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Chapter 514.1: Demon Heart Magic Weapon

The distance was still far, the other party was just at the peak Yuanying stage, and the scope of his spiritual awareness exploration wss far less terrifying than Yang Chen, so he didn’t even know that his figure has fallen under Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness exploration, he was just guided by the compass. While advancing, he beheaded the demonic fiends that kept appearing around him.

Yang Chen calmly put away the demonic qi formation which was a few miles away, and then walked directly in the direction of the person.

As he walked, the nine quite flying sword kept absorbing demonic qi. It won’t take long for such a little journey, but it could absorb one thing. A little increase in the power of the demonic qi may be able to make the opponent fall into a state of confusion.

Within a few hours, the other party found Yang Chen’s whereabouts, and the compass needle trembling clearly told him that the target of the trip, which was Yang Chen, was not far away and his spiritual awareness also found Yang Chen’s figure.

However, this guy was a cautious guy. Even if he found Yang Chen’s person, he still didn’t dare to be completely sure, but he was cautious and released a formation flag with a stealth circle, wanting to get closer to confirm it carefully.

“Are you here to find me?” Yang Chen broke the silence directly and asked without waiting for him to get close.

“Grandmaster Yang?” The other party had never seen Yang Chen, but had only heard the description. Hearing Yang Chen’s voice, he no longer concealed it, put away the formation flag and asked in a very calm tone.

“Yes!” Yang Chen confessed directly, and then asked, “How do I call you friend?”

“Don’t be so troublesome, take out what Elder Hu Qianyi wants, and I will let you have your life!” The opponent, a master of the Yuanying stage, was naturally confident and domineering when confronted with Yang Chen, who was at the early Yuanying stage “Otherwise, there will be one more demonized cultivator in this world.”

The black mist around Yang Chen couldn’t be hidden from the other party’s eyes at all, and Yang Chen hadn’t planned to hide it. At least in the eyes of the other party, Yang Chen was now invaded by demonic qi and looks overwhelmed. He thought he had given Yang Chen enough face by saying so, and Yang Chen couldn’t help but refuse this situation.

“Oh? What is it that Elder Hu wants?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“I don’t know.” The peak Yuanying stage master smiled and replied, without giving Yang Chen a chance to speak again, he directly instructed “So, hand over all your things and I will spare you!”

Yang Chen could still laugh now, at least in the eyes of the other party, Yang Chen should be crying. The fifth grade alchemy master was not a strong figure in this demon continent. Demonic fiends do not care whether you are an alchemist or an expert. Those who should be demonized are still demonized. Now wasn’t Yang Chen in this crisis?

No matter that the cultivator was unhappy, Yang Chen’s touch could be said to be handy. He deserves his luck, and all of Yang Chen’s good things would be cheaper for him. This time, not only would he be able to find what the sect needed and make great contributions, but also could retrieve the things Yang Chen extorted from the sect.

Those things Yang Chen extorted from the Greatest Heaven Sect were by themselves a huge wealth. Whether or not they were returned to the sect, it means a huge benefit to the peak Yuanying stage master.

In fact, he didn’t want to save Yang Chen’s life at all. The reason why he said so much was to wait for Yang Chen to be invaded by the demonic qi more deeply, and to deal with him with less effort. As for failure, could such nonsense happen?

“If you want something, you’d better come and get it yourself!” Yang Chen stood in place, no extra action, just a faint smile and provocatively said.

“You don’t want to accept my good grace! Perfect!” The cultivator grinned and summoned his flying sword without hesitation, and slashed towards Yang Chen from a distance. In any case, this was the demon continent, so he was careful not to make a big mistake, the cultivator still did a good job.

The demonic qi on Yang Chen suddenly soared and greeted the opponent’s flying sword. Seeing this situation, the other party was stunned. Obviously he did not expect such a situation, but it was just a start, and he still controlled the flying sword to cut towards Yang Chen.

As soon as the flying sword touched the black fog, it was as if a burning fiery sword had been inserted into a cold pool, making a hissing sound, which made people feel creepy.

Even a dull person would understand that this demonic qi was not good. The Yuanying stage ancestor hurriedly recalled the flying sword and checked it carefully, but there was no major problem, so he was relieved.

“This kind of weird method, I think it’s a demon sect’s technique? Unexpectedly, Grandmaster Yang Chen, a dignified fifth grade alchemist, was a demon, so it is necessary that this old man eliminate the demon and defend the dao!” Under the circumstances, the other party did not forget to find a righteous name, he called Yang Chen a demon and said that he was righteous and awe-inspiring, and he was an expert in slaying demons and defending the dao.

“So much nonsense!” Yang Chen retorted and directly turned the black mist into a huge whip, and drew it towards the other party’s head and face.

How could the dignified peak Yuanying stage master be hit by this attack method, the opponent’s figure flashed, he had already escaped and his flying sword immediately counterattacked.

The black mist suddenly rose, and suddenly the space of several tens of meters was directly covered, and the peak Yuanying stage master was directly shrouded in it. Seeing this situation, the other party was horrified, and hurriedly offered a few protective magic weapons to protect his whole body and was about to quickly leave the black mist.

The prey that had entered the hub, how could Yang Chen let him escape? The nine quite flying sword could change its form, instantly turning into countless spikes, it stab towards the opponent wrapped in the center.

No matter what magic weapon or flying sword, slashing at the black mist has no effect. Who has ever seen smoke cut off with a sword? The black mist penetrated directly onto his skin.

As soon as he came into contact with the black mist, the other party felt a trance, and then distracted thoughts arose. He immediately noticed that it was not good, and hurriedly launched a pure heart technique to quickly suppress these heart demons.

It can’t be helped but said that the cultivator was still determined after all. Although he was infested by demonic qi, as soon there were signs of heart demons, he quickly calmed down.

“Sure enough, it’s a demonic method, evil creature, you will die!” Perceiving the abnormality in the black mist, the opponent was even more furious, almost taking out the effort to press the bottom of the box, regardless of the black mist attack, he was just attacking Yang Chen.

“It’s a pity!” Yang Chen on the opposite side could only utter such a sigh. This nine quite flying sword, after all, it was not long after refining, and the demonic qi was insufficient. Otherwise, just the moment it was just now would be enough to trigger this guy’s heart demon, and he would directly become like Li Tianxue, which was really a pity.

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