After discovering this, Yang Chen felt happy for a while, as long as the demonic fiends killed were enough and strong enough, the power of the nine nether flying sword would increase rapidly.

It has taken several months to refine the flying sword. Counting the time before and after, Yang Chen estimates that when he arrives at the agreed meeting point slowly, the day when he meets with the girls would arrive, so he found the right direction and walked all the way back.

When the demonic qi had been absorbed to a certain extent, Yang Chen discovered another characteristic of the nine nether flying sword. That was, as long as you touch the nine nether flying sword, all kinds of messy thoughts will keep coming up in your heart, even if Yang Chen’s current spiritual awareness cultivation was so powerful, it cannot be avoided.

And as more and more inexplicable accumulations, these kinds of messy thoughts have become more messy and complicated. Yang Chen needs to constantly fight against these kinds of distracting thoughts that he doesn’t know where they come from, and he was tempering himself almost all the time.

For others, this was definitely a heart demon that affects cultivation, but for Yang Chen, it was simply a magic weapon for refining the heart, and even Yang Chen could easily achieve the purpose of tempering his mood without specifically absorbing the demonic qi of the demon orb.

In this situation, if Yang Chen could still get used to and deal with it easily, he believed there would be nothing in the world that could bother Yang Chen. He has almost experienced all kinds of conceivable positive and negative emotions. No matter how strong emotional fluctuations were, Yang Chen would not be confused.

This nine nether flying sword with the accumulation attribute was simply the most suitable magic weapon to be used on the demon continent. Of course, only people like Yang Chen could easily control it. As long as others dare to touch, it would cause unpredictable consequences.

Strictly speaking, Yang Chen, who came from a dignified dao sect, among the flying swords on his body was the second wood blood phantom vine flying sword and the sixth earth nine nether flying sword were almost two demonic swords. One that sucks blood and grows while the other grows by absorbing demonic qi. They were demonic weapons that could no longer be more evil in the eyes of honest gentlemen. With these two flying swords, if Yang Chen was accused of being a demonic cultivator, Yang Chen would have a lot of difficulty in arguing.

In view of this, it could be said that Yang Chen could only use the two flying swords carefully, otherwise his great cause would not be achieved and it would not be worth the loss to be banished and killed.

By the time Yang Chen arrived at the gathering point, it was already almost a few months later. It was only more than two months and less than three months before the days of meeting with the four girls.

Along the way, Yang Chen killed a lot of demonic fiends, but as the few dacheng stage masters who drove those monsters to him were gone, the number of killings dropped a lot, but he had already experienced brutal killings before so his killing efficiency was extremely improved.

This time, Yang Chen’s luck was not so good. In two years, he didn’t know how many demonic fiends he had killed, and he didn’t even get a single demon orb, which made Yang Chen very unhappy. Of course, he was only a little uncomfortable, Yang Chen hadn’t reached the point where he had to have the demon orb.

The agreed gathering point was tens of thousands of miles deeper than the last one, and it was also slightly smaller. After all, there were always fewer and fewer cultivators.

As soon as he entered the gathering point, Yang Chen saw an acquaintance, Li Cheng came to say hello when he first entered the demon continent.

“Brother Yang, it’s a coincidence!” Li Cheng also saw Yang Chen and greeted Yang Chen with a smile.

“It’s really a coincidence that we met again!” Yang Chen also said hello with a smile. He still had an inability to understand Li Cheng in his heart, but there was no particularly dangerous concept, he didn’t know why.

As soon as the two greeted each other, Yang Chen suddenly found that Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness imprint in the sea of consciousness trembled a few times, as if several people were using the compass to track him at the same time.

Yang Chen’s expression changed. Before he had time to say anything, he saw several figures around the gathering point, slowly walking towards this side, and vaguely surrounded Yang Chen from several directions.

Among the several people, the weakest one was in the late Yuanying stage, while the strongest one was at the peak dacheng stage. Yang Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he stared at the most rickety old man.

At the peak dacheng stage, there was still a depressive aura on his body. Yang Chen directly guessed the identity of the old man. He was definitely a certain great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“Boy, take your life!” The great elder didn’t care about the rules of gathering points not to use force at all, he just said one sentence at Yang Chen.

“Stop it!” When Yang Chen was about to fight the opponent, Li Cheng beside Yang Chen shouted at the great elder who was pressing on him “Fighting is strictly prohibited at the gathering point!”

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