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Chapter 513.2

Unexpectedly, when Yang Xi was inadvertently left behind, there would still be such benefits. Yang Chen also heard about what Yang Xi had done in recent years through other channels, which suits Yang Chen’s appetite. With his help, he believed Li Liheng would go further and further on the road to the destruction of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

It’s just that Yang Xi was pitiful. He thought he was constantly causing trouble for Yang Chen and avenging himself. Of course, Yang Chen would not easily break Yang Xi’s illusion, he also counted on Yang Xi to give advice to the noble young sect master.

Naturally, this was just a small trap, the real big trap was still behind, and it was a plot that all the high-levels of the Greatest Heaven Sect cannot refuse. However, it was not very appropriate to throw it out now, it was always good to choose an appropriate time.

Yang Chen was in a good mood now, it was indeed the right way to vent some grievances. It was a combination of work and rest. You can’t always focus on the stressful life and cultivate, it is always necessary to relax properly.

There was no point in stressing whether it was the sixth earth flying sword or the sixth earth magic weapon, so he would just use the sixth earth magic weapon. Yang Chen made a decision and after checking the surrounding formations, he began to refine his own magic weapon.

The demonic qi on the nine quite flying dust must first be absorbed and purified, and then re-absorb the demonic qi after the refining was completed, otherwise Yang Chen would always carry a high concentration of demonic qi and Yang Chen’s refining process would not go smoothly.

The demonized demon vine in the sea of consciousness was still entangled by the thread of spiritual awareness, and the demonic qi of the nine quite flying dust entered Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, it joined the body of the strong demonized demon vine.

It was undeniable that the demonic qi contained in these nine quite flying dust, who have not known how long they have existed, far exceeds Yang Chen’s imagination. Even in the middle of absorbing the demonic qi, Yang Chen had to temporarily stop the absorption process, and spend a long time tempering himself with the demonic qi again.

This process almost circulated at least five times, and only then did all the demonic qi in the nine quite flying dust was removed, and then the final preparations before refining was to begin to familiarize himself with the materials.

The nine quite flying dust was directly permeated everywhere in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness. The particles of this flying dust were extremely small, even if it was magnified by Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness many times. It still looks very subtle and can’t be seen clearly at all. After carefully understanding the characteristics of the nine quite flying dust, Yang Chen began to refine.

Before the formal refining, Yang Chen first used the universe nourishing treasure secret art to nourish the nine quite flying dust, so that the refining process would not be too difficult. His powerful spiritual awareness would remove all the nine quite flying dust without any obstacles, after he made his spiritual awareness imprint, everything would become simple.

The most troublesome process was to refine the phantom of the demonized demon vine as a magic weapon, but this was not difficult for Yang Chen. He has the knowledge and experience of a great luo golden Immortal from his previous life. He has a powerful spiritual awareness of the second grade human immortal realm. Adding a tool spirit to the magic weapon was not a troublesome thing.

The only thing that made Yang Chen feel pity was that when he was refining the weapon spirit, the demonized demon vine, which was the weapon spirit, had a weaker success rate. Even with Yang Chen’s current toughness, he still couldn’t make the demonized demon vine phantom rise to its maximum, and could only be controlled within a few radius.

He forcibly used his spiritual awareness threads to invade the remaining little consciousness of the demonized demon vine phantom, carefully retaining the demonized demon vine’s instinct to devour and condense the demonic qi, and then successfully penetrated the spirit into the already formed magic weapon.

This was the only one of Yang Chen’s great Yin-Yang five elements magic weapons that possesses tool spirit. The whole body was pitch black, even without a fixed shape. It was just a thick black mist, changing its shape from time to time according to Yang Chen’s control. When Yang Chen doesn’t control it, it’s a black smoke that looks naturally diffused.

The refining process was not perfect for Yang Chen himself, because Yang Chen’s great Yin-Yang five element magic weapons has not yet been fully assembled. Although the sixth earth secret art has been obtained, he has not yet cultivated it, but he has the spirit power of the sixth earth. It was not the essence spirit power, relatively speaking, the effect of refining magic weapons was weak.

However, Yang Chen didn’t plan to cultivate the sixth earth secret art at this time. These essence techniques could all be used for breakthroughs at critical moments, and they would be wasted if he cultivated them. The magic weapon could still be refined at that time, he believes that after the baptism of the sixth earth true secret art, the quality would be even higher.

There was no need to control it, this diffuse black mist naturally surrounds Yang Chen, setting off Yang Chen like a demon god. When Yang Chen thought, the black mist turned into a black robe, it suddenly turned into a black armor which was very comfortable.

The newly refined magic weapon, Yang Chen called it nine quite flying sword in a very nasty and interesting way. Although it was not in the form of a flying sword, Yang Chen liked to call it that way.

Because the nine quite flying sword had just finished refining, its tool spirit was deliberately weakened, the nine quite flying sword had also been purified before refining, so the demonic qi contained in it was not sufficient, and it still seemed very weak now.

But despite this, the nine quite flying sword has demonstrated the effect of condensing demonic qi that was not inferior to the formation researched by Li Tianxue. The demonic qi condensed by the formation around him has begun to float towards the nine quite flying sword one by one. As for Yang Chen’s side, there was a dense demonic qi.

With such a demonic qi, in the eyes of outsiders, they would definitely think he was a cultivator who was contaminated by demonic qi and then demonized, right? Maybe Li Tianxue would have become like this.

Although Yang Chen didn’t kill Li Tianxue, besides being demonized, he had another result, being killed by the demonized monster, and there was no other possibility.

Even if someone wants to save him, a dacheng stage cultivator who has gone crazy and almost goes crazy, it was already burning incense if he doesn’t backhand kill the person who saves him. What’s more, this was the demon continent, if not close relatives and friends, who would be so kind? Maybe they met and found a chance, and if he killed them first, he could find some benefits from the corpse, this was the truth!

With a flick of his hand, the nine quite flying sword turned into a black long whip and he drew it on a large tree next to it. The black demonic qi directly intruded into the trunk with the big opening that was broken. It took less than a moment and the whole tree dried up and died. This was just a plant that could withstand the thin demonic qi in the periphery, how could it withstand such an attack.

The effect made Yang Chen very satisfied, but now Yang Chen still needs to find a suitable opponent to test the effect of the attack, whether it would really carry the heart demon power that makes people crazy. All of this needs to be verified again, depending on where we could find a suitable enemy.

He can’t help but say that his luck was so good that he couldn’t understand it himself. He was thinking about where an enemy could come up to try the power of the nine quite flying sword, and immediately someone appeared within Yang Chen’s detection.

More coincidentally, the imprint of Li Liheng’s consciousness in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness was slightly shaken, Yang Chen suddenly understood that the opponent must have a compass to track his whereabouts.

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