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Chapter 512.1: The Unexcited Ancestor

Thinking of this question, Yang Chen was a little unsure, but soon Yang Chen stopped worrying about it. Why bother? Regardless of whether it was a flying sword or other forms, it was only a form of a magic weapon in the final analysis, and it was not true that the Immortal beheading blade could only accommodate flying swords but not others.

There was no need to cause a flaw in the mind because of this, as the surroundings were full of strong demonic qi. Wouldn’t it be too stupid to get caught up in this little problem?

However, after all, he hesitated for a while before doing it. The mood was not completely calmed down, and a channel for venting was needed. Therefore, Li Liheng, the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, became Yang Chen’s target as a punching bag.

Li Liheng had to cultivate outside now because he almost went crazy last time. There was no other way, no cultivator could escape this process, even the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the top sect of the dao sects, there are moments when the cultivation base was stuck on the bottleneck. It was not possible to have no heart demon without a distinguished status.

Fortunately, with the identity of being a young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, almost everywhere in the dao sect’s domain could be said to be unimpeded for him, and there were people who pleased him flattery wherever he went, even more beautiful than in the sect. This made Li Liheng’s mood a lot better, and it didn’t seem to be unacceptable to go out for experience.

Especially Yang Xi, who was clever and able to do things, was thoughtful not to speak on the road, and it makes people very happy to speak. Especially what makes him most comfortable was that Yang Xi often finds some beautiful female cultivators to serve him, making Li Liheng reluctant to think about it.

However, Yang Xi was not without a small plan. Every time a female cultivator was found, she would accompany the young sect master for at most ten days, and then she would be taken away by Yang Xi. Li Liheng naturally understood in his heart that it was human nature to fear that these female cultivators would compete with Yang Xi’s sister Yang Lan.

And from the bottom of his heart, Li Liheng was still very satisfied with Yang Xi’s approach. He was a guy who likes freshness, and those women were just playthings, not enough to make him tempted. Yang Xi helped him deal with it and let him really enjoy the taste of pleasure.

Li Liheng was now anxious to be able to contact the senior Liu Fengzi immediately to prove his identity. Otherwise, if he had been suspected, then he could imagine his future. In this state of mind, indulging in some female cultivators was also a way to vent.

Fortunately, even though he was reluctant to think of it, Li Liheng did not forget to cultivate at a fixed time every day. He knows where all of this comes from, so he has not dared to slack off.

This attitude won the affirmation of several elders who were secretly protecting him. Acting ridiculous was absurd, but knowing what your main goal was, that’s enough. A cultivator doesn’t care about that much, as long as it was not coercion, the two parties were willing, whatever happens was good.

Just after enjoying the taste of a female rogue cultivator, Li Liheng suddenly felt the familiar aura of the predecessor Liu Fengzi when he was cultivating.

“Hello, senior!” This time, Li Liheng didn’t wait for Yang Chen to ask questions. He took the initiative to say hello to the predecessor, and immediately afterwards he couldn’t wait to tell him the secret communication that the sect master had told him.


Yang Chen calmly listened to Li Liheng’s words that seemed very reasonable to greet each other but very unreasonable on this occasion. No words were spoken from beginning to end.

After Li Liheng finished speaking a lot of words, Senior Liu Fengzi didn’t respond. Li Liheng also froze there. How was this going? What he was talking about was the identification code of the senior staff at the periphery of the Greatest Heaven Sect. How could Senior Liu Fengzi not say a word, still looking at him coldly?

Could it be that the codeword was wrong? Otherwise, how could Senior Liu Fengzi’s complexion be so serious, and the pressure he felt was getting heavier and he almost couldn’t hold it.

Fortunately, this was in contact with spiritual awareness. If it were face-to-face, maybe Li Liheng would be directly pressed to the ground by the pressure released by Yang Chen.

“Senior, this is the highest-level contact code of my Greatest Heaven Sect. This junior is not a pretender.” Li Liheng was shocked and hurriedly explained to Yang Chen. At this time, he didn’t care about other things, so he had to verify his identity first.

Sure enough, after saying this, the pressure on Liu Fengzi’s side became much less, at least Li Liheng was able to face it calmly, no longer having the appearance that he would not even dare to sweat.

“Your mind shows no sign of lying.” Senior Liu Fengzi finally spoke, and the pressure just as a mountain disappeared without a trace.

Li Liheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that the senior was testing whether he was lying just now, the senior was really cautious. However, he thought about it the other way around. If it was changed to him, and someone who had never been in contact with him uttered this code word in front of him, he would also investigate it, and would not easily believe it. It was normal for the senior to do this.

Yang Chen was also a little stunned at the time, he was just trying to frighten this kid and vent some of his own frustration, but he didn’t expect to know such a big secret. Yang Chen remembered the secret words Li Liheng mentioned firmly, this kind of confidential things might be useful someday.

“Well, looking at your recent appearance, it seems that you are a little diligent. What happened?” Senior Liu Fengzi’s attitude eased, and Li Liheng immediately became like a spring breeze, unspeakably relaxed. Listening to the concerned words of the predecessor Liu Fengzi, Li Liheng was almost moved to shed tears.

Fortunately, this set of secret words left by the sect was also useful in the spirit world, otherwise, if his identity was suspected by Senior Liu Fengzi, that would be a disaster. Even if the senior didn’t say it in his heart, as long as the thing passed to him was one or two more fallacies, it would be enough to ruin his life.

Now it’s raining and the sky was clearing, and the clouds are clearing. There was no need to worry about the troubles with the predecessor. In the future, he could live the life of a high-powered young sect master, it was simply a smooth journey.

“This younger generation junior was suddenly agitated with a heart demon a few days ago, so I came out to cultivate, and now I am gaining experience.” He was happy, but the senior’s question was still answered meticulously. This was an attitude that Li Liheng had to make himself take, respecting his predecessors, and making sure that Liu Fengzi was satisfied with him.

“Oh? That’s the case!” Senior Liu Fengzi uttered, nodding slightly, and suddenly realized “You can solve the heart demon, no wonder your cultivation base is diligent, you are a talented young man, congratulations!”

“Senior, this younger generation has an unsympathetic request. Please do your best to resolve the confusion.” Seeing the rare opportunity, Li Liheng hurriedly asked senior Liu Fengzi a request.

“Oh? What’s the problem?” Senior Liu Fengzi was in a good mood, and asked him to speak indifferently.

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