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Chapter 512.2: The Unexcited Ancestor

“The spiritual awareness of this younger generation is troublesome, and I have been relying on the spirit congealing pills.” Li Liheng started talking, as if he had found an elder who could confide in him, and told Li Liheng all his troubles.

Li Liheng also has tremendous pressure in his heart. In the sect, everything was maintained on the basis of the spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method. Even when he was established as the young sect master at the beginning, Li Liheng himself didn’t know what it was for. At that time, like everyone else, he secretly guessed that he was the illegitimate son of the sect master.

Later, it was gradually discovered that sect master Li did not take special care of him, and no one else had ever treated him as a young sect master, which made Li Liheng a little suspicious.

Finally, he was able to keep the clouds open and see the moonlight, and his spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method had a small achievement. When he contacted Senior Liu Fengzi, everything changed drastically. A qualitative change has taken place from power, resources, and even the effectiveness of his words.

Li Liheng suddenly understood why he became the young sect master, it was just because of a cultivation method from the sect. If Li Liheng can’t cultivate successfully, he would be abolished from the position of young sect master within a few years and become an ordinary disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect which would stun everyone.

In this situation, it was impossible for Li Liheng to say that there was no pressure, especially knowing that his spirit congealing pills was bought from Yang Chen at a huge price by the sect, and the master of the foreign affairs hall of the sect even bowed his head in front of Yang Chen several times, all hope seemed to be on the young sect master.

Even if Li Liheng could still contact Liu Fengzi from time to time, Li Liheng has always had a sense of crisis, especially when the consumption of the spirit congealing pills were increasing, and the inventory of the sect was decreasing, Li Liheng was even more anxious.

“Old ancestor, this disciple asks the ancestor to give a way to cure this disciple’s spiritual awareness troubles, so that the sect will no longer be blackmailed by that wolf-hearted fellow. This disciple would be very grateful!” After finishing saying his fear and worry, Li Liheng almost burst into tears and said this request.

“Good boy, you are wronged!” When Senior Liu Fengzi passed these words to Li Liheng, Yang Chen almost wanted to vomit it out there, but the play still had to be continued, so Yang Chen still did it, maintaining that kind of “kind” attitude he comforted “It seems that your heart demons originated from this.”

Listening to the words of such care from the predecessor Liu Fengzi, Li Liheng almost shed tears in his eyes. Others only saw Li Liheng as the young sect master, who would have thought of the distress in his heart.

“I implore the ancestor to take pity and help this disciples to solve the problem, so that the sect will not be controlled by others.” Li Liheng was almost crying, his attitude was a mess, and even Liu Fengzi’s title was changed from predecessor to ancestor without knowing it.

“Heeee!” Liu Fengzi sighed, as if with an unspeakable regret. This long sigh made Li Liheng almost desperate, only feeling that a scoop of cold water poured from his head to the soles of his feet, and his whole body was completely cold.

“The practical solution to your troubles is the spirit congealing pills.” Liu Fengzi’s next words gave Li Liheng some small expectations. Since this was the right way, there should be other ways to do it, right?

“As long as you endure for a few decades, everything will be calm. At that time, as long as you concentrate on cultivation, and with your qualifications, as long as you can communicate with the old man in a mere four to five hundred years, why bother to be in a hurry?” Liu Fengzi’s words were always full of persuasion, and many of them also imply that Li Liheng must endure the trouble for a while.

“Old ancestor, you don’t know how much the hateful thief extorted my sect’s belongings for the sake of the spirit congealing pills.” When Li Liheng heard the ins and outs of these words, it seemed that there was really another way, and his heart was filled with hope. Seeing that the ancestor’s attitude was not very firm, he immediately began to lobby to increase his persuasiveness.

“Oh? Blackmailing the Greatest Heaven Sect? Is he going to die?” Liu Fengzi said just a very ordinary sentence, but he said it was very domineering, the confidence in it was very useful to Li Liheng.

However, this time was obviously not the time to use these, but to arouse the ancestors’ feelings of the same enemy and tell him another way to solve the spiritual awareness problem, a way to get rid of Yang Chen’s control and not to be controlled by others.

“That thief is the only fifth grade alchemist in the mortal world. Now the sect only finds him an alchemist who could refine the spirit congealing pills. For the sake of the younger generation junior, the sect has to be blackmailed by him.” Li Liheng gritted his teeth and said ” the senior members of the sect even bowed their heads at the expense of humiliation, and this disciple can’t bear it anymore.”

Li Liheng took him as a thief, making Yang Chen want to scold him back in his mind, but unfortunately, this could only exist in his thoughts, it was impossible to put it into practice.

“A mere spirit congealing pill, he dared to blackmail several seventh-grade fire seeds of the sect, and he also got an ancient secret medicine garden space that was planted with hundreds of thousands of years of elixir.” In order to increase his persuasiveness, Li Liheng even bought the price of the pill and he told Liu Fengzi.

“He deceived people too much!” As expected, when Liu Fengzi heard this, he became infuriated.

“It’s okay if he doesn’t ascend, but once he ascends to the spirit world, this old man will personally smash him into ten thousand pieces!” Liu Fengzi was angered, and his anger erupted like a volcano. The surging momentum almost made Li Liheng’s consciousness almost like it would be crushed into pieces.

However, Li Liheng no longer felt scared at this moment. Although he was extremely uncomfortable under such pressure, Li Liheng’s heart was full of pleasure. He successfully provoked the anger of the old ancestor, thinking that the ancestor who couldn’t do anything about Yang Chen in the future, would more directly improve his abilities and let him go to deal with Yang Chen.

“Tell Li Tiancheng, let him send someone to kill this guy right away and get everything back!” The ancestor was not only an angry person, he was also about to take action.

“Old ancestor, the sect master, for the sake of this younger generation junior, would rather bear the humiliation and also leave someone who can refine the spirit congealing pill.” Li Liheng’s contrived works were simply good for singing, thinking and playing, and he can’t help it. People were not convinced. “As long as this younger generation junior still needs the spirit congealing pill for one day, the thief has to be exploited and blackmailed one day.”

“There is another way to solve your problem.” With a series of preparations, Li Liheng finally heard the sound of nature he wanted to hear.

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